29 November, 2011

Norway: Anders Breivik Ruled Insane

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International Jew #1: “Breivik must be declared insane. If not, his response to the wrecking of Norway via multiculturalism could appear to be sort of normal.”

International Jew #2: “Yes, let’s give Breivik the Ezra Pound treatment! After all, nobody pays attention to the beliefs of crack-pots.”


  • 10 Responses to “Norway: Anders Breivik Ruled Insane”

    1. Richard Jennings Says:

      I wonder what kind of nasty shit they’re going to do to him in the insane asylum. Maybe a combination of electro-shock therapy, chemical lobotomy, and confinement in a padded cell? He might’ve been better off in prison.

    2. TY GRANT Says:

      Its a good article and exemplifies the extent Whits have to go to go through the forced Multicultralism that is forced on only white nations…

    3. Bruce Langland Says:

      After reading the article and the description of the people, i understand why Breivik did what he thought he had to do. all those people were potentually evil no matter how kind and “bubbly” they were. They had the potentual to do great harm to Norway and the Norwegian people.

    4. Pietro Says:

      Since Breivik actually acted on his (Zionist inspired) beliefs, he’s simply written off as insane. Had he written carefully-footnoted articles or books, then the descriptor of him or his work could have been “promoted” to “pseudo-science” (a la Jared Taylor) or “discredited” (a la Irving/MacDonald).

    5. Jan L Says:

      Knut Hamsun was also declared insane when he supported Germany even after World War 2.

    6. Pietro Says:

      Perhaps next human-rights “activists” in Norway, like that bitch in Sweden who says that the transformation of Europe to multiculturalism must take place, can put forth a convincing analogy as to why Breivik is like Quisling in “betraying Norway’s core value of multiculturalism” and argue that capital punishment should be brought back just once for such a reprehensible case as this. Apology for the run-on sentence.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      If anyone is insane it’s the Norwegian people for allowing plague-infested swarms of colored inferiors to have sex with Norwegian womens. I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel about it.

    8. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      Quite correct Tim. Breivik could only serve 21 years in prison for his “crime”. However, he can be held indefinitely in an asylum. He will of course be treated in the same manner as the nationalist freedom fighter’s were treated in the Soviet gulags.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      Killing a bunch of White kids just because their parents are raving multi-culti nutcases is clearly wrong, but it is time these middle ranking adminstrators and facilitators who carry out the destructive policies of big jew start to realize they will be held to account for their actions, in a very personal way.

    10. torrence Says:

      CW – I’m watching this video while I came across your post
      CIA WhistleBlower Exposes Everything

      and it is HIGH TIME to hold the criminals administrators and facilitators -Jew and non-Jew- and PARTICULARLY those in the USA to account. I keep asking people I discuss things with: