2 August, 2012


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You know, women have changed so much in the past 50 years that many men will never get married, and can you blame them? Who wants to marry a feminist who will never be satisfied? Who wants to have domestic arguments about stupid things that you wouldn’t have argued about 50 years ago – like whose turn it is to vacuum the house or wash the dishes? In short, feminism has ruined women. (That, of course, was the goal of feminism: to drive men and women apart).


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  7. 30 Responses to “Women”

    1. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      As Swami Muktananda extolls: “Honor your Self. Understand your Self. God dwells within you as you.”

      Christianity says, “Disown yourself. Flee from yourself. Perversity dwells within you, as a result of the Fall.”

      To be sure, there are many Aryan-Persian elements in Christianity, as in later Judaism, but the Semitic distrust of the Self is always there.

      Indo-Aryan thought, indeed all pure Aryan religious thought, sees humans not as degenerate supplicants before an angry deity, but as individuals whose right to exist is on the same ground as that of the gods. Both gods and men interact, sometimes in conflict, sometimes in accord, and the laudable attributes of both are courage, valor, wits, strength, and fidelity.

      Swami Muktananda says, “Honor your Self. Understand your Self. God dwells within you as you.”

      I say, to my advanced students, “Honor God. Understand God. You dwell within God as a god.”

    2. CW-2 Says:

      The different natures of men and women are complementary and designed for harmonious relations. Men and women can never be equal as their biological and social functions are dissimilar, almost unique, but our ancestors recognised men and women were of equal worth. This recognition was a characteristic feature and strength of all European societies.

    3. mrcrouton Says:

      In the 1950’s before feminism kicked in, women had much better lives. Indeed they raised more children than today (and hence would be considered healthier in Darminian terms), and after the children were of school age, women would have hours of leisure time around the home. Sure there would be some cooking and washing chores, but generally the women would visit their neighborhood girlfriends and had social networks and friends. What stress they suffered from was largely self imposed due to not knowing their place, or if they had a husband with problems.

      Either way the women in those days, like my mother; lived much more relaxing lives than their breadwinning husbands, and that’s why women outlived men.

      Today, with feminism having done what it’s done (lowering everyones wages and reducing our leisure time and hence standard of living) womens life spans are getting closer to mens, as many women, raising children on their own and working are having it harder than ever, having fewer children, and most are overworked and miserable.

      So women, know your place and raise children and be hoimemakers, and discard the feminist notions. The experiment failed.

      Feminism, in Darwinian terms has proved itself to be maladaptive to ones people.

      ironically with all the modernity over the past 50 years, and the average person has it worse than in the 1950’s. So the laws and “progress” that have come with modernity should be disgarded and we should return to the ways of the past.

    4. fd Says:

      Feminism unsexed women. And that is why they are miserable and hateful. White Women suffer by their own hand.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      The great Al Bundy on women:

      *…since men buy beer, advertisers have to cater to what we want. And hold on to your corncob pipe – we like pretty women. Pretty women sell beer, ugly women sell tennis rackets. Pretty women – cars; ugly women – minivans. Pretty women make us buy beer, and ugly women make us drink beer!

      *I hate my life. Can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t bury the wife in the backyard.

      *The opera isn’t over until the last heterosexual falls asleep.

      *Women. Can’t live with them. The End.

      *I’m the only guy in the world who has to wake up to have a nightmare.

      *A man’s home is his coffin.

      *Entertainment for the cave man was simple : Man kills food, woman burns it, giant pterodactyl swoops down, chases woman, woman falls in mud. A good laugh is had by all.


    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      Awesome, Holy ONe!

      AS you explained to me before, this groveling and shame is what leads people to

    7. Mary O Says:

      @Mr. C, who said “Today, with feminism having done what it’s done (lowering everyones wages and reducing our leisure time and hence standard of living) womens life spans are getting closer to mens, as many women, raising children on their own and working are having it harder than ever, having fewer children, and most are overworked and miserable.”

      Aren’t you putting the cart before the horse? Our failing economic system resulted in lower compensation, forcing women to work full-time. The “career” nonsense is just propaganda; but a lot of men have fallen for it, too. Back in my parents’ day, to call someone a “careerist” was an insult; now Americans in general are careerists.

      Too often discussing “women’s issues” gets into a lot of vague generalizations; however, concerns are justified.

      Two main problems seem to pose the most challenge for women right now:

      1. “Layoffs.”

      Fear of “layoff” (= brutal and instant employment termination) wears people down emotionally, and forces them to focus on competition.

      When in a natural human society was anyone just tossed out of a social and work-based group? Only the worst criminals would be ostracized in such fashion.

      Young women esp. form true attachments to the people whom they associate with at work. They aren’t psychologically built to take being tossed out, usually without sufficient warning or reason. This situation happens a lot.

      If the woman is married, both she and her husband are under tremendous stress in the work world; and this stress destroys a lot of relationships.

      2. “Exceptional-Girl,” and her parents. A lot of parents are just plain disappointed that they were stuck having to (in their view) waste money raising a girl-child. They will coach the girl from Day 1 that her mission in life is to prove that she is just as good as a boy; often starting with the selection of a surname, or ambiguous sex name, for her first name.

      When young White women are harmed on some dangerous trip into the third-world, they are probably victims of this “exceptional girl” phenomenon. One reads such accounts, and wonders, Why didn’t the young woman just call her parents, and say something like, “I am fed up. The people are strange here. I’m scared, and I am coming home.”

      Mainly because her parents would respond with great disappointment, chiding her for her weakness, and her lack of faith in the goodness of mankind. Plus, they would remind her that she still has to punch up her journal, get it published, decide who will play herself in the film version, and most importantly, get themselves interviewed on TV.

      We live in a very psychologically violent society. At 18, the average person is expected to be completely emotionally self-sufficient. At 22, or at college graduation, parents often terminate support. Therefore, a lot of young people are in effect “homeless,” either forced to live communally with other young people, or forced to jump quickly into a marriage that isn’t quite right.

      Yes, these hard experiences may “toughen” someone up, but do we want a toughened society of fierce individualists or a strong society of caring families?

      Young women need much more support and acceptance than their parents (and society, in general) are willing to give them.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mary O is proof that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, being quiet and making dinner for her husband.

    9. CW-2 Says:

      With comments like that is it any wonder we receive little support from our womenfolk!
      Mary O’s posting was thoughtful and very helpful to our understanding.

    10. bjt Says:

      Well all I know is when a woman(White Human) spreads her legs no real man
      can controll himself.
      Any way, You White Humans have a fine day.

    11. Thom McQueen Says:

      Well all I know is when a woman(White Human) spreads her legs no real man
      can controll himself.

      What nonsense! It is all a triumph of the will. Once, Sri Sriggen Das, told me, a 90 yr.-old monk of a certain religion told his brothers that he was going jogging. It was 95 degress outside.

      “What if you die,” they dsaid.

      “I will shake it off and keep on going” the old monk said.

      That, said Sri Sreggin, is will-power.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      White men with self respect, self confidence, honor, do not take advantage of Naive women etc.

      As for Mary O’s comments on support for children. Well most of the young White’s who go in the regimes legions do so at 17 to 19, as they come from divorced working class poor or even if they have two parents there is no work and there are no farms to work practicing husbandry of the soil etc.

      TV has been a sex crime against children IMO for least 50 years, and worse every years.

      I hope for our White young women of today to only have the best of life and to have some sort of epiphany as what their importance is in the majority.

      TV/Media has been used against US for a half century and is perverted anti White genocidal suicidal brain washing against our people. Thank you jooos.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O

      The POS who gave you a down thumb is special alright.

      Have spoken to three women vet’s in the last ten years who told me flat out they were compromised in their time serving.

      Those two young women murdered one by D-9 bulldozer over in itzalie, IMO was because of her stupid Naive spoiled leftard well off parents who grew up with out desperation I would guess, and let their daughter go lefty, and care more about other races than the WHITE race.

      The Beil family had a beautiful White women daughter who they let go to S. Africa where she was raped and murdered.
      Her parents Flew to S.A. to shake hands with and forgive her torture killers.

    14. CW-2 Says:

      Television has undoubtedly been the main weapon used against us, but it has not been the only one. In his book ‘Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control’, E Michael Jones has unearthed lots of details on the working partnership of big jew and the political elites. Their joint goal was to dramatically lower the White birthrate by promoting to women ‘sexual liberation’ and ‘careers’. The result for big jew was a two-for-one. To separate White women from their natural function and to lower White men’s employment opportunities.

    15. Luke Says:

      In defense of Mary O, I would like to say that for a very long time, I used to think that White women were most susceptible to jewish media brainwashing and that White men were generally less susceptible.

      After all, when I watched the clearly anti-White, anti-traditional White family themes being not-so-cleverly inserted into Television programs and endless Hollywood movies – I almost immediately heard alarm bells going off in my head. Even in the early years, when I was not yet ‘jew wise’ – my normal and natural racial instincts were telling me that what I was seeing coming from the media was counterproductive and even destructive to the formation and continued longevity of a stable and lasting family structure. So, I made the mistake of assuming that the things that I could see and grasp and recognize – all of my fellow Whites could also see and grasp and recognize.

      I was wrong about this, and I found myself baffled at how easily White women were able to be snookered into following the paths and racially destructive trends that the jews were presenting to them in their media. I’d ask myself, can’t these women see what I see? Can’t they understand that there is a hidden force which is working against the interests of traditional White society and who are trying to destroy the social and cultural norms that have been established by our people and which have been healthy and beneficial to our race for thousands of years? Particularly, this toxic jewish plague of ‘feminism’ – I used to wonder how can any reasonably intelligent White female NOT be able to see how insane it is to create an adversarial and combative relationship between White men and White women? But, looking back – White females largely drank the feminism kool-aid and allowed the jews to set the hook in their jaws.

      Which brings me to White men, and in particular the younger generation of White men. I’ll use an analogy that I often use when I’m discussing the general topic of White racial decomposition and White racial decline in the overall quality of our fellow White men. Had someone offered to make a $1,000 dollar bet with me, say 20 or 25 years ago – that when the year 2012 arrived – I would be able to encounter White males in public who had negro corn-rows or negro dread-lock braids in their hair, and who were driving around with negro rap music blasting out of their car stereo speakers, and who would be dressing like ghetto blacks with their pants hanging down off their asses and their underwear showing, and who would be hanging around with negro males and trying their very best to be as whigger-like as possible – I would have taken that bet, and I would have felt very confident that I’d win – because I would not have believed such a scenario had a chance of ever coming true. In other words, I had more respect for the intelligence and racial integrity of my fellow White males than they deserved. Here it is 2012, and every one of those predictions have come true.

      Which basically means that it is not only White females who are susceptible to jewish media brainwashing and racially self-destructive mental and psychological conditioning. White males have been turned into whiggers by MTV and by the endless anti-white media brainwashing that says ‘black is cool’, ‘white is dull and boring’.

      Young white men today are too stupid to sense what has happened to their race and they fail to grasp that when the jewish media decides to eliminate the positive, healthy, racially strong White male role models in their movies and television programs and replace them with black males, who are very often paired up with pretty blonde haired, blue eyed, highly coveted White females who usually wind up getting a dose of ebony acupuncture during the course of the movie – instead of being offended and angry over these depictions of White racial defilement, these young whiggers have been taught to admire the black ‘stud’ and envy him for his sexual conquest of a pretty white woman. And, from there, it is an easy leap for the whigger’s defective brain to begin to want to be more like that black stud, in hopes of duplicating his score card with the chicks.

      The awesome power of the media comes full circle. Dr. Pierce once said that he talked to a lot of his fellow Whites who claimed that they understood the deadly consequences of allowing the jews, our mortal enemies, to control our media – and he said these people would often claim that since they were ‘wise’ to this weapon, they felt they could continue to watch TV and endless Hollywood movies and that it wouldn’t affect their thinking or attitudes. Dr. Pierce disagreed with them on this – and he said that it is literally impossible for most Whites to spend time watching the mainstream media and to NOT be influenced in some way by the garbage they are being fed. I tend to agree with Dr. Pierce on this issue.

      Only a very tiny percentage of White people have the ability to watch TV or to watch Hollywood movies – and see 100 percent of the jewish brainwashing poison. A percentage of that brainwashing and subversion is always subtle and subliminal – and even though most of us might be able to catch 90% of the blatant stuff, there will always be a little bit that will escape our attention – but still attach itself to our sub-conscious mind.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Luke, it was Edward Bernay who made millions on Madison ave Marketing in NYC getting women to smoke, and manipulating our women, in the 1920’s.

      That kike was working the KIA in itz inception too.

    17. Mary O Says:

      To solve a political problem, you have to look at the practical dollars and cents. Instead of just moralistically condemning women in their 20s, you have to understand their economic situation.

      Why don’t they have children?

      #1 – They cannot afford to raise a child in the style in which they themselves were raised.

      Why don’t mothers stay home to take care of young children?

      Up until Reagan revised the tax code on married couples, most middle-class women stayed home while their children were young; since most of the extra income would be taxed away anyways.

      Now the family DEPENDS on both incomes to pay incredibly inflated housing costs and over-taxation.

      Current job shortage levels mean that even if a woman takes just two years off from work, she may re-enter the job market as if starting all over again from scratch. The gap will hurt her employment choices and greatly reduce both her immediate and long-term compensation. In the event her marriage later ends in divorce, she and her children could be in desperate financial straits.

      “Feminism” is just propaganda to distract from the fact that our society is greatly impoverished relative to the two previous generations.

    18. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Jewish feminism has transformed American white women into narcissists, hags and harpies. They think the the whole world revolves around them and their petty problems.

      More white American men are rejecting marriage and for good reason. I stumbled across a maxim on the internet that said in marriage men get mood swings and infrequent sex while women get a lifetime of security. That pretty much sums it up.

    19. Mary O Says:

      @ Sgt; who said, “They think the the whole world revolves around them and their petty problems.”

      A certain degree of self-absorption among women was a selective advantage. In ancient times, the woman who was more interested in inter-tribal politics than her infant’s health would be less likely to pass her genes along. This trait is just biology, not the result of a TV propaganda campaign.

      The real problem with marriage is that people don’t have realistic expectations. They expect the spouse to be perfect, and to live in perfect happiness ever after. Then they end up quickly disappointed and bitter.

      In traditional societies, the families arrange marriages; this way they build on the knowledge of life gained by the older members of the family, instead of just trying to re-invent the wheel each generation.

      This custom also discourages eccentric and objectionable behavior; parents will strive to get along well in their community for fear of not being able to make a good match for their children.

      “Romeo and Juliet” is actually a cautionary tale against romantic love; unfortunately Americans misinterpret the tale as meaning that you should just indulge young people since no matter what crazy thing they do, killing themselves would be even worse.

      Americans have this “Old Europe” mindset. They believe in the child setting out on his own very young (or as young as possible) because back in mono-ethnic European towns, he could not go far wrong. However, these days, young people need more protection, guidance and support. The world is much more dangerous and hostile.

    20. Luke Says:

      Along with the jewish plague of ‘feminism’, I am 100 percent convinced that the invention of The Pill and it’s subsequent wide use by White females was a major contributing factor in the jewish lust to destroy traditional White European families.

      Here’s why: Prior to The Pill, women had to be considerably more selective and careful about what sort of man they crawled between the sheets with. This process of selectivity by White females helped strengthen the quality of our race; white men who sought to get girlfriends and who had plans to get married and start a family knew in advance what was expected of them, so they were more willing to buckle down and become motivated to succeed.

      In other words, if a guy was a bum, had no ambition, had no real career established or who wasn’t working his tail off to get one established – and if he had no money in the bank and if he didn’t earn enough money to be a good provider – White females sure as heck didn’t want to risk sleeping with such a guy, for fear that they’d get pregnant and then have no dependable source of financial support. Plus, in the days before The Pill, the jews hadn’t quite been able to eradicate the social stigma that White culture attached to unmarried women having children out of wedlock. Incidentally, this stigma was a good thing – and it helped strengthen our race and our respect and reverence for the institution marriage – despite what these jewish and white liberals like to tell you these days. Need an example? Take a long and sober look at the incredible dysfunctionality of inner city Ghetto blacks, who’s bastard baby stats are close to 80% and climbing. Whites should emulate that kind of insanity, Mr. Liberal?

      Who, except someone with a clear intent to destroy traditional White families, would promote the idea that Whites needed to become more negrified, I ask?

      Anyway, along comes The Pill and, while it did take a decade or so to really kick in, White women realized that they no longer had to scrutinize the guys they decided to sleep with quite as carefully as they did prior to the Pill. The jewish media and all of their hebrew mouthpieces were cranking out movies and TV shows and pushing this destructive poison that they cleverly referred to as “Women’s Liberation”, which was meant to convince White females to prove how ‘liberated’ they were by shaking off the societal and culture ‘shackles’ that those ornery and ‘oppressive’ White males had imposed upon them – and the best way for them to do this was to turn into sluts and start humping every guy in sight who happened to look half way decent. And, right according to the jewish white genocide plan, this gradually morphed into the next step. It was no longer sufficient for white women to become a pin cushion for every white guy in sight, under the newest paradigm, the jews now began promoting the idea that the absolute BEST way for a white female to prove her ‘liberation’ was to hit the sheets with an IQ of 80 negro. Which was the ultimate way to insult and humiliate the White male — by playing hide the salami with a non-white – and the greatest degree of white male emasculation was for that non-white to be a black and a descendant of a former slave!

      The end result of all this “women’s liberation” has been the near complete destruction of the traditional, stable, natural White European family structure. Divorce rates are at all time highs; something like 3 out of every 5 marriages end in divorce. And, statistics show that somewhere near 80% of those divorces are initiated by women – and with the jewish inspired ‘no fault’ divorce laws, these women don’t even have to prove just cause – they can simply wake up one day, be in a bad mood or feel depressed because Oprah told them the day before that they were living a boring and unexciting life – and boom, they can file for divorce and then impoverish their husband in divorce court. Need an example of how the jews and their media are still waging a full scale war of destruction against the traditional White European family structure? Read this recent article and try to grasp it’s implications:


      Another sad and racially destructive consequence of “Women’s Liberation” is that young white males who are losers and who have little ambition, but who might drive a fancy car or be a celebrated ‘surf bum’ is able to score with a few of these liberated and sexually promiscious white chicks, so the motivation that once existed to make something of themselves and get themselves a good career going – has been dramatically reduced. Which has lead to legions of aimless, unambitious, irresponsible and immature White males sprouting like mushrooms after a heavy rainstorm. From this poisoned well – Whiggers emerged, folks.

      To conclude, none of this enemy subversion of our race and culture and our society would have worked or gained any significant traction – were it not for the fact that White men and White women allowed themselves to be de-racinated by the jewish media. A healthy and proud race is a strong race, and a strong and confident race is awake and on guard against any attack or threat to it’s culture, it’s traditions, it’s morals, and it’s long term survival.

      So, my advice to those Whites who are fortunate enough to have White children – is to make a concerted effort to instill a sense of racial pride, racial awareness, and racial consciousness in your children. They will not get that in the enemy controlled public school system, nor will very many private schools do this, either. This is the responsibility of each and every White parent.

      And, my advice for all White men and women – is to wake up, open your eyes, and pay very close attention to the ‘trends’ and ‘fads’ that our enemies use their media to promote to our people. Run each and every one of them through the context of ‘Is this good or bad for White people and will it help or harm our survival?’.

    21. Howdy Doody Says:

      A red kike cherry, Luke your on target !

    22. Howdy Doody Says:


      1986 here is one of hundreds of examples of how joos in Hollywood produced movies to show our people and Congoid’s on Cable and in theaters.

    23. Howdy Doody Says:


      Loyalty to a marriage agreed upon means nothing to the majority

      The sub plots of any movie is anti White, along all kinds of little parts to movie look who he wants to leave his money too when his woman deserts him.

    24. Antagonistes Says:

      The priestess came forward, holding a golden cross.

      “You are privileged by the Lord our God to defend our nation.” she said to the commandant.

      The commandant grabbed the cross from her hands and hurled it.

      “I do this of my own free will, bitch! You fucking god has nothing to do with it. And it is the soft pussified love of you women that has got us into this!” he snarled.

      “But . .. but… God surely does not want the women of Paris to be raped and degraded!”

      “Then why did you let these foreign bastards in? The men were opposed to it, but it is you women who said that they would become like us! You stupid cunts! Now your husbands and sons are to be sacrificed to your stupidity!” He flung specks of spittle on her as he cursed, but he did not care. It was a lot less than she deserved, as he rather enjoyed the animal-like rage enveloping him, strengthening him.

      “We were only trying to follow the loving attitude of our Lord …”

      He reacted with lightning rapidity. The blow knocked her to the ground.

      As he saw her bleeding, sobbing, he was envelooped in sorrow. He held out a hand; helped her up.

      “You were deceived. But you can attone by being my shield maiden–you will take care of my belts of ammo, my explosives, and my communications equipment.”

      She woodenly nodded agreement.

      “One other thing,” he said. He took her and ripped of her upper garments, exposing her breasts. “You will fight like the shield-maidens of old–in proud nudity. Your full nudity will come later, after you have proved yourself. And don’t think this is sexual.”

      “Oh, I .. I .. ” She did not know what to saw, but he sensed a strange gratitude.

    25. Thom McQueen Says:

      Whoa, Ant-man! you got me going! Testosterone through the roof!

    26. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant, are you the writer of the Northwest Trilogy? Are you Harold Covington? I think you might be.

    27. Bigduke6 Says:

      Architect and father of the modern skyscraper Louis H. Sullivan observed that form follows function. Men and women are formed to fulfill different roles. Men and women are anatomically and psychologically designed to complement each other. Anything else is against nature.

    28. Bigduke6 Says:

      It is not only the perverted Jews who are spreading feminism but the evangelical church. Evanjellyroll pastors pander to women because they write the bigger donation checks. Mangina preachers shame men from the pulpit and men comply like the little bitches they are. The evangelical church emasculates men. The evangelical church is run by effeminate males and overbearing females. I dare not call them men or women because they are not. Most Christian men look like whipped puppies following their wives and are hiding under their skirts. The Christian church has become a feminized, Jew and nigger worshipping cult which is destroying men. The church has been poisoned by the joos.

    29. Bigduke6 Says:

      Luke, if you write a book about this. I’ll buy it and read it.

    30. Howdy Doody Says:

      Bigduke6 Says:
      10 August, 2012 at 7:59 am

      It is not only the perverted Jews who are spreading feminism but the evangelical church. Evanjellyroll pastors pander to women because they write the bigger donation checks. Mangina preachers shame men from the pulpit and men comply like the little bitches they are. The evangelical church emasculates men. The evangelical church is run by effeminate males and overbearing females. I dare not call them men or women because they are not. Most Christian men look like whipped puppies following their wives and are hiding under their skirts. The Christian church has become a feminized, Jew and nigger worshipping cult which is destroying men. The church has been poisoned by the joos.


      Evanjellyculls, I have know for over twenty, and who have thrown their good looking Genes in the toilet by letting their children breeds with savages would be believed unless you knew them and had dealt with them in business.

      Almost all Evanjellyculls are honorary alphabet enemy alien supporters who have undermined and destroyed the repukelic like all other anti White groups.

      IMO they are insane duped willfully ignorant SOB’s.