26 November, 2012

Linder-Griffin Debate 11-26-12: Radio Free Mississippi with Jim Giles

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New show next Monday 12-3-12 will focus on right strategy for whites in North America.

This show features discussion of Spain’s Catalonian election and potential secession, including guest appearance by a resident of the Balearic Islands (!); also heated late debate over role of christianity in relation to our cause(s).




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    1. Shane Says:

      As much as I like Patrick Henry, I am more of a Jeffersonian on the Christianity issue. I am not a huge fan of it but I don’t think it has been so bad for western civilization. Yes, America was founded as a Christian nation, and so be it. But white nationalists should be in government, not fundamental Christians. Although Christianity can be positive for communities and the people, the leadership should not worship Christianity in public. Some of the greatest communities I go to in North America and Europe have many great churches. The churches are not destroying them. The jews are. Even Hitler believed he was working on behalf of God, he just didn’t like ultramontanes. The real spirit of Christianity is in the defiance of Martin Luther, not the conformity of some modern day zionist worshipping evangelical or some pedophile Catholic.

    2. Ted Says:

      A very amazing discussion, especially when it got to Christianity. Jim has been saying he’s looking for a leader. I tried to tell Jim awhile back that he is the one, the best we have. Telling him that just made him hate me and distrust me. Jim needs, in my opinion, to realize that he needs some fine tuning. As he admits, his ego is maybe too big, and it seems to me that he dislikes anyone who didn’t play football and/or serve in the military. And in my humble opinion, you other two guys need to realize there are two sides to every story. Yes, George Washington was a christian and that is part of what made him who he was. On the other hand the modern Christians are handicapped by the jews. And to secede from the union is good, but not enough. There will also have to be a purge.

    3. Jayson Says:

      i really liked when alex linder let loose on religion and the south. He had to restrain himself and it was obvious he offended those 2 guys. I agree that not many from the south know about the jew, they know about blacks because there are so many down there, and im with him regarding the idiots that say ‘have a blessid day’ and ‘bless your heart’

    4. CW-2 Says:

      The technical quality was poor, and where was the guy from the Balearics? However, Alex was on top form. He is a realist and had to bite his tongue a number of times. The important fact to arise from the discussion was that among the wide spectrum of WN as represented by the speakers there is no commonality as to our ultimate objective and how are we going to get there.
      We have to get into our heads that we are at war. This war was not of our choosing but nonetheless is being waged with great efficiency against us. All our command and control centers; government, finance, education, and the churches were stormed and taken into enemy hands many decades ago. We haven’t the numbers or resources to take back theses fortresses. One solution, as Alex said, is to lead at the local level.

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’m just now listening but the link is for the 11-21 show that already took place, so needs to be updated with the 11-26 show.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      The first was enuff, already.

      Oy Vey the pain it must have been for those who bothered with their show.

      Just reading about it was painful enuff, then the stupid poll, ha, ha, not even worth a view.

      Wake me up when Alex Linder does a show out side of this ogga boogaa, boga, boga.

    7. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Giles pussed-out for the 12/10 debate and instead got macdonald on to commiserate about those mean old jew-haters on vnn.

    8. robotman Says:

      also – none of the links work. One has to go to archive.org. RFM doesn’t host the audio files.

      Yes- jewish infiltration of christianity makes christianity a useless thing, or a bad thing, which is the case nowadays. Bunch of cop-outs shirking their duties to their own kids, thinking its godly to do so.

    9. robotman Says:

      I went to Occidental Dissent. Kindof sucks. And they like the defamatory mean nonsense crap. They also seem to be most concerned with who can say nigger in the funniest/strangest/most repetitive ways. Looked like a pretty damn stupid place to be.