26 January, 2012

Colorado: The Joys of Mexican Immigration

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Tuberculosis, hepatitis, chagas disease – our little beaner friends bring us “gifts.”


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    1. Arkan Says:

      The spics you see in the workplace always pretend to be cultured and civilized and our fellow whites in this country are now convinced that the ability to speak Spanish is a sign of a more cultured and sophisticated white american. The truth is that the Spanish language is one of, LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN… that is, of basic understanding and need: TACO, BURRITO, CERVEZA (beer), ENCHILADA, .. the honest truth about being able to speak Spanish and talk to spics is that once you learn the basics of the language, you know that even if you spoke it fluently there’s nothing to talk about except eating, drinking beer and taking a shit. Mexicans have no culture and thus nothing thought-provoking or intelligent to speak about. The prime of Mexican language culture is, “WHAT IS THERE TO EAT?” and, “DID YOU GET SOME SLEEP AFTER YOU MOWED THE WHITE MAN’S LAWN.”

    2. Arkan Says:

      I speak two languages fluently, English and Polish, and I look forward to learning French someday. No white person should have to degrade themselves and learn to speak SPIC as considered an advantage in the blue collar workplace of today. For the few Poles and French in America who work in the construction industry, they do a superior job compared to the lazy fucking wetback labor from the south.

    3. Blackshirt Says:

      Arkan, you have some good points but you are being too general about the Spanish language. Just because mestizos speak it (or a bastardized version of it) doesn’t mean it is a gutter language or isn’t the White man’s tongue. You could just as easily say the same things about English because millions of coons speak a bastardized version of it.

      You talk about the spics “moving the White man’s lawn” and “fucking wetback labor from the south” and yet I think you are missing the obvious. It is the traitors in our own race who bring these people here to do this work because they don’t want to pay a White man (or woman) a decent wage. Your rage is misguided, in my opinion. These people wouldn’t be here if there weren’t traitorous White business people willing to pay them to do that work.

    4. Luke Says:

      I ditto Brother Blackshirt.

      Also, for some reason, I always thought that the term ‘spic’ was supposed to indicate a Puerto Rican flavor of Hispanic. Regular, off-the-shelf mestizos were normally called ‘beaners’ or ‘wetbacks’.

      But then, these mud colored races race mix with each other so much, maybe the old distinctions that used to exist in the vernacular of my youth have all been blended away into one big mud soup?

      And, if what I see around me on the rare occasions where I am forced to enter a shopping mall are any indications, it won’t be many more years before White Europeans will be a tiny spec in that jewish mud stew pot.

    5. Andei the Angry Ghost Says:

      A friend (White) of mine whom i work with has told me he has BED BUGS in old folks government apartment building clean? bed. The building in which he lives in is mostly non-White &…

      Bed bugs brought into U.S. by illegals?

      •By Martha R Gore, Watchdog Politics Examiner

      Illegal immigrants are not the first people to bring bed bugs to America but they are adding to the problem today.

      The first bed bugs were brought into the country. In the 18th century, there were severe bed bug problems in the English colonies as well as Canada while the Indian villages were free of them. It is thought that the bed bugs were brought into the countries on sailing ships. In some cases, ships did not allow passengers and colonists from bringing bedding with them.

      History of bed bugs in the U.S.

      With the use of DDT by the 1950’s live bed bugs could be hardly be found. Usually they were limited to economicall depressed communities with shelters, prisons, youth hostels or cabins. Otherwise, homes and hotels were usually free of bedbugs.

      Bed bugs began reappearing during the late 1990’s, found in:
      •Hotels and motels
      •Single family homes
      •Nursing homes

      As large populations of illegal aliens cross into the United States from Mexico, they move in and out of low income places in which to live where bed bugs easily multiply. Some may live with a dozen or more people living in a small apartment with those living there constantly changing jobs or moving to other cities. These are the type of living quarters that become infested with bed bugs.

      Bed bugs hitchike on illegal immigrants coming from countries like Mexico, where bed bugs are common place. If an illegal working as a maid in a hotel has clothing with a bed bug infestation, the critters will be passed on to everything in the room. People staying in that room may find when they arrive home that the bed bugs have been brought back with them.

      Because illegals come across the border with Mexico and infiltrate the states across America, there is no way of checking them out for carrying bed bugs with them.

      One more reason to completely close the borders and put more patrols on guard against illegal immigrants? Bed bugs can now be added to the variety of problems, including such illnesses as whopping cough, being brought to the U.S. because of the Obama Administration’s refusal to stop illegal immigration.

      More environmental articles by the Environmental News Examiner
      Politics | September 23, 2010

      Martha R Gore

      Watchdog Politics Examiner

    6. Andei the Angry Ghost Says:

      Negroes singing about BED BUGS in the 1920’s, so eat your heart out mestizoes….click below..


    7. Andei the Angry Ghost Says:

      Try again….”Mean Old Bed Bug Blues”


    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Permit me to re-write the article so that it is more honest and to the point:

      from Channel 7 News…LONGMONT, Colo. — Several Longmont High School students have tested positive for latent tuberculosis in blood tests because of their exposure to a dirty wetback in the school, according to a Denver Public Health official who talked to the Longmont Times Call.

      Because of that filthy beaner, testing of students and staff at the school is being expanded, said Dr. Randall Reves, medical director of the Denver Metro Tuberculosis Control Program.

      Several students and school staff members who shared more than one class with the Greaser were tested last week when health officials announced that a Longmont High student was confirmed to have active TB. The TB-carrying student is a taco-eating, hubcap-stealing Mexican who is in the United States illegally, officials said.

      During the testing, officials revealed that some students have tested positive for latent TB — which, these officials falsely claim, is not contagious. People diagnosed with latent TB undergo treatment to prevent the infection from becoming active, Reves said. Reves went on to say that this particular strain of TB is found in third-world pestholes like Mexico, where the infected “student” is from.

      However, because of these results, students who shared only one class with the filthy beaner will now be tested, Reves said.

      Also, students with a negative test may now need to repeat the test in one month since it may take up to 8 weeks for the test to become positive after exposure. Isn’t multiculturalism a beautiful thang?

      In a letter posted on the school’s website, Reves said this is not a TB outbreak and it is not necessary for students and staff to skip school or school activities. Of course, Reves is lying so as to prevent public hysteria and a well-deserved backlash against Longmont’s growing Beaner population.

      “If your student’s blood test is positive for TB it almost certainly means there is TB infection — not active TB — and it is not a contagious condition,” Reves said in the letter. “We will … help you to schedule a chest X-ray to confirm that it is not active TB. Of course, none of these tests would be necessary if we protected our southern border from dirty, disease-bearing vermin like those god damn Mexicans and Guatemalans.”

      Public health officials will hold a meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday inside Longs Peak Middle School’s cafeteria to present disinformation about the disease and lie to concerned White parents.

      The “student” who was originally diagnosed with TB is making a full recovery with treatment. Because he is a greasy, filthy Mexican piece of shit, that “student” has not been identified. Officials believe he will be up and spreading disease again in no time.

    9. Andei the Angry Ghost Says:

      Illegal Aliens & American Medicine….


    10. CW-2 Says:

      Similar outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant strains of TB have also been reported in London, England. We are going to clean house, big time!

    11. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      The forum is having issues connecting because Rounder did an interview with Talking Point Memo website. All the liberal loves have invaded VNNF.

    12. The Red Skull Says:

      I am out here living the INVASION peoples.No mention in the local news here Tim,about the students ethnic origin,(of course)!Simply the usual covered-up bullshit.

    13. The Red Skull Says:

      Ps –Nice Re write on that article Tim!!!—The REAL truth carries on at VNN!!—I don’t live too far from there and everywhere is swarming with brown-skinned scum!