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30 June, 2012

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29 June, 2012

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Making money and earning money – there’s a big difference between the two. Jewish bankers sit back and make money off of interest payments, while White people must earn their money. The religion of Islam still prohibits the taking of interest (the Catholic church used to prohibit it). What if White people controlled the money […]

28 June, 2012

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A better name for Obamacare is Screwwhiteycare. Apparently, lots of White people haven’t noticed that the White middle class has been tapped to pay for Screwwhiteycare via two dozen new types of taxation. In other words, White people are going to fund “universal health care” for Black and Brown people. [Article].

27 June, 2012

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Honesty is the best policy? Not anymore. In the West today, telling the truth about racial and sexual differences is bad, but lying about them is good. In fact, university culture resembles the old Soviet Union, where lies were truth and vice-versa. [Article]. Another version: [Here].

25 June, 2012

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The 3-down/1-up ruling is disappointing, but it’s still a victory for Arizona. Cops can now try to verify, during their field interviews, if a person is in America illegally. That is the key part of the law, and it has been upheld by the court. Other states can now copy that part of the law. […]

24 June, 2012

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Uncle Sam (above) says: “What a bummer. I’ve spent years trying to remake the Middle East for Israel’s benefit, but it’s just one setback after another.” [Article]

22 June, 2012

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[…] “A couple of caveats: with Section 13 gone, the Canadian Criminal Code itself continues to provide for up to two years in jail for “spreading hate against identifiable groups” (with the exception of identifiable German, Palestinian and Christian groups who can be hated to the full measure of Zionist fury without fear of prosecution).” […]

21 June, 2012

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by Dr. William Pierce. […] “I’m not convinced that there is a perfect solution to this problem, but I do believe that we can do a much better job than we have done so far in America. Just having an ethnically clean citizenry, without 30 million descendants of our former African slaves wrecking our cities […]

19 June, 2012

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“Germany and Russia were the two countries scheduled for punishment by the International Jewish bankers because these two countries were most aware of the Jew. They have been punished; that job is done.” — from Chapter 61, “Jewish Power and America’s Money Famine” in the book The International Jew: the World’s Foremost Problem, by Henry […]

19 June, 2012

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When the U.S. Supreme Court upholds Arizona’s immigration law SB1070, look for the American (read: Jewish) media to smear Arizona like no state has ever been smeared before (except maybe Alabama under George Wallace). Why will the media attack Arizona? Several reasons. One, the media is worried that other states will adopt SB1070-style laws word-for-word […]