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31 January, 2012

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…but millions of White people will vote for them anyway. Oh, vhat a cuntry! [Article].

30 January, 2012

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Wife: “Honey, I just found out that there are illegal Mexicans squatting in the empty house across the street! Also, a Black drug dealer is operating down the block, there’s gang graffiti on our garage door, and I think our daughter is a lesbian!” Husband: “Who cares?? The big game is on and…oh my God! […]

28 January, 2012

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Making the Middle East safe for Israel requires some outside-the-box thinking! [Article].

27 January, 2012

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Are negroes ever prosecuted for committing “hate crimes”? Rarely, even though they commit most of them (their crimes aren’t called “hate”). Hate crime laws came from Jews and are designed to be used against White people. (The first hate crime law was a Soviet decree in 1918 that protected Jews [1]). [Article]. [1] the Bolshevik […]

26 January, 2012

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Tuberculosis, hepatitis, chagas disease – our little beaner friends bring us “gifts.” [Article].

25 January, 2012

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “The big Jewish media bosses have everyone who works for the media, Gentile as well as Jew, so thoroughly conditioned, so thoroughly indoctrinated with anti-White propaganda, that any expression of concern for White people is denounced immediately as “hate” and “racism.” I’ll guarantee you, if the White Rhodesians were mopping […]

24 January, 2012

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That Jews try to hog all of the suffering says a lot about them. [Article].

22 January, 2012

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by Vladimir Avdeyev. Available in paperback and e-book format.

22 January, 2012

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The Jews want America to attack Iran, for Israel’s benefit. But that hasn’t happened yet, so the next best thing for the Jews to do is to make sure that the “White democracies” isolate Iran from the rest of the world, hurting it economically and politically. (By the way, that’s how World War II started. […]

21 January, 2012

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