28 June, 2012

Obamacare Upheld by U.S. Supreme Court

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A better name for Obamacare is Screwwhiteycare. Apparently, lots of White people haven’t noticed that the White middle class has been tapped to pay for Screwwhiteycare via two dozen new types of taxation. In other words, White people are going to fund “universal health care” for Black and Brown people.


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  7. 24 Responses to “Obamacare Upheld by U.S. Supreme Court”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      As I stated in an earlier post Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is a maricón who is head over heels in love with our colored, Indonesian-born President Barry Hussein Soetero. And so he cast the deciding vote in favor of SoeteroCare.

      Like the article says the overwhelming majority of Kwans don’t want SoeteroCare; It’s nothing but a de-facto tax and the Kwans know it. Also, it will do absolutely nothing to control the cost of healthscare and it will STILL leave millions of people totally uninsured.

      A single-payer plan would have covered everyone and eliminated the need for those damn insurance companies altogether. But since Soetero doesn’t care about what’s best for this country the insurance-industrial complex stands to make a fortune by forcing millions of people into their insurance pool.

      Hopefully enough states will refuse to co-operate with this bullshit to keep it from ever seeing the light of day. And I certainly don’t trust that a-hole Romney to do anything about repealing SoeteroCare if he should win.

      When, O Lord, when will Whitey rise up against his tormentors???

    2. Howdy Doody Says:


      Change ?

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Freedom to have screaming invader’s in E.R.’s when you need help, along with low quality care.

      The enemy aliens who engineered this want Whites World Wide crushed period, as the hostile invasion goes on full steam.

      Did any White doctors want this ?

    4. Arkan Says:

      I can’t confirm this but I really do believe that America is the last country on this North/South American continent destined for socialized healthcare services. Consider how good the Canadians have it.. their lines wrap around the building because everyone’s going in over trivial shit.
      Socialized healthcare actually works well throughout Europe, meaning, in the Eastern European countries the people are so poor, they’d never be able to afford private-practice healthcare. 80 years of Communist instituted poverty will do that; no wonder most of Eastern Europe still looks like a post-apocalyptic scrapyard.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Oh yes, Arkan Limbaugh, eastern European cities like Prague are real post-industrial wastelands, all thanks to that no-good pinko socialized medicine!


      Now, let’s compare that nightmarish European commie crap-hole with a good ol’ fashioned American shitty, which is a product of our glorious FREE MARKET SYSTEM. Ready? Ta-Dah!


      *OR, HOW ABOUT*


      Arkan, you’re an idiot. The only beer I’d ever have with you is the one that I would pour over your pointy little head.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Here in the jewK we have “socialised medicine” and it works reasonably well. The insurance companies have very little to do with it as the scheme is funded directly by taxation and doctors both in group practices and in general hospitals have a lot of discretionary power.
      Many hospitals are as good as those anywhere, but some particularly in the mud areas are best avoided if you still like breathing.
      The British national health service provides a sort of social glue holding the country together, without its services many people would be potentially rebellious. The globalist politicos know this and keep the NHS ticking over while they push ahead with the destruction of whitey.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I attempted to post this already, so at the risk of repeating myself…

      Arkan says that eastern Europe is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or words to that effect. Well here’s a photo of Prague, my friend:


      Not exactly what I’d call a “post apocalyptic scrapyard” or a casualty of “80 years of communist instituted poverty”.

      Now let’s compare that commie hell-hole with a nice American city, you know, the kind of city that is a product of our wunnerful capitalist “Free Market System”:


      Arkan, stop acting like an idiot. Or is it an act?

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Tim, is the ‘solitudecanyon’ link really a photo of an American city? It looks remarkably similar to the streets here in the jewk, replete with aimless muds and vandalised houses.
      Any vets of the ‘greatest generation’ reading this, you have only yourselves to thank, that is what you fought for.

    9. old dutch Says:

      Obamacare was upheld by Two Roman Catholics, and Three Jews. It is alleged that a third Catholic, Kennedy supported parts of the majority opinion? Either way, 5-4 or 6-3 Obamacare will be a nighmare for White Americans.

      The Roman Catholic Church did all of this blustering about Obamacare, and then two or three of the Catholic Justices, including the Chief Justice supported Obamacare. Irony? Or are Catholics irony proof like niggers?

    10. Luke Says:

      Like every other sane and racially savvy White American, I almost could not believe my eyes – when I saw this abomination emerge from the Supreme Court ruling as being deemed ‘constitutional’. It most certainly is NOT.

      Already, I’ve seen some speculation concerning Roberts and his last minute switch of position that might indicate something sinister might be the reason why he chose to betray the overwhelming majority of conservative minded kwans and side with these anti-White, marxist socialists. I wasn’t aware of this, but I saw one report that said something about Roberts having a couple of adopted kids from Latin America – and there might have been some sort of blackmail angle associated with how he got those kids. At any rate, if true, this makes Roberts a race traitor and that renders him no friend or ally to anything that is remotely pro-White. And, the fact that one of the sleazy and anti-white race traitors in the Bush family nominated the guy – pretty much confirms the fact that he is a stinking RINO.

      There is one possible positive aspect to this ruling, though. Since the 1960s, the White middle class taxpayers have been fleeced to the tune of close to $6 trillion dollars in taxes – money which was stolen from their paychecks and then used to fund endless social entitlement programs that non-white parasites and leeches greedily latched on to. All to no avail, as we saw in a recent report that stated that despite the recent expenditure of half a trillion dollars – America has more ‘poverty’ (read: more welfare bums and leeches on the public dole) today, than we had before we wasted that money. But, despite the clear evidence that throwing money at parasites only serves to increase the number of parasites – Obongo Mugabe gets anointed by the jews to be the new ruler of Amerikwa – and the first thing this half negro piece of scum does is to roll out the biggest and most incredible income redistribution scheme in our nation’s entire history in the form of ObongoCare.

      Now, I don’t want to sound overly optimistic – because most White humans these days have a very stubborn resistance to waking up to the realities of race – but, when their paychecks begin to scream with pain as a result of their taxes going up to pay for all these ‘subsidies’ that the blacks and the mestizos and various other non-whites are going to be given, because they are classified as ‘impoverished’ and ‘needy’, and when their own employers start canceling their health care insurance and forcing them to sign up for obongocare or to go shopping for a private health care plan, which will be astronomically more expensive – these de-racinated White retards might finally have a racial light bulb come on over their empty heads.

      Whites need to understand that we cannot share the same geographic territory with non-whites. We cannot co-exist inside the same nation.

      Non-whites are parasites and they will literally devour us, once they reach majority numerical status and have full control of all of our government and our institutions. If you think that this ruling by the jew and minority stacked Supreme Court was ‘UN-constitutional’ – get a clue. You have not seen anything yet. This is merely a glimpse into our future as a powerless minority, ruled over by jews, negroes, mestizos, lesbians, fudge packers, pedophiles, trans-gender freaks, white liberal race traitors, and before long – perverts who practice bestiality.

      And, as Whites finally begin to realize that there is no feasible way to share territory or compromise with non-whites – because parasites never agree to stop being parasites – the White Ethnostate concept will become more and more attractive. The time to start these discussions is NOW, while we are still a slim majority – because once we are reduced to a minority, there is zero chance of our non-white rulers allowing us to leave peacefully.

      In the mean time, I advise that every White man and woman stock up on firearms and ammunition and other types of survival oriented supplies, and if possible – make sure you pick up a few weapons through private sales while you still can. Pay cash and avoid using plastic, which leaves a paper trail. Use gun shows to stock up on ammunition and other supplies, and use cash for these purchases. Avoid using mail order catalogs or the web – again, you leave trails. Face Facts: You can bet the farm, that once ‘Whitey’ is below 50% – our new non-white rulers are going to try to disarm us and we will no longer have the political power to stop them. Remember, White men with guns are the last obstacle between mudskins and that White female rape target, which could be your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, your grandmother or your little daughter. Its our duty to protect our females, guys. Those who are loyal to our race, may I add. Those who are not can go straight to hell.

      Another solid tip is to use Youtube and spend time on the channels that have videos on survivalism, prepping and guns. Download as many of those videos as you can, and burn them into DVDs – so you can share them with like minded White Nationalists. Take copious notes while you watch those prepping, survivalism, and gun related videos – and they are chocked full of outstanding information.

      The key piece of advice here is this: It is always better to negotiate from a position of strength, rather than from a position of weakness. Our race has become weak and feminized – and I have lost count of the number of fat, overweight, pathetic looking White male slobs I’ve seen when I am out in the public. And, believe me – I am constantly alert and watching the people I see around me whenever I’m around town and I notice this unhealthy and disgusting trend towards gross obesity and general wiggerism among young white males. We’ve got to break out of this death spiral, White men. Our survival depends on it.

    11. CW-2 Says:

      The question we should be asking is this; will ‘Dr Obongo’ and his medicine kill the patient or help the ‘Kwa empire stagger on for many more years? I suspect it is the latter. The reason I have that opinion is because Britain has a system of “socialised medicine”, and although it is under-funded by tax payer contributions it works quite well at providing GP and hospital treatment for anyone who needs it.
      The politicos often threaten to ‘reform’ the health service, but they aren’t stupid, they know access to health services functions as a sort of social glue, and without it people would be much more inclined to rebel.
      So the health service continues to tick over while the politicos push ahead with the destruction of Whitey.

    12. George Lenz Says:

      Profoundly sad day, imho. This decisions imposes unbearable burden upon small and medium sized business, is unable to achieve its intended outcomes, and greatly adds to US government debt making it unpayable. More sadly it opens the way to the world where US government unlawfully and groundlessly seeks to regulate private choices of individuals that are well within individual rights and that are and should be solely made by individuals, by picking those it deems desirable by subsidies, and prohibitively taxes it deems undesirable. Similar moves done as in ancient Greece and ancient Rome in the interest of elites to destroy the poor and the middle class led to bloody civil war, ending in empires. Thus in less than 20 years there will be a civil war in the US, and the blood that will be shed, let it fall upon the jewish and catholic houses that trained unrighteous judges that made this unjust decision, gravely attacking liberty.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      Catholic church ?

      Full of non Whites and controlled by jooo laws and fully subverted to an enemy of the West, like the Lutheran’s, Evanjellyulls, Batists and all the rest the pro open borders to destroy US.

      Those who post the Catholic stuff are idiots or willful paid troll enemy aliens.

      You walking pile of old douche bags, who has promoted WAR for Whites since August 1914.

      You and your arrogant Birkenstock wearing Red Guards fool bastards should be hung if justice ever prevails.

      This site is full of paid trolls and monitors, yeah they hate US for our freedom as we now live in a STASI/kike tyranny regime.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      Iranian First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi condemned
      Zionists for inciting global drug trade and addiction in a bid to annihilate
      non-Jewish communities in accordance with Talmudic teachings.



      It is also not the case that Social Security retirees have the ear of Congress. The time is long past when Social Security was “the third rail of politics.” Since the 1980s Congress has been cutting back Social Security benefits in a number of ways. For example, the retirement age is being extended from 65 to 67, and the switch from a real cost of living adjustment to a substitution-based consumer price index results in the erosion of the real value of Social Security benefits, which was the reason for the switch. Up to 85% of Social Security benefits are now subject to income tax if the recipient has earnings or other retirement income above a minimum amount. The taxation of Social Security was another way that the political system reneged on the promised benefits.

      Excerpt Unquote

      Christians ?

      Douche Bags hasbara posters love to point to any direction, but where the stench is really emanating from.

    15. Arkan Says:

      Tim, interesting of you to take the capitol of the Czech Republic and compare it to an alley in Detroit. How much of Eastern Europe have you actually seen?.. Well, look again into post-USSR cities instead of cultural landmarks like Prague. That’s what I was getting at.

    16. CW-2 Says:

      Well, I’ve been to the outer housing areas of St Petersburg and while the appartment blocks there aren’t cultural icons they are infinitely preferable to the mud infested ones in many British cities. The lifts in these tower blocks are usually broken because the nigs seem to think the lifts are toilets.

    17. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      If the present administration wanted to truly create a government medical plan that was for the people, there are lots of models in the world to copy. The US government would create an insurance plan that was voluntary with fees for basic care in hospitals. The monthly fee would be cheaper than what any private plan would be. User fees of lets say $25.00 to $50.00 per visit to the ER and GP would keep people from abusing the system. Hospitals would be required by law to accept the government insurance and to give the same care that they would give people who have private insurance. People would still be free to get extra private insurance if they wanted extra services in hospitals such as private rooms etc. This is how it works in the rest of the developed world and there is no reason why the US can’t adopt a similar system.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      The best way to deal with the present healthcare problem is for the government to establish a mandatory single-payer system that includes everyone. Everyone gets covered under single payer, but individuals who can afford it would be able to buy extra private insurance for things not covered by the government plan.

      One thing that should NOT be covered by any taxpayer-funded plan is long-term hospice care for the terminally ill. I understand that Medicare spends billions every year just to keep demented, bedridden, terminally ill patients in their 80s and 90s artificially functioning through ventilators, drugs and surgeries. What fucking waste!!! Under a government-run health insurance plan that would have to stop. Sorry, Grammy, but you’re 98 years old and you’re a god damn mindless, useless vegetable. This bed is needed for other patients, so bye bye—enough is enough.

      And if the Catholic Church or some other tax-exempt fraudulent institution has a problem with denying the terminally ill unlimited amounts of taxpayer-funded care, then they can sell their Titians, Rembrandts, Berninis and Michaelangelos and THEY can pick up the tab.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      By the bye, the picture of that ghetto neighborhood is from Camden, NJ, one of the worst cities in the United States. At one time Camden, which is directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, was an industrial powerhouse, home of the Campbell’s Soup Company, a huge shipbuilding yard and RCA.

      But look at how the Capitalists have ruined the place! After they pillage and ransack a community for a couple of decades they leave behind nothing but a dry husk for the birds to pick at. If the Capitalists were in control of Prague it would eventually look no different from the way Camden looks.

      Race-based Socialism is the only sane alternative to predatory and destructive Jew-based Capitalism.

    20. Sgt. Skull Says:

      If the professional niggers are crowing about Barrycare then whitey better gird himself and tape his cornhole. Essentially the bill just redirects health care and medical resources from whites to non-whites which will worsen with each passing year. The increases in medicaid just serves as an incentive for doctors to treat the mud denizens of the inner cities. And if Obongo man gets re-elected and the dems gain control of Congress they will assess a special payroll tax much like social security and medicare.

      Some say they don’t want to keep an 80 year old white person on life support who likely paid into the system their whole life. Well, would you rather treat some teenage subhuman brownie whose never paid a dime in taxes and who hates whites and specializes in rape, robbery, gang banging and murder? Because that’s Obongocare in a nutshell.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      The money that’s spent on keeping some 88 year old corpse breathing on a respirator indefinitely could be better spent on taking care of White children and good-looking young White moms instead. The 88 year old has already got back everything she paid into the system, and then some…..So go gently into that good night and let the next generation have their turn. Or would you rather be smothered with this pillow?

    22. DMS Says:

      Apparently there are allowances for “religious objectors” to opt out. I expect the zhids will find just such an exemption for themselves so that they do not have to suffer what they have imposed on us.

    23. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Would you rather be mothered with that pillow?

    24. Howdy Doody Says: