5 May, 2012

The Jewnformation Superhighway

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It’s kosher.


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      An interesting set of articles. The kosher association to ‘fleaBay’ surprised me, though it shouldn’t have, jews have penchant for dealing in secondhand tat and junk. You can take the jew out of the ghetto but you can’t get the ghetto out of the jew.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I find myself cursing out Joogle and Jewhoo! all the time. I hate Jewhoo!’s Jew biased news stories and their shitty email service. And I resent Joogle’s domination of search engine traffic, along with their general Jew arrogance.

      Once again the Jews sweep in and take control of a media technology they had no hand in developing. Scavengers and parasites, that’s what those vulture-faced aliens are.

    3. John Q. Republic Says:

      CW-2 and Tim:

      Good posts and how true.

      The slimy hymies tentacles reach into every strata of a moneymaking or information-harvesting endeavor. True to their deceitful, paranoidal, and hatefilled nature, (their very DNA), this characteristic will NEVER change. For our own protection and well-being they must be forcibly removed and deposited to a place, (Mars, maybe?), where they cannot further contaminate, subvert, or destroy the White world……………..whatever the cost.

      Coexistence with these destructively pre-programmed, lying, and murderous featherless bi-peds is impossible. They are an extremely vile and potent form of toxic waste that must not be allowed to freely roam amongst us. They’ve proven time and time again over the millenniums of their complete lack of an ability to live in peace and harmony with ANY other racial group. They don’t even want to try………….they just want to destroy whatever gentile nation they happen to inhabit, without mercy, without pity, and without remorse. They must be ultimately, and decisively, dealt with once and for all if the rest of the world is to survive.

      They constantly whine, piss and moan about how the world hates and persecutes them………for no logical reason, of course. Or, they’re hated and persecuted for their so-called “religion”. Well, when you have a so-called “religion” that tells them to screw over every other racial group for their own benefit and advancement; that tells them to kill “all the best Gentiles”; that tells them the entire wealth of the world belongs to them and that stealing from Gentiles is a good thing; that dis-loyaly and subversion to a Gentile country are cherished ideals; that transferring wealth from a host country to the most undeserving near-humans of the turd-world, (including shItsrael) is laudable; among many other idiotic commandments that guide jewish thought, naturally you’re going to illicit a ton of rightous and completely justifiable “hate”, anger, and yes, “aunti-semitism”. You DESERVE every bit of that……..and much, much more for your Mount Everest of crimes against real humans. You and shItsrael are a disgusting blight on humanity. A flaming boil on the buttocks of the world that needs a quick, hot lancing.

      What the hell is wrong with the world that we tolerate these “THINGS” called jews? Wake up, White world!


    4. Arkan Says:

      Most notable properties of the pathogen are how ugly they are and how close they stick together.

    5. old dutch Says:

      If Linder gets strong enough to get back into print, this would be an excellent article to publish. The authors might even contribute to the distribution in order to have their article circulated?

      One thing to remember, as Linder has pointed out, these young Jewboys mentioned in the article worked hard to get where they are—can you match them?

    6. mrcrouton Says:

      I dumped Google and switched to Ixquick.

      It’s decent, and they don’t track you.
      And you’re not further enriching Jews (that I know of).

      Give it a try.

    7. Arkan Says:

      Thanks for telling me about ixquick, I’ve been getting a little tired of google’s daily praise of such underachievers as PicASSo and Pollock.

    8. Mel Brooks Says:

      I think the power & personalities behind Google, Facebook, etc. are groomed to take the stage by the big money tribesmen, then promoted to the hilt by same in the media. This has been going on for decades, thanks to the complete lack of analytical skills held by the ordinary folk. As it was in Freud or Einstein’s time, so it is now. The media power is so pervasive that everywhere you turn, on almost any TV or radio show there’s a Facebook come-on. Every web page you visit has sign-ons for Facebook. A lot of the comment sections in articles VNN links to require a Facebook account to log on.

      There seems to be a bit of an anti-Google backlash in the Internet business sector, where many marketers are fed up with Google’s frequent “slaps” and the attendant loss of traffic and search result standings.

      As one smart aleck-y Ewe put it, Web 2.0 is Web Jew

    9. John Q. Republic Says:

      Correction to above post==make that: disloyalty.


    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well waddya know….the new president of France, Francois Hollande, is a you-know-who. He will replace the present you-know-who Sarkozy. And yet the stupid, lying press talks about a “new era” in France.

      The Jews don’t even try to hide their domination of France anymore. They’re getting bolder and more arrogant all the time. Think of all the wonderful pogroms that used to happen in France, my favorite being the one in Strasbourg, in the spring of 1348.

      Have we gone totally insane? Our ancestors knew how to deal with the Kikes and they never had to think twice about it.

    11. Justin Huber Says:

      Dark days are almost certainly ahead for France. The same holds true for our country. I can hardly wait for the disgusting spectacle we call our presidential election. Obama or Romney-what a choice!

    12. Jürgen Says:

      Tim McGreen:

      Your posts say it all, brother.

    13. old dutch Says:

      Well, the Jews, Alex Jones, and some unknown Irish genius don’t like Hollande. That must mean he’s ok. LOL.

      Btw, Hollande is not a Jew, and the Jews don’t like the guy.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Old Dupe, take a look at swarthy, rat-faced M. Hollande’s profile and you’ll see the classic Jewish schnozz. You imbecile.