9 September, 2012

On the Moral Code: An Exchange among Lasha Darkmoon, E. Michael Jones, and Kevin MacDonald

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(“God has inscribed much information into the genetic code”? Huh? God was involved with genetics? Newbies, race is race. Religion is religion. Like a bicycle and a tomato, they’re two different things).


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    1. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right, race and religion don’t mix, anymore than water and oil. I find that religion is mostly wishful thinking and fear induced, it could be more than that but only if they just stuck to the ceremonies and singing, and everything else was written in an unintelligible language.
      We need a new yardstick to measure wealth, that in itself would place the jews and niggers back down at the bottom of the heap. Its all show biz.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      To be a WN one must give primacy to the influence of genetics on the moral code of a society. The positive aspects of a moral code can have a reinforcing effect on genetic selection. Professor Calton Coon discussed the origin sexual morality and its evolutionary feed-back effects in his classic book ‘The Origin of Races’.
      It is fairly obvious that jews as an evolutionary group have a predilection to various types of criminal behavior patterns. We need to accept that fact cooly without moral indignation which we as Aryans often display. In response to environmental pressures jews ‘chose’ certain patterns of behavior which have lead them down a path, perhaps ultimately a dead-end one, that has brought them into conflict with us.
      Our own evolutionary path modified by the cooperative effects of successive ice-ages quickly brought us within the grasp of world mastery. Jews noticed that and were determined to stop our accelerating development. They were smart enough to understand they couldn’t oppose us by force of arms or even intellectually, the only gap in our armor was our moral code. So by dressing up various crack-pot ‘isims’ to appeal to our genetically generated altruism they waged war against our genes.

    3. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Bicycle. A precision instrument, the creation of an intelligent animal evolved from eons of selective pressures. And, oh yeah…some vegetable.

      Christardism = devolution to the vegetable state.

      Nice metaphor.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Our Race has one thing that the Semites and Asiatics could never have. In a perfect world it would be a good thing to possess, but under present conditions it’s a liability. And that one thing is a sense of guilt. We feel guilt if we cheat, lie or steal. We feel pain if we unjustly harm others. Do the Asiatic hordes care about such things? No!

      Even a pet alligator will feel guilty if it chomps off the arm of its trainer. Even though it’s just doing what an alligator is supposed to do it still knows that it did something wrong. But as for Arabs, Turks, Mongols and Semites? Nope. No sense of shame, no guilt about anything. Do the Japs feel any remorse for the way they treated other Asians in WWII? No, the shame comes from having lost the war and that’s it.

      If only there was a way we could temporarily adopt such a ruthless, pitiless mentality….just for the duration of our Racial Holy War.

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      E.Michael is a typical Christian/Catholic who thinks that, without the bible and religious dogma, people would be utterly devoid of a moral compass. That supposition is utterly false as most of us know. I believe in such a thing as natural Aryan morality and most of our moral virtues come not from the bible but from our genes as argued by McDonald.

      How about all those good Christian American boys who raped German women in WWII? Why didn’t Christian morality stay their hand? It would seem their genetics overrode any religious indoctrination they may have received and demolishes E. Michael’s contention that morality cannot exist independently from monotheistic Levantine religions.

      E. Michael has published some good work critical of jews and jewry but as I recall he believes if they convert to Catholicism they’ll immediately cease and desist from culture destroying and nation wrecking. Spain already tried that in the early middle ages and it failed miserably. E. Michael needs to bone up on history and genetics before casting stones.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Christians have no corner on morality. Our pagan ancestors were just as moral or immoral as any Whites in Christendom today. I never saw anything particularly moral about Christianity anyway. Are Christians supposed to be possessed of a higher morality because they think an invisible old man sitting on a white marble chair floating in a cloud is watching everything they do? Is such a belief really the way to improve one’s moral character? Come now, let’s grow up and out of this babyish nonsense already.

    7. Luke Says:

      E. Michael Jones is pretty much on the same wavelength as Ted Pike.

      Neither of these two guys should ever be invited to share a foxhole with a no-nonsense White Nationalist who is determined to survive and who’s willing to do whatever is necessary to meet that objective.

      Both of these guys mistakenly think that if we can sprinkle just a little more holy water on the heads of jews, eventually they’ll ‘see the light’ and mend their evil ways. To that, I say bullshit. That approach has been repeatedly tried for what, 2,000 years – and it has never worked.

      The fact of the matter is far closer to what Lasha Darkmoon and Professor MacDonald both asserted in this discussion.

      I wonder if E. Michael Jone’s office dictionary somehow got abridged and is missing the word: ‘incorrigible’?

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Napoleon said men are motivated by only two things: Interest and Fear. Guilt is the latter. If Whites want to be genuine they have to admit that religion is the latter, it doesn’t solve problems it ‘creates Problems, namely fear. Nobody can solve fear,Jimmy Swaggart, Billy Graham, John Hagee all are peddalers of jewish fears. I’d rather believe in Astrology.. Whites are now on fast track to extinction, because of 2000 years of kike induced fears.

    9. bjt Says:

      . Do the Japs feel any remorse for the way they treated other Asians in WWII? No, the shame comes from having lost the war and that’s it. ???
      Too bad the so called Japs did not wipe the chinese clear off the face of the earth when they had the chance.
      Now we(White Humans) have to deal with these poor little asians.
      Read betwene the lines White Humans.
      Have a nice day all.

    10. fd Says:

      Christianity is the first religion to convert on the pain of death. The inquisitors would ask the pagans to kiss the cross before setting them on fire. All the brilliant pagan science and learning was considered devil authorship because it was not in the Jew Christian bible. The Dark Ages are known by some as the Christian Dark Ages. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are purely Semitic.

    11. CW-2 Says:

      E Michael Jones needs to get up to speed with Genetics 101, but he made an interesting observation in one of his books; throughout history all traditional states and empires have after an initial period of turmoil promoted virtue and honor as essential guardians of the state. The leaders and ruling class may not have been particularly virtuous, but virtue was a state policy and trangressions were punishable by law.
      Now, under jewish influence the ‘Kwa and most Euro-zog statelets have set off into uncharted territority by actively promoting vice as state policy. Homosexuality is now actively promoted in schools as a desirable ‘life-style choice’.
      Very bad for Whites trying to bring order into their lives, but there is a upside, these countries will collapse, and that is our opportunity.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      States starting to go with Lottery’s in 1980’s, and then by 1990 an explosion so called savage Indian Ca”sin”o’s LOL.

      Viture, to the regime is more war, dung mining, and harassing White’s who dare to call out the Emperor for wearing high heels.