22 March, 2012

The Issue of Free Inquiry at Rhode Island College

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by Bradley R. Smith.


  • 2 Responses to “The Issue of Free Inquiry at Rhode Island College”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      RIC was a good school because it was geared towards White working and middle class students from the RI area, not rich spoiled brat “legacy” students like Brown and Providence College have. But even at a modest school like that the Jew rules supreme. Of course the Jew would not send his own spawn there. Miriam and Benjamin deserve better than that! It’s NYU or Harvard for them.

      Maybe Smith could re-phrase his advertisements so that Hymie can’t jump all over them. I’m sure I could think of something if he wanted my help. I only charge a mere $300 an hour. Such a deal!

    2. old dutch Says:

      One thing about Smith is that he works at it.

      Thanks to Smith’s efforts more and more people are coming to realize that there were no gas chambers in the German camps, except for those used to kill lice, and, bed bugs.

      If you notice, the Jewish Holocaust propaganda has shifted away from claiming mass industrial style killing, to a claim of intentional neglect & abuse of the prisoners by the Germans.

      This is significant.

      My only suggestion, is that Smith hire an editor like Alex Linder to tighten up his prose & articles.