14 May, 2012

The Sickness Spreads

Posted by Socrates in "gender", Argentina, Big Fag, Cultural Marxism, egalitarianism, equality, equalocracy, Frankfurt School, homosexual themes, homosexuals, Max Horkheimer, Socrates at 3:04 pm | Permanent Link

The ghost of Max Horkheimer (above) says: “Okay, so you have to destroy countries in order to make the people equal. Isn’t it worth it?” (By the way, newbies, “gender” only applies to grammar).


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  7. 6 Responses to “The Sickness Spreads”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      What a crime…Argentina was a free White country, but now the Jews, Social Marxists and Internationalists have got hold of it. And whatever sick perversions are being inflicted there will eventually find their way up here. It’s just a matter of softening up the stupid White Amerikwans a little while longer. A few more Martin Luther King statues, a few more “gay marriage” laws, a few more race-mixing “reality” shows and this country will become as depraved as Argentina is now.

    2. Arminius Says:

      Another milestone in “progressive” decadence.
      We have still a long way to go, considering that in imperial Rome the empress Messalina engaged in public dabauchery, but Rome took another 250 years to fall apart.
      Remarkable in our days is the shrinking size of political pygmies running “their” nations. It speaks for itself, that they do and think nothing about mounting financial, economic, educational etc. problems, but the affairs of a trifling perverted minority in a vast population mass(anywhere) has their attention full time 24/7.
      Let’s hope the inevitable end will come a bit faster this time.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Arminius, Rome was basically finished as an empire after the reign of Marcus Aurelius ended and his son Commodus took over. With all the plagues, uprisings, barbarian attacks, civil wars, incompetent emperors and economic deterioration that took place after AD200 many Romans gradually abandoned the Gods and, under aggressive proselytizing, embraced Christ-insanity instead. Or at least a Romanized version of it. Converting the Empire to Christianity by force in the late 4th century all but guaranteed that Rome would fall and never rise again.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      There is method in this madness. Globalists and jews know a fractured and atomized society is easier for them to control and ultimately destroy. Of course the moral and spiritual chaos engendered by the jew also helps us get the WN message across to the small but intelligent White section of the population.
      As Dr Pierce said in one of his broadcasts, “Storm break loose!”

      PS the pic of Horkheimer is very revealing, a typical heavy-featured Neanderthalic jew.

    5. mrcrouton Says:

      So if I get this right, if they pass laws like this in the US, I could declare myself female, and hence would be allowed to go to liberal female campuses bathrooms and hang around and make them feel uncomfortable when they come out after grunting on the bowl, correct?

      It’s funny how the trendy lefty feminists push for laws like this and never consider the potential repercussions. After all they are so much smarter then their ancestors who increased their numbers and spread out over the globe and brought western civilization with them. Their commie Jew professor told them so!

      This is what happens when they abandon logic and reason and follow emotions and pied piper Jews. Again, feminists and their dithering homosexual allies prove themselves to be the feeble minded fools they are. Let’s show them to their petards on which they will hoist themselves upon!

      White male competency will always be attractive to females. That’s where the power is. They may put on alot of talk when they play the harlot, but when they get the baby fever, they will come to us.
      When the chaos comes, and we have the resources, they will be our servants once again.

      Prepare yourselves brothers!

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      As always their power comes from corrupting leaders of all host nations with money, sex, drugs and illusionary power. Once they got the power of creating our money and media, the rest was only a matter of time with contrived wars and then the crowning defeat of Whites, by open borders.

      With the hostiles invasion by the millions, WHITE women fear having children on top of US being brain washed not to for 45 years.