8 July, 2012

Cultural Marxism Endangering Lives in Austria

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Austrian man: “I don’t understand it. My 23-year-old son was healthy. How could he suddenly die? He followed Dr. Suzie Pinkpanties’ medical advice to the letter.” Yeah, that’s why he died, doofus. If women and muds were “equal” to White men, they wouldn’t need special rules and mandates to make them equal.


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  7. 13 Responses to “Cultural Marxism Endangering Lives in Austria”

    1. torrence Says:

      And cultural Marxism has come about because of this regrettable situation:
      “We own a whole freaking country.” From the article “Jews DO Control the Media”

      Interesting reader comments. Most from Jews, none who dispute the control their tribe has but not all are happy with the results:

      “His point is simply that with all the power and influence that Jews carry, they have not leveraged it to bring more spirituality into the world, and often have done quite the contrary.”

      ” ‘Since you are so US-centric, let’s look at the Jews in the top echelons of US media- which ones do you mean? The ones in Burbank who drum intermarriage and assimilation into the collective consciousness of the TV audience?’ ”

      —“Also a total lack of morality, and a selfish, sociopathic encouragement of violence and obscenity in society at large. Amoral plots. Sick perversion as normal. Nothing of G-d. No guilt. These men pretend to be Jewish, but they only pretend. They use Jews as the scapegoat, when they need us to hide behind. They do the evil that Jews get blamed for, and innocent Jews suffer, while they do not.”

      ” ‘The anti-Torah ones in the movie studios who perpetuate the ugliest of Jewish caricatures, such as Woody Allen and the Cohen brothers do?’ ”

      —“Woody Allen married his daughter. He is an example of what I am saying about these Burbank mind controllers.”

      ” ‘The Hollywood producers who have not made a single pro-Israel film since EXODUS in the 1960’s?’ ”

      —“Israel is run by another group of the same men I was speaking of, before. Only there men came from the former USSR. they brought an extremely violent culture with them from there. they have never wavered from the most brutal tactics, while hiding behind honest Jews, when discovered. These men moved to Israel, and changed their name, bc it was so infamous.”

      ” ‘The owners of the NY Times who never miss a chance to demonize Israel and apologize for Islamic imperialism?’ ”

      —“This is a political belief. however, thus far, the only wars of aggression have been US and Israeli, on orders of the same men that I was speaking of, before. those men control the weapons sector. the world is too condensed in hands of those who do not care if Israel is “The Light of the World” because they are tied up in their own perverted view of power.”

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Liberals whine about “uneven playing fields” that make it hard for little girls to compete against men in mentally demanding occupations. Well too god damn bad. That “playing field’ is “uneven” because men are by their nature more intelligent and mentally stable than little girls are (Of course, there are some exceptions, but the exceptions merely prove the rule).

      The fact that men score better in medical school exams has absolutely nothing to do with any “male oriented” cultural bias, it’s simply Nature and Evolution at work. If girls are as smart as they think they are then it shouldn’t be a problem for them to overcome any obstacles that stupid, mean ol’ sexist White men have supposedly put in their in way.

      The fact is there is no such thing as Equality in the Real World. Nor is there any such thing in Constantinople, Peking, New Delhi or Saigon. Only in effete, liberal White countries that are infested with Jews (like Austria) do we see this equality business being forced down society’s throat.

      Imagine how much more progress we could have made if we didn’t waste so much time on attempting to be “fair” to all the inferior elements in society. If anything, it’s UN-fair, I tell you.

    3. Arkan Says:

      Seeing as we’re all white, male doctors here.. I also contend to agree that the few women doctors that we have out there should be ostracized and made to become mid-wives or work at nail spa’s.
      After we lynch all the niggers in this country, we should rape and kill all the women. Sieg Heil!

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      There must be something in that Puget Sound fog that turns White people in the Pacific Northwest into real liberal douches. They’re all like Mike Farrell, for god sakes. Case in point? Why, none other than our own Arkan!

    5. Arkan Says:

      Yes, Tim, it would be prudent to take what you know about me and assuage opinions related to the geography of my location. Where are you located? What trailer park or halfway house, do tell?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dear Arkan Fonda-Sheen-Lear-Allred-Franken-Alda-Farrell-Hayden-Jessica Parker-Maddow-Degeneres:

      In addition to the usual trailer park accusation that liberals such as yourself use to smear racially conscious White people with, you forgot to mention grandma’s basement. Come on, son. Don’t save your best material for later!


      And did not you yourself recently state that you live in the Seattle area? Let’s see…..Here we are!

      Arkan Says:
      8 July, 2012 at 7:25 pm

      ……”I seem to recall an event that happened here in downtown Seattle (emphasis ours) late one night when a black thug…..”

      The courtroom erupts into chaos as reporters flock to get a quote from Arkan, who’s being repeatedly clubbed by cops as he’s dragged off to an armor-plated vehicle idling at the rear entrance to the courthouse. Arkan’s colored wife La Shondra Williams is hysterical. “I wants justice fo’ Arkan! Dis ain’t Amurica, dis here be Nazi’s Germany, yo!”

    7. Luke Says:

      While we are on the subject of liberal white assholes, has anyone seen the Walking Dead show on cable tv? I refuse to subscribe to cable, but I have been following this particular show on DVD.

      Anyway, there has been a character in the show who is an old, grey bearded white guy named ‘Dale’. He’s the guy who owns the big RV.

      So, for those who might be familiar with the basic storyline – here we have a dozen or so white people, which includes one token negro and an Asian guy – spending every minute of their lives trying to survive in a world that is post-Mulatto America, surrounded by Zombies who seem to favor human flesh and who routinely like to swarm out of the woods at unexpected moments and pounce upon any live human who might be in the vicinity.

      Well, with that picture painted in your minds – this old white guy named Dale is a flaming liberal, and since the show’s inception – he has been a constant pain the ass and is always spouting his liberal, egalitarian, feel-sorry-for-the-less-fortunate and downtrodden crap. The guy constantly tries to guilt trip and moralize every decision that the leader of the group makes, and he follows the jewish anti-White male template almost to perfection. I think most VNN readers know what I am talking about, right?

      Well, this liberal is always challenging the decisions being made by the stronger White leader of the little group. This leader used to be a kwap before the SHTF and the Zombie apocalypse unfolded, so he tends to be far less of a liberal than is Dale – and in Season 3, he has seemed to be getting more ruthless and determined, as he tries to help his group survive against the zombies and other roving gangs of survivors who also pose a threat to his group.

      Well, much to my satisfaction – old liberal Dale wound up getting half eaten by one of the Zombies the other night. He wasn’t quite dead, so one of the White hard asses in show felt sorry for him and because he was so torn apart and in great pain – the White male hard ass put a bullet into his head, to put him out of his misery.

      Earlier in the same episode, the group was meeting and trying decide the fate of a rival group member who they had captured, and the general consensus was to euthanize the guy. Dale, of course, being a panty wearing liberal – was whining and pleading for them to spare this captured prisoner. At one point, Dale squirts out a big bucket of liberal tears and informs the Kwap group Leader that he is supporting a world where it will be the ‘survival of the fittest’, and then with that typically nauseating liberal sense of righteous indignation – Dale blurts out: “I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that!” and then storms out of the room.

      Well, Dale got his wish. Chomp, chomp. Please pass the salt.

      All this does provide a very good lesson for White Nationalists and White race realists on VNN. If and when this turd dump finally does collapse, and a world similar to the fictional world of Walking Dead is upon us, there is one certainty that we all can look forward to with enormous satisfaction. It is this:

      White liberals like Dale and Arkan do not have a snowball’s chance in Hell of surviving. They can kiss their wimpy white asses goodbye, because they are Walking Dead White men.

      And, the subhuman minority animals who they claim to love and feel so sorry for are going to eat them for breakfast.

    8. bjt Says:

      Lady’s, lady’s let’s settle down before someone blows a gasket.
      Go to Walmart and have some fun forget about it.
      Have a nice day all.

    9. Arkan Says:

      Tim, kudos on recalling all those names from memory at the top of your letter; it truly shows that you’re in-the-know about all that shit they’ve go packaged for the consumption of the herd and what’s funny is that you probably follow celebrity gossip with equal conviction. Fortunately you can always come back here and spackle your posts with more pop culture metaphors for folks that aren’t as in-the-know about what goofy people you saw or heard about on tv.

    10. Blackshirt Says:

      “If women and muds were “equal” to White men, they wouldn’t need special rules and mandates to make them equal.”

      Well if that doesn’t play right into our enemy’s hands? Our enemies have done a good job trying to separate our women from us, and there Socrates goes and does the same thing. No wonder our women don’t hang around our scene very long. And I’m not some feminist-loving, supporter of the modern woman’s lifestyle, but why lump OUR women in with the enemy? Isn’t that exactly what the enemy wants? Think, people!

      And don’t try to say “well most of our women are against us anyway”. Perhaps it’s these sorts of cavemen attitudes that drive them into our enemy’s camp in the first place, eh?

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Herr Blackshirt, when our womens are nicer to Black males than they are to the men of their own race, what is one to do? And why don’t White womens have kids anymore? Because they are selfish, that’s why. They have succumbed to the lesbo-Jew-feminist siren-call of selfishness and racial annihilation. So we shall have to let them go and allow them to suffer the inevitable consequences of their foolish choices.

    12. Arkan Says:

      Blackshirt, good post.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Post war conditions since 1919, smoking, the Vote, movies, birth control, contrived depression purposely given our race SUFFERING for NO phucking Reason.

      FDR and his Shitcago/NYC/London Cabal worked wonders to destroy our race, and our women.

      They are weaker sex, and the jooos play US like a Violin.