22 June, 2012

Things Get a Little Better in Canada, But…

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“A couple of caveats: with Section 13 gone, the Canadian Criminal Code itself continues to provide for up to two years in jail for “spreading hate against identifiable groups” (with the exception of identifiable German, Palestinian and Christian groups who can be hated to the full measure of Zionist fury without fear of prosecution).”


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    1. bjt Says:

      I deny the holocaust.
      I say a nigger is not human just a beast that can breed
      humans, and I still don’t like how that works.
      Chinks, gooks, ragheads(well some ragheads)are
      not more intelegent than a White Human.
      So like I say I deny the holocaust, this ought to
      piss of some jews, the worst parasite to ever
      slither the earth.
      We all know what’s going on up in Canada the jew
      and it’s finest work just like in Germany and all over
      The only reason their is any White Human’s today is
      the jew needs White intelect for their war machine.

    2. bjt Says:

      Oh.. if I said somthing to offend you fine people in Canada….
      Oh well who cares?
      Have a fine day White Humans.

    3. Arkan Says:

      “Chinks, gooks, ragheads(well some ragheads)are not more intelegent than a White Human.”

      Nor are they as ‘intelegent’ as you or I, right? ..

    4. The RED SKULL Says:

      Just because someone can’t spell very well doesn’t mean their hearts not in the right place.

      However correct spelling does make a better impression on people.

      As far as the ruling in Canada–maybe their starting to realize that with out free -speech you don’t have a “free ” society in that people can’t express their opinions without worrying about the “thought police”.

      Free White Men should be able to say what they want to and condemn whoever they want without fear of censorship.

      Without Freedom of Speech you have Nothing.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Canadians are such overcivilized pansies. The only ones I ever liked were John Candy and Neil Young. The rest deserve nothing but a kick in the ass.

    6. Arkan Says:

      My favorite Canadian is Jack Layton, post August 22, 2011 ..

      A runner-up would be Clint Malarchuk when he got his throat cut on live television to the tune of an automobile advertisement.

    7. Arkan Says:

      Redskull, if bjt’s gonna spell like a nigger, he’s gonna get treated like one.

    8. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      maybe their starting

      perhaps u means “they’re” which is a contraction of “they are”

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I received mah elementary skooling in southron mexifornia, where they introduced spanglish fo we could learn English, consequently we never learned how to speak either. You knows what I be sayin?

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Hell, I’d rather be treated like a nigger, than a White man

    11. Arkan Says:

      Yes, your name has been added to the list.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      And yours has been added to the shit list.

    13. Arkan Says:

      Maybe so, but you typo-ridden imbeciles are a clear indication of the untermensch element within our race. Besides, freeloaders and anti-intellectuals must be thoroughly culled from the rank.

    14. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Angry illiterates. Just the stereotype the doctor ordered.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      When it comes to bad grammar and overall atrocious writing skills the politically correct, semi-literate, semi-conscious douches who post on JewTube and other Establishment websites are, shall we say, without peer.

      “o yea yur a rasist cuz you think its’ cool to hate.”

      “How can yuo hate some one becuze of thier skin color?”

      “Thats’ unfeir just becuse somebodys’ an African American its’ not about race its about crime and its unfair to streotype agenst African Americans who just happen to comitt a crime.”

    16. Arkan Says:

      Well Tim, we might just have to absorb them into our coming thousand year reich like Polanski did in the film, Pianist, with the david-star wearing armband Jews that herded their own into the trains. It’s a shame the Pollacks put up so much resistance all the way from 39 to 45. In and out of Warsaw within a week.. the Fuhrer promised. France on the other hand was a true prostitute of patronage toward our gallant Reich’smen as they marched under the ‘Arc de Triumph’ of which are carved the names of greater men, .. Poniatowksi, Ney.. etc.. Hitler must’ve came for the baguets because I can’t think of anything else aside from the picture I have of him in my living room, standing next to that glorious monument radio tower. Radio, Tim. Radio.

    17. John Q. Republic Says:


      Don’t forget the jewish Kapos/Capos who caused much untold misery to their fellow jew prisoners in those nice WORK camps the good Germans so thoughtfully provided for them.

      Isn’t it interesting that nary a word is ever said about these traitors to the yiddish tribe whenever the so-called “Holocaust” ™ is mentioned? It is always and forever the “evil” Germans who were responsible for their plight and for all the deaths in the camps. (snicker). Of course, hardly a word is ever said about the millions of non-jewish prisoners in these camps. These other Enemies of the State are barely spoken of as it may somehow detract from some perceived jewish pain and suffering. (snicker, snicker). Yes, ve must not say too much about zees udda victims of the natzee’s. Not good for Shoah business, yu know?

      I wonder how many of these sick-in-the-head, sadistic, ex-kapos are still running around unpunished by their equally demented ex-camper kinsmen………….and still collecting “reparations” and pensions from real humans? Where’s the outcry, kikes? Oy veh! Vasn’t 6 billion…er, I mean 6 million enuf, already?


    18. Dave Says:

      Irrelevant but true Tim. You Tube is just plain entertaining for the comments alone.

    19. Arkan Says:

      JQR, reparations from who? If the Swiss wanna dick out millions of their own money to Jews, Eskimo’s or Martians.. that’s not our problem, is it?

    20. John Q. Republic Says:


      Don’t start playing stupid now. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

      And why bring up the Swiss? They were completely neutral during the war…….and never attacked by anyone. Not even by big, bad, Adolf. About the only thing the Swiss are known for are banks……..and we all know WHO controls them, don’t we?? And yes, it IS our problem. Nearly all reparation-driven policies emmanates from U.S. jews for their breathren in Europe and elsewhere. All in OUR name and with the power of the jew-controlled U.S. Federal Government exerting political pressure and threats of boycotts and sanctions for non-compliance with these jewish demands for the goyims money. It all inter-connects, you see?

      Hey, Howdy: You’re right………..apparently we do have at least one troll/sayanim here. Ole Arky reeks of it.


    21. John Q. Republic Says:

      Oh yes, they also make great army knives and watches, too.

      Another intelligent aspect of Swiss society is the requirement that virtually every male of the household be armed with a military-style rifle and be completely familiar with it’s care and use. Since the Swiss don’t have a standing army as such, the function of defending the homeland falls upon a militia-style entity composed of it’s male citizens.


    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      White Canadian’s have to be the most dumbed down White per percentage as compared to all other English speaking Nation’s.