20 November, 2011

Like Snake Oil, Globalism Can Cure Anything

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An international Jew, circa 1990: “The European countries must join together. An international union – with a single currency and a central bank – is the only thing that will prevent economic disaster in Europe!”

Well, it didn’t prevent economic disaster, so you know what that means: More globalism for Europe.

(By the way, the EU’s official motto is “United in diversity.” Sounds like something Manny Celler would say).


  • 25 Responses to “Like Snake Oil, Globalism Can Cure Anything”

    1. R CROSS Says:

      Economic disaster IS the plan,once impoverished the kike eurofascist ,can have and will impose thier own placemen,on every country,we are seeing the assination of our rights and our democracies under the guise of a solution to the present engineered crisis,two down,twenty five to go.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Come on already, R Cross…You really think the Jews and their plutocrat pals want their EUSSR to implode? That would leave them in a seriously weakened and vulnerable position. Not everything that happens in the world is part of some grandiose Jewish Master Plan. The collapse of the EU would be a GOOD thing, you half-wit.

      Some of you people give the Jews way too much credit. It’s as if you were saying “We can’t defeat the Jews. They’re too strong and they control everything.” If that’s what you believe then why not just shoot yourself now, instead of waiting for some Jew kommissar to do it? If you’re not planning to shoot yourself then for god’s sake drop the “we can’t win” shit. And stop playing with your ding-dong.

      Pull yourself together, man. Pull yourself together, I say!

    3. bjt Says:

      Come on you guys, I think both of you can be right on this one.
      Let’s all pull togather on this!!

    4. torrence Says:

      Wow – Now this is refreshing:
      “Not everything that happens in the world is part of some grandiose Jewish Master Plan.”

      “Some of you people give the Jews way too much credit. It’s as if you were saying “We can’t defeat the Jews. They’re too strong and they control everything.”

      Can you blame people for thinking that way, Tim? Really, since we blather on 80% of the time about ‘the tribe’, I think that in itself conditions people into such conceptions. WE are partially to blame for that.

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Europe is riddled with defeatists, Amerikwa with middle of the roaders, and retarded gray-haired gramps and grannies who respect John(Juan) law, look at it an ALMOST 250 YEAR KINDEGARTEN CLASS, just as Yockey wrote America has never had a state, it’s just a business address where the wealthy(jews, shabbas goyim) get to keep the money, and everyone else is left on their own.
      Not much we can do about Europe, the suckers took the jew bait buying up all those worthless bundles of Freddie and Fannie mortgages made to Coons and other sundry muds, they allow millions of mudslims into their countries just like we let in all the messicans, only difference is we call them undocumented aliens, and the Euros call them asylum seekers and gastarbeiters.

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      More stray bullets are needed to execute think tank exfolliates, like some bastard Amerikwan Policy Institue quakker that appeared on a PBS show badmouthing Ron Pauls candidacy, because Ron wants to cut the defense budget of protecting Shitreals interests above our domestic interests. ” I don’t want to see anybody coming close to second in the arms race, we can still afford it.” Said Mr. Amerikwan Policy maker

    7. torrence Says:

      “…America has never had a state, it’s just a business address where the wealthy(jews, shabbas goyim) get to keep the money, and everyone else is left on their own.”

      Well said!
      That description is worth remembering.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The new kwan national anthem “We can still afford it, if itz for Itzreal”

    9. torrence Says:

      “More stray bullets are needed to execute think tank exfolliates…”

      NO, NO. May there be nothing ‘stray’ about them, Nom. They need to be deliberate and intentional, well aimed and assuredly effective, tactically carried out with malice aforethought as part of a great cleansing strategy for which Amerikwa has been begging for on every fifth street corner of the world these past 50 years. America has escaped this blood bath of purification and has consequently grown moldy and odorous.
      America……prepare to bathe thyself.

    10. torrence Says:

      Your comments, Nom, about Europe are not necessarily wrong, just inexcusably incomplete. It sort of typifies the mindset of VNN to blame externals rather than our internal fitness.
      Europe is dying because of it’s collapsing indigenous birth rate. It can no longer support the Old Europe and it’s former ways and must thus import a sustaining population while concurrently altering its norms and philosophies to accommodate the new mix.

      I’ve looked into the demographic crisis in Russia and can’t see how that country can survive. It projected to lose 25% of its population by 2050 per current rates of birth. It’s only salvation in continuing to remain the purest White nation on earth is if the young white men and women of Mother Russia begin viewing the creation and rearing of children as a form of military service in defense of their country.

      Perhaps the White Race really is dying away. World demographics are telling us that indeed it is.
      Now can everyone appreciate the National Social—ist worldview?

    11. S.U.N. Says:

      Make the Vatican disappear and Europa will be alright. Without the pedophile club to defend them, niggers and muhamad freaks will be back to their ancestral lands in no time. Spain and Italy deserve their former glories restored.

    12. CW-2 Says:

      The cause of our demographic decline is a direct result of the deliberately disasterous jew world wars. The huge and possibly irreplaceable effusion of our best blood has got us backed into an ever decreasing corner. The only way out is through the jew.
      Putin is still an enigma, is he a Russian nationalist or merely a well disguised tool of the jew world order? It’s too early to say. Aware Russians know they must one day fight China. Will Russia be able or willing to defend what remains of the White race and ‘Western’ civilization against a combination of a technically advanced China allied with a colored communist America.

    13. torrence Says:

      Hey, Socrates.
      Hey, Herr Linder…………A favor from you both, if you would, please.

      How about changing your spam/kosher/surveillance filter …whatever purpose it serves to whomever…….how about changing it to accommodate ‘THE TWO WORDS’?

      It’s a bit much to dishonor THE TWO WORDS ‘National Social…ism’ by having to reference them by employing some fancy grammatical footwork to sneak it by your filters. Spelling out THE TWO WORDS properly causes the kosherizing site-filter to reject the post. To overcome this obstacle, one is required to break-up THE TWO WORDS with …. or “”””, or ””, or —-, or ___ to receive the ‘digital hechsher seal of approval’ for free passage. We are thereby forced to disrupt the beauteous form and symbolism of THE TWO WORDS

      Really now……..I’m sure we CAN do better.

    14. torrence Says:

      Sounds easy, SUN. At least the Vatican encourages large families, albeit through a rational of avoiding birth control that is questionable. A mass return to Catholic Christianity for a generation would do wonders for the population of Europe.

    15. torrence Says:

      CW-2: The two world wars were indeed catastrophic to the future well-being of Europe. Lethal, not only to Europe’s physical state, but to it’s moral and psychic state as well. It’s been downward ever since.

      Putin? Yes, I don’t know what to make of him either. But how sad can it be that he is the only White National Leader that even has the possibility of meriting our respect, yet we can’t be sure even of him. Another kick in the crotch to remind us of our pitiful state.

      As far as war with China, I’m not so sure. Nato and America too want war with Russia…..and probably with China as well Ironically, Russia’s inevitably growing weakness doesn’t make it an easier target, but instead a deadlier one. They will resort to nuclear weapons sooner and faster than ever before. On Al Jazeera, just yesterday, Russia’s defense chief stated that nuclear war with his country is growing more likely. Because Russia cannot support a conventional army large enough to take on potential enemies, it has made it clear that an attack on it means a nuclear exchange. They cannot do otherwise.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Torrence, how you can embrace that criminal enterprise known as the Catholic Church is beyond me. The Holy Mary Mafia is no friend of the White Race, yo. The Church is a nest of fags, geriatric boy-lovers, globalists, race-mixers, Jew worshipers, obscurantists and other such riff-raff. I want nothing to do with those creeps and neither should you, Mr. T. No Christian denomination is worth my time or money. They’re ALL sick and they’re ALL bad.

      I know that many White people, especially hysterical women, need some kind of religious succor. I also know that most Whites never really gave up paganism completely in favor of Christ-Insanity. So why not bring the old Aryan gods and goddesses out of retirement and rebuild their glorious temples? They were a lot more relevant to the people than Jesus ever was. And even though they are no more real than Jesus or Mary they do represent real things, such as Love, Wisdom, War and the Arts.

      So what do you say? Let’s tear down that ugly old Vatican City and rebuild the Temples of the Gods in its place. Let’s liquidate the Jews and turn Jerusalem back into Aelia Capitolina, the Roman city dedicated to Zeus. We can do this, people.

    17. S.U.N. Says:

      Remember Torrence: the Vatican was built from the same nice judaic beliefs and practices that’ve had the Nordic bloke fighting his Alpine cousin for centuries. Once papism is done away with, jews and undesirables will just know it’s time to leave.

      “The Holy Mary Mafia is no friend of the White Race”. Well said Tim. When Europa was pagan, non-whites and the problems they create were unheard of. Love, Wisdom, War and the Arts were far more important than pursuing a career in banking or helping foreigners to get their naturalization papers. Hengist and Horsa living on the dole? Yeah right.

    18. torrence Says:

      Tim – I understand your thoughts as you so energetically expressed them in your recent post and I can’t disagree with much of what you say. I was only dealing with that one specific point of birth control in my sort of tongue-in-cheek recommendation to return to Catholicism for a generation or so. What I said was in no way a general endorsement of it. I have never had any connection with Catholicism and don’t plan on having any association in the future. C. has the least appeal to me of any of Christendom’s religions. That church has a shattered reputation of its own doing and is in for long term decline in its Western appeal.

      Excepting perhaps the pentecostal, holy-roller, hands-on healing type offshoots, C. is perhaps the most primitive of the various forms of Christianity with its heavy emphasis on icons, Mother-of-God worship (a very pagan borrowing), idol reverence and a pathway to salvation based on exercises of repetitive prayer . This is all stupefying to me. The ease it has had in blending in with the traditional superstitions and pagan practices of adherents in the less civilized areas of the world should inform one of its essential primitiveness.

      On your disdain of Christian ‘denominations’, I can, here again, largely empathize with your feelings on this. There has been ample disclosure in recent decades of the perfidy, malfeasance and corruption (in both spiritual and non-spiritual spheres) within these denominations that can only force one to turn away in revulsion. There is not an earthly organization other than these monstrosities that would tolerate representatives of the caliber of many of these Christian spokesmen. Just recently in my area, a Catholic priest was arrested by the federalies for embezzling over $600K from the congregation to support a gambling habit. To top even this, the congregation was upset he was arrested and were attesting to what a good guy he was! Such people with so little regard for ethics and principles deserve what they get. However, you do need to keep in mind that these most publicized and egregious examples of utter hypocrisy probably don’t always represent the whole. It is possible to have good members in a bad organization. But then one must ask, if the organization is bad, why are they still there? And we must differentiate the bad deeds from the book they claim as their guide.

      The Bible has relevance to me because, first of all, it is the most influential book ever to hit the newsstands. It has held more sway in shaping people and history than any other literary work, as I believe is true. That alone should make it of interest. I view the Bible as a Book of History and a Book of Philosophy. That approach should make the Bible less odorous for many.

      Your thinking that the Bible is a book of fairy tales and that Jesus never existed is, I think, really quite extreme. There are always ongoing archeological studies that, over the centuries have, for the most part, validated the Bible’s historical accuracy. This is not in every detail, of course, Tim, but the geography, places, battles, people and so forth mentioned in the Bible probably actually existed. There are those supra-natural events that are beyond study, so I’m excluding those. Journals of archeological frequently discuss research in light of Bible history.

      A hundred plus years ago it may have been fashionable to deny that this man called Jesus ever existed, but, to be honest, that really has passed by the wayside. Jesus is referenced by others fairly contemporaneous to him, such as in the writings of the Roman historian Josephus. But here again, if this objectionable, than the Bible can be viewed as historical fiction. It still has merit. It then becomes no worse than the folklore and legends of other peoples that we find worth in.

      Your suggestion to ‘resurrect’…I’ll finish my thoughts on this later.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      The topic of Christianity when discussed in WN circles frequently evokes highly polarised opinions and needlessly antagonistic comments. We should keep cool heads and look to our untimate objective which is to save and enhance the White race. To achieve that goal we need converts, lots of them. And where are these converts going to come from? Mostly from those with a nominal Christian background.
      Odin, Mithras and all the rest are dead and buried, gone forever, we have better things to do than resurrect religions that died 1500 years ago. While Christianity isn’t dead it certainly is in intensive care and its reliance on the jew provided life-support machine will only increase as the churches continue to serve jew interests of globalism and race-mixing. So with Christianity in hospital is there anything with broad mass emotional appeal to replace it? Not at the moment.
      The churches are not as monolithic as we imagine. Even the Catholic church is showing fatigue fractures in the form of bishops Lefebre and Williamson. While these men are hardly WN, many in their congregations most definitely share our views. We also tend to ignore the Eastern or Othodox churches with their centuries long tradition of nationalism. The Russian patriot Alexander Nevesky when faced simultaneousy with the Mongol invasion from the east and pressure from the Teutonic Knights expanding along the Baltic, really was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He had to decide who to fight first. Without hesitation he chose to confront the Teutonic Knights first. To us his decision seems flawed, surely to combine with his racial cousins in Prussia and fight the Mongols made more sense, but he correctly saw that the Knights as representatives of internationalist Western Christianity were a greater threat to the fledgling Russian nation.

    20. Sgt. Skull Says:

      For decades jewish intellectuals have lectured us that globalism and interdependence was the path towards world peace and prosperity. Now those very concepts are the source of enmity and political and economic instability that we see today. So I guess jews really aren’t so smart after all since all their ideas lead to the demise of all nations except israhell, of course.

      Oh wait, maybe that’s the plan after all.

    21. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Globalism be damned, its just another by-product of that malodorous global religion xianity, which someone said was already dead but still held on to the stench.
      I almost had to barf the other day when all these Repuke candidunces of the GOP got together for a boohoo session about deh trubble. “oh nobuddy done seen de trubbles Ise seed” where Herman Cain the 99.999% pure nigger was chokin on the tears, oh yes niggers have tear ducts and other ducts as well that constantly need to be stroked.
      Didn’t hear Nuttin Gingrichs testimony, that shabbaz goy clown has flipped religions like he has wives, he needs to come out of the closet and admit he’s a jew worshipper.
      We were making our way out of the dark ages, Whites could have siezed the opportunity to cease from economic competition, could have shot all the statisticians that apportioned the world in economic spheres, shot down the war mongering military establishments, shot down the uber business tycoons, shot down the bleeding heart liberals and their xian counterparts.

    22. S.U.N. Says:

      This very antagonism in this forum on why the “White Germanic Protestant Christ” is better than the “Branco Portuguese Catholic Jesus” further proves why the stealthy Vatican has been successful in keeping Whites divided. Just like the ancient pagan tribes and kingdoms that shared common beliefs and racial stock but were convinced by xtian missionaries to war each other for their alien faith……..while the infallible popes stole the property of both sides in the process!

      Wholesome Benny 16 loves rallying for a better world but he won’t reach into his deep pockets to help Spain or Italy out of their economic turmoil. It’s up to the jewish banker to rip off England and Germany once more.

    23. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Italy was doing pretty good up until they lost the monopoly on trade routes with the “disovery” of the “Jew” word. Yeah, right! No the Venetian and other Italian city republics were stabbed in the back by the Popes who invited in French and Spanish armies to waste Italy. Get real just finding a route that’s probably 3 times further to China is no reason to abandon shorter routes . No the popes all of them , wanted to squash the Renaissance thinkers. The Popes didn’t want a united Europe. Did the Popes help a son of the Church, Napoleon Bonaparte? hell no, they induced to Spanish Penisular war they kept Napoleon bogged down and ultimately led to his defeat. Newt Gingrich is looking more like a mafia boy for the holy see.

    24. torrence Says:

      Off topic here, but inspiring.
      This is true nation-building – from the ground up:

      In Pictures: Tahrir Square protests continue
      (Pictures brought to you courtesy of the Jewnited States of Amerikwa, Inc. and it’s world-wide outreach program: ‘NWO Nation-Building Assistance Program’, in association with the Tel Aviv Global Advisory Mission. For information on bringing these benefits to your locale, contact the JSA Department of State )

      Amerikwans masturbate over their moralizing on ‘Nation-building’. It’s nothing of the kind, really. NATO Zionist-American ‘nation-building’ deconstructs national life. It’s up to an aroused people to re-construct it.

    25. Howdy Doody Says:


      Robbing Nation’s leaving regime’s ruled by fear and open border terror is their lust shown to light.

      When it is stealing or deceiving they they are to be found in the core of it always, always.

      I am only amazed any of it EVER makes their media news releases.

      Read this story and see how target our people.