18 May, 2012

Europe: Only Whites Commit Ethnic Violence

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According to the media and the “human rights” groups, the Serbs are the only people who have committed ethnic violence in the Balkans. That claim is, of course, baloney. The truth is that Muslims were the instigators and aggressors of the Serb-vs.-Muslim ethnic feud.


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    1. bjt Says:

      From the start of this war to this so called trial
      the juden are some how involved, they always
      And they will profit from White Human pain
      and loss.
      And as we(White Humans)know a public
      trial like this is to show how evil the Human
      race realy is to the juden cause.
      Once again have a nice day White Humans.
      Fuck off and die juden!!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      If anyone should be put on trial for killing thousands of people in the Balkans it’s Slick Willie Clinton and NATO. As we all know Clinton ordered air strikes on Belgrade whenever any of his scandals threatened to break into the headlines. Those air strikes killed about 50,000 mostly Serbian victims and also destroyed many centuries-old bridges, churches, hospitals, etc.

      And NATO exists merely to serve as an extension of and a cover for US imperialist aggression. For example, if NATO bombs the shit out of some country and the public is upset about it the US President can say “Hey, this has nothing to do with me, talk to NATO about it!”. The President will only take credit for the unprovoked and illegal attack if the Jew-controlled press can convince the public about the necessity for that attack.

      From what I can see the White Serbians were simply trying to keep Yugoslavia from breaking up disintegrating into civil war. The CIA and MI6 were the ones who financed and fomented unrest in the Balkans, because they didn’t want any Serbian nationalism getting in the way of “Western” domination of that region. By “Western” I mean the tyrannical French and German-controlled European Union, international Jew financiers and corrupt, American-backed Balkan politicians.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:


    4. Arkan Says:

      Blowjob Bill is wanted in Serbia for crimes against humanity.

    5. archer Says:

      Talk about hypocrisy, what about the relentless bombing by nato of Tripoli that kiled thousands so that the bankers could steal 144 tons of libyan gold.
      Does anyone think that Libya is now better off after it has had all it’s infrastructure destroyed, and is sinking into civil war that is genocidal.

    6. joeglas Says:

      A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,goes the old maxim.No amount of documented facts is going to convice certain individuals that they are wrong.The bottom line is that the Serbs in former “Yugoslavia” (and the royalist version,1918-1941)were the ruling and priviliged nation which ruled the country with the aid of the army and police.I

    7. Freedom Cobra Says:

      Will Child Services steal my firstborn son if I name him Slobodan?

    8. joeglas Says:

      National makeup of the police (a total of 127 officers)in the city of Sisak,Croatia (population circa 75 % Croatian)in 1986:Serbs-93,Moslems-14,Croats-12,others-8.