19 June, 2012

The Coming ‘Big Smear’ of Arizona by the Media

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When the U.S. Supreme Court upholds Arizona’s immigration law SB1070, look for the American (read: Jewish) media to smear Arizona like no state has ever been smeared before (except maybe Alabama under George Wallace). Why will the media attack Arizona? Several reasons. One, the media is worried that other states will adopt SB1070-style laws word-for-word or nearly so, which would make the laws court-proof. Massive smearing could, the media hopes, prevent the adoption of those laws. Two, if other states adopt SB1070 laws, the racial “browning” of America will be slowed to some degree. Three, the media hopes that enough public smearing will lead to a country-wide boycott of Arizona, which could, it hopes, lead to the law being overturned by the state legislature.

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  7. 7 Responses to “The Coming ‘Big Smear’ of Arizona by the Media”

    1. Luke Says:

      Looks to me like it is going to require CW2 and the spilling of an awful lot of blood, before this issue of who are the rightful owners of this nation is finally decided, once and for all.

      Every move made by our criminal ruling elites points in that direction.

      They ignore 80-90 percent of the people’s wishes, and are hell bent on pushing White racial genocide. If you ask me, its almost as if these sonsabitches want this kind of backlash to what they are doing.

      How did so many mentally insane psychopaths manage to rise to power over our nation, White man?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just look at the way the Jewsmedia smeared that spic George Zimmerman, trying to get the niggers to kill him and his family. Now the Jews and their liberal accomplices will aim their smear machine at Arizona.

      MSNBC’s lesbian Jewess Rachel Maddow will lead things off with a couple of snarky, inflammatory comments, followed by prissy, effete E.J. Dionne and loudmouth Chris Matthews. “Is Arizona turning into Nazi Germany???” Matthews will shout to his panel of experts. “Are we going to need to use military intervention against them like we need to against Syria???” Then will come the tendentious NY Times editorial condemning Arizona’s racists, bigots and reactionaries and the Jackson-Sharpton rent-a-mob in front of AZ’s state capitol.

      Make no mistake, the Left has their smear campaigns orchestrated like the Vienna Philharmonic.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      As Dr Pierce said on many occasions, the American empire is the greatest threat to the White race we have ever faced in our long history. Huns, Mongols and Moors were but minor irritations compared to the relentless and maniacal onslaught ZOG is waging against us wherever in the world we live.
      Make no mistake, the jew-globalist alliance are determined to destroy higher life on this planet and reign over a new dark age from which there can be no recovery. The sad part is that academics and Christians who should know better are consciously aiding this evil plan.
      A terrible burden has been placed on our shoulders, we didn’t ask for it,
      but we need to ask ourselves, are we up to the task history and Nature has present to us?

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s absolutely true that the Amerikahn Empire poses the biggest threat to the White Race. For example, look at all those White GIs who went to Korea and Vietnam and then came back with slope wives and slope venereal diseases. I imagine the same thing is happening with lovesick GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan, except that the females they bring back home with them are wogs, not slopes.

      Meanwhile, the regime in Washington is letting in not just the illiterate and unskilled muds to monopolize all the menial jobs, you know. They also encourage professionally trained 3rd world trash to come here and take away good-paying jobs as nurses, doctors and engineers from White Americans with that Federal H1-B1 visa program, or whatever it’s called.

      And then they’ve got those Federal Hate Crime laws, which are only used against heterosexual White defendants. And don’t forget the Waco and Ruby Ridge Massacres, where ALL of the victims of were White. Was any Federal pig ever brought to justice for those crimes?

      The US govt is at war with its White citizens, as well as being at war with half the world. This evil pig-empire must DIE.

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Hey Socrates…..what happened to my post from last night? Did it get sucked up in the spam filter or get flagged?

    6. The RED SKULL Says:

      GO ARIZONA!!!!!!—–Doing the Job the Federal Government is Too Corrupt,Stupid,And Irresponsible to Do!!

      You Know your doing a great job for White America when the (jew)Press screams bloody murder about violating some wogs “Snivel Rights”.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      White Working class are fleeing CA. CA. is now Mexico.


      Thank you NYC/Media enemy aliens of mankind for 4000 years.