29 September, 2012

The Great Black Dope: Why the Crusade to Replace White QBs with Niggers Is Doomed to Fail

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by Alex Linder.


“Historically blacks were ignored as QB candidates because of the race’s mental defects. Blacks are dumb. Blacks have poor judgment. Blacks lack impulse control. Blacks lack self control. The same qualities that lead them to failure in wider society lead them to failure at QB. Too dumb to read defenses, ie figure out where to throw the ball. Too lazy to prepare their body and brain in order to realize their potential. Too apt to get into fights and draw penalties if somebody says something on the field they don’t like.”

[VNN Forum].

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  7. 12 Responses to “The Great Black Dope: Why the Crusade to Replace White QBs with Niggers Is Doomed to Fail”

    1. Kradmelder Says:

      Their greatest black QB is a savage psycho who liked to fight, torture, and kill dogs. Even our dogs have more value and ‘humanity’ than a negro. Every black has forgiven Vick for what he did to all those helpless dogs. Funny how quick they are are to forgive each other for crimes that others suffer while on the other hand they hold eternal grudges for ‘slaberrie’. If blax are so good at feetsball why are High School state championships won by mostly white schools from the most affluent suburbs here in Texas?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Right you are, Kradmelder. I remember what a dump Michael Vick’s mansion was….the dead lawn, trash and junked cars all over the place, ankle deep in dog shit…that’s what happens when you let coons live inside a people-house.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:


      Lets see what we have here ?

      Are they still on line ?

    4. Howdy Doody Says:


      Lets see what we have here ?

      Are they still on line ?

      After having given this honorable and lettered web site to White Sports nutz with bumper stickers and etc.

      In seven years no reviews of how they liked it, likely never read it, or won’t after looking.

      White men looking at Media staged anti White sports do not want to know, just have another beer and relax.

    5. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      …you should see the shit we have to watch up here in Canada with the CFL.
      The CFL is full of black half ass players…rejects from the NFL… not only full of black rejects but some of the ugliest niggers in humane history play in the CFL..all promoted by our JEW BOY media who’s main job is to suck their cock and tell the Canadian sheeple how great this or that nigger QB is …
      CFL used to be worth watching at one time ….but not anymore…
      ..thanks JEWS for destroying something that was truly white Canadian.
      ..and thanks JEWS for fucking up the white mans NHL..which is run by little JEW BOYS from New York city. Jews who have never played the game ..but know exactly how to fuck it up!!
      Jews and non white scum have no right what so ever to be anywhere near the white mans living space.
      ..where would all these JEW parasites and niggers be without the white mans pro sports..?
      ..Altough I hate JEWS with an extreme hated..I hate COPS even more , because these are the cunts who protect them.
      ..when the shit hits the fan let the niggers and spics slaughter the COPS..do nothing to help even white COPS…
      No COPS = No JEWS
      No JEWS = No Non white scum

      I used to play football and hockey and truly loved playing these two great white sports…

    6. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Alex’s post is spot on about the nigger quarterback phenomenon and the judeo-sports media establishmentarians who vigorously promote it. They’ve been trying in earnest to negrify the NFL QB position like they have every other position in the sport with virtually no success other than Donovan McNabb’s one appearance in the super Bowl as the losing QB.

      And notice how offenses must be “simplified” for the congoid QB’s. Over promoting and glamorizing the jig QB just might also help them snag a white shiksa like it did for the former Jacksonville Jaguars QB and a couple of others who washed out of the NFL.

      Offensive line, especially the center position, requires some thinking as well which is why the best NFL O-lines are all white or never have more than 1-2 groids. The center must know which blocking scheme to call when a QB audibles at the line of scrimmage . That’s why you rarely see a nigger playing center and teams that make the playoffs or reach the super bowl, with few exceptions, invariably have lily white O-lines.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      the cunts who protect them.

      As Tweedy Bird would say, “Its True, It’s True”

      State Police came in to being when FDR the gangster came to power, under Twig, STASI homo land came to power I say itz because even the Cunts are feared by the bastards in charge now so their is another layer to protect them.

      Just like in Russia, till FDR came along and gave them the kitchen sick the Stalin and commissars kept their bags packed.

    8. The RED SKULL Says:

      That was an exellent analysis of the Negro Football League Alex!I didn’t realize he was such a fan,or an enthusiast for the game.Yes the Jews will eternally try to get their “Super Bowl Nigger QB”—then shove the monkey in the face of White America.

      Unfortunately for Big Jew—the most dynamic and winning QB’s are all White,and the teams with the best records have a high percentage of Whites on them,with the QB and O-line majority White.

      I enjoy football still,tho not in an emotionally -attached fan way as the Niggerization,Commercialization,and Moneyfication of the league(all consequences of Big-Jew involvment) have destroyed alot of the attraction for me,i still watch the Broncos.

      Who by the way have an all -white receiver squad in Stokely,Dreesen,Tamme and Decker.Amazing!! Watching White boys who can run and catch balls really well.Im like WTF!!–All our receivers are White!!Surely the EEOC of the NFL should look into this disparity to see why we don’t have at least one groid in there!

      There was another writer over at Western Voices who was claiming the the NFL actively discourages scouts from picking out really good White players,in favor of negros which wouldn’t suprise me a bit.

      Watch which team makes it to the Super Bowl and i bet they have i higher pergentage of Whites,with a White QB.

      I still like football as its an All-American Manly type Game,but i sure don’t like looking at all the Simian-Americans out there on the field.


      Just White Boys.No Jews,No Niggers,Just Right.

    9. mrcrouton Says:

      Herr Linder is dead on correct.

      Phillippe Rushton in his book discusses (and accounts in an evolutionary context) the reasons for black low IQ in Race Evolution and behavior.

      The fact is blacks have smaller brains and also have less developed neocortexes, and are unable to make quick correct judgements in their minds. The neocortex is the area in the brain which deals with executive functions and impulse control.

      Blacks will never be good at making quick judgments based on reason.

      Also notice the scarcity of black daredevils, and that you never see blacks partaking in high risk sports which shows one thing. That they are smart enough to realize they’re stupid and smart enough to know that squirrel suit base jumping is not their thang.

      So what’s holding back egalitarians from realizing what blacks instinctually know?

      Cultural programming, otherwise known as Jewish controlled media.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      You can actually see the blank, lost look on a Negro’s face when it has to make a complicated decision or embark on a difficult course of action. It’s mad funny.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It was pretty hilarious the other day, to wait in line at a register, while the Black clerk took about 30 minutes to count some change, a pair of mexishits dumped on him to pay for a gallon of milk… Of course the groid behind me didn’t bitch about it the way he would have if it had been a White clerk. Finally out of frustration a Mexican girl went to the other register, while the nigger kept pecking away , until he finally wised up and dished the change into the till.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The fastest niggers move is when its time to leave work, and then they drive on the opposite side of the road to get ahead of the traffic, without the slightest concern that they might have a head on collision, of course in that situation with their coconut noggins they have a greater chance of survival.
      Niggers should be exterminated, but they have a great desire to feed and breed that would put a cockroach to shame.
      Whites used to know how to out nigger a nigger, like in the yankee ravaged city of Atlanta, a Confederate soldier came upon a nigger hauling a ham, and he told him to hand it over, and go look for another one.
      Like I told some people in Minnesota, when they joked about me stealing a watermelon from poor nigger, “It ain’t steelin, if they’se daid”