15 April, 2012

Trayvon Martin and Cuba

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Want proof that the American media is morally bankrupt and therefore has absolutely no right to yell about the injustices done to the negro Trayvon Martin? Here it is: Cuba. For years, innocent people from all walks of life (Black, Brown and White, i.e., White Spaniards) have been rotting in filthy prisons in Cuba. Their “crimes”? Criticizing either Castro or communism (same thing). While these people are getting TB and hepatitis in filthy prisons just 90 miles from Florida, the “moral” and “always fighting for the innocent victim” American media says nothing. Yes, nothing. But strangely, that very same media moaned about the injustices done to citizens of various other countries, like Chile, Argentina, Iraq, Syria, etc., and now that media moans about some Black kid in Florida (Martin) who, according to reports, made some aggressive moves before he was shot and likely assaulted the shooter before going toes-up.

It’s a wonder that Americans still follow the “news,” given the lies and double-standards that spew from it.

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, yes, Cuba’s prisons are no doubt unpleasant. But I’m sure the overwhelming majority of people being incarcerated there are robbers, rapists, arsonists and killers, not political dissidents. Besides, a lot of those so-called dissidents are on the CIA’s payroll, or they’re stooges of some powerful right-wing Cuban exile group in Miami. So screw ’em. And don’t forget, our own lovable ZOG has plenty of its own political prisoners, many of whom are pro-White activists.

      The Jews are frantically trying to maintain their media mind-control monopoly. TV, movies, the press, Google, Facebook, Microsoft…..the Jews own it all. But they know that someday soon technology will advance to the point where Jew-controlled search engines, TV networks and social media will be rendered obsolete. So take that, you devious, shape-shifting alien bloodsuckers.

    2. bjt Says:

      Who in the hell wrote this?
      Innocet niggers?
      Niggers are not people there not even in the
      same class as Apes.
      All niggers should be locked up and sent back to
      hell where the jew got these stinking beast’s.
      Have a nice day White Humans.

    3. Freedom Cobra Says:

      Jorgé shot his first nigger. Hopefully Jorgé gets prison time.
      One bullet fired, two muds off the street. I’m
      growing weary of “no limit nigger.” MSM over-played it’s
      hand. Great way to talk to fellow Whites about the evil (and Judaic) media structure in Amerikwa. Even in death, trayvon was still just a nigger. Time to move on.

    4. jayhackworth Says:

      In this mutated Amerikwan “Republic”, politcal FACTS, not ‘constitutional’ or even legal ones , will play the dominant role, in order for us to survive. Two can play at that game.

    5. jayhackworth Says:

      One thing The Jew Media accomplishes, besides brainwashing blacks to hate whites in the Kwa, is to deflect attention away from what The Jew ‘racist’ is doing in Palestine.

    6. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The kikenmedia and their white, gentile lackeys are highly selective in which sob stories get air time. It must feed the dominant narrative of evil, racist whites and downtrodden, oppressed muds to see the light of day. Therefore, white victims of negro crime in America, and the persecution and dispossession of whites in Zimbabwe and S. Africa get left on the cutting room floor nine times out of ten. Well, maybe ten times out of ten.

    7. Arkan Says:

      A book I highly reccomend is called, “Commies” by Ronald Radosh. In it, Radosh (a Jew, btw) describes such things as his own adventures into Cuba and how counter-revolutionaries during the 80’s were locked up in psychiatric facilities, anasthetized and forced to undergo lobotomies. The book also details a communist youth camp somewhere in upstate NY (that still exists) where young, white female members were put on to have sex with blacks and browns. The beauty is that Radosh doesn’t hold anything back from telling you how vehemently Jewish communism is, he even illustrates how his own parents were such ardent believers that they refused to purchase (own) a car. Over all a good book, some good bearing into the things you probably didn’t know. I was fortunate to find this little gem at a thrift store, find it on amazon.

    8. George Lenz Says:

      The question of Cuba is the question of political will. It is enough to finish the business President Kennedy began in the past: to give advanced weapons to Cuban residents of the US, many of whom have military and law enforcement background, to organize Cuban liberation army and to send it to fight and win in Cuba, while bombing Cuban air force and Cuban fleet to the Stone Age, to capture Cuba, arrest castro and his henchmen, try and hang them, and burn their bodies with fire. Thus the scourge of communism in Cuba can be ended, US national security enhanced, and more than 2 mln colored Cubans repatriated back to Cuba Libre.

      Interestingly, some of the US republican neoconservatives, as John McCain, became more pro-American and less pro-Israel, and more supportive of necessary provision of advanced weapons and working together with right-wing liberation movements. So under US republican administration we may well see the dreams of Cuba Libre realized and Cuban people finally freed from communist slavery.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      ayhackworth Says:
      15 April, 2012 at 3:33 pm

      One thing The Jew Media accomplishes, besides brainwashing blacks to hate whites in the Kwa, is to deflect attention away from what The Jew ‘racist’ is doing in Palestine.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0


      Exactly right !

      The evanjellyculls are a real part of the equation as why we can’t get traction against the enemy alien destructive media or hope to change politically.

      Evanjellyculls are nutz and IMO dangerously ignorant too.

      Evanjellyculls spout all of the NPR/NYC anti White race hatred and most grew up only around Whites in the Rural parts of the regime.

      Evanjellyculls are the prime example of useful idtiots for the destroyers of the West.

      Oh, they don’t mind having their children marry non Whites either.

      As for the Upstate NY jooo summer camps the whole states of NJ and NY are in joo hands, and this is where FDR was spawned.

      If you grew up in NYC you know joos and nigger lust for White women has no bounds.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      George, there will be no “liberation” of Cuba from the USSA. The Soviets agreed to pull their missiles out of Cuba with the understanding that the Kwa no longer tries to interfere with Cuba’s sovereignty. But I wonder if ZOG agents infected the great Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez with that cancer which he can’t seem to get rid of? I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

    11. jayhackworth Says:

      Yup, Mr. Doody, joodioxtian meekness, willing acceptance of defeat, the worldly weakness ox xtian ziotards, led to imagine that their brains are hermetically sealed off and impervious to ZOG events in places like Gaza.

    12. jayhackworth Says:

      Yup Howdydoody, Jewdoxtian ziotards’ worldly weakness & meekness , willing acceptance of defeat, led to imagine that their brains are hermetically sealed off and impervious to ZOG events in places like Gaza.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Evanjellyculls are obviously people who are afraid to accept reality, people who are trying to hide behind the Cross because they can’t or won’t confront their problems and their demons. They’re so mentally paralyzed by their Jeezus fixation that liquidating them after the Revolution should be an easy task. And one that I shall undertake with alacrity and aplomb.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      Evanjellys IMO are akin to Red Guards with their little Mao Red Books held high.

      They are real haters of all who will not be simple minded and listen to one of hundreds of clear channel AM or FM PRAISE radio station with it b.s. around the clock.

      NO matter where you are in N.A. you can find a Evanjellycull radio station.

      Roy Masters is a slick one, ex joo who even states it now and then. His cabal was behind getting Art Bell and Winnie Savage Nation wide.

      The minds of Goyem’s must be phucked with is their motto.

      One thing about media and the reason I rarely and only for a few minutes at most hear talk shit radio while driving is that back in the 1990’s to today scream that we are haters for bringing up http://www.ussliberty.org was an accident and mistaken identity etc.