10 November, 2011

Jewish Debt-Slavery: It’s Here To Stay

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Federal Reserve official #1: “Oy, what if the gentiles start demanding an alternative to the borrow/debt/inflation system – you know, what if they start a mass-movement, sort of like the anti-Wall Street protests?”

Federal Reserve official #2: “Oy veh! If that happens, America could soon be debt-free! Quick, let’s remind the gentiles that they must always trust the borrow/debt/inflation system – in fact, maybe we can convince Bernanke to deliver the message himself!”


  • 10 Responses to “Jewish Debt-Slavery: It’s Here To Stay”

    1. Miller Says:

      Adolph Hitler will be vindicated. Holocaust II coming to a civilization near you.

    2. Z.O.G. Says:

      Who Controls the Economy?

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Niggers and Mongols do not make good payment slave’s, LOL !

      The money monster’s are insane, but have power through duped wage earners.

    4. bjt Says:

      Hay miller, who is adolph hitler?

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Allow me to re-write the following paragraph from the featured article, so that it is accurate:

      Most economists agree that the Fed serves a vital role. It controls inflation and limits unemployment by managing the size of the U.S. money supply.

      Not so, my lying friend, not so….

      Most economists (who have a pair of balls) agree that the Fed is a parasitic Jewish scheme designed to siphon off America’s wealth and replace it with debt, poverty, inflation, unemployment and worthless paper money. What’s more, the Fed is not a government agency, is accountable to no one and has never been audited.

      Much better, I think, yes?

    6. Luke Says:

      Actually, once you’ve spent the time to watch the documentary
      One Third of the Holocaust, and the ‘Last Days of the Big Lie” – the numerical assignment, Mr. Miller, for what’s coming actually could be reduced by a numerical factor of at least one.

      Not to be a nitpicker, but……..

    7. torrence Says:

      It isn’t just ‘Jewish debt-slavery’, we have White traitors that will be dealt with as well – and probably first as Pierce discussed. A large component of the debt-enslaving apparatus wrecking this country is the war-industry, which I suspect is largely driven by White traitors.


      I’m watching an outstanding documentary detailing one facet of The Evil that is America: militarism on a scale unknown before to the World. The link is here:


      This is a BBC production made 6 years ago which I don’t remember having come across before.

      The title to the film is significant. “Why We Fight’ was also the name of a series of soldier-training and public propaganda films made during WWII by The Signals Corp, directed by Frank Capra. Why was the same title used? I suppose it was to get a dig in to make the point of America’s hypocrisy in the REAL reasons America usually fights vs. the propaganda of war. The original ‘Why We Fight’ series was a pioneering film in propaganda techniques as Wikileaks states using these soothing words, themselves a form of propaganda; in other words, that the film is part fake and deliberately misleading:

      “Capra and other directors spliced in Axis powers propaganda footage going back twenty years, and recontextualized it so it promoted the cause of the Allies.
      Why We Fight was edited primarily by William Hornbeck and is among the best examples of stock-footage montage ever produced, although some parts were re-enacted “under War Department supervision” if there was no relevant footage available.”
      I’ve seen the series and it is highly effective propaganda. I wasn’t duped of course, because I’m familiar with the original contexts of the film footage they spliced together and saw through the narrative lies like it was Swiss cheese. One really egregious slant to the film series is how they portrayed life in the Soviet Union – “the free and happy people of the Soviet Union.”

    8. torrence Says:

      Miller: The Philosopher-King of Modern Times agrees with you. On the day of his death, April 30, 1945, he said:

      “”It is necessary that I must die for my people, but my spirit will yet rise from the grave and the entire world will know that I was right.”

    9. George Lenz Says:

      professor of lies zionist jew bernanke lies as usual. Contrary to his claims:

      1. Ending the FRS is both feasible and desirable.

      2. Under gold standard US actually had less problems with inflation than it currently has.

      This jew is evidence for a sorry state economics is currently in. It used to be a liberal art, it has now become a false prophecy.

    10. Phantom Says:

      It does not really matter the documentary says. The point is that we are still affected because of fucked up jews are still increasing debt every year. Unless we take a stand and figure out how to get rid of debt and jews, (I’m not talking about killing jews, I’m talking about removing those greedy ass people and have honest white people to control the system and make it beneficial for white race.