29 November, 2012

The War on Men

Posted by Socrates in "sex equality", feminism, Feminists, jewed culture, Socrates, women, women in the workforce at 9:15 pm | Permanent Link

Feminism has ruined women, but romantic problems are always blamed on men.


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  7. 28 Responses to “The War on Men”

    1. Arminius Says:

      “Believe it or not, modern women want to get married. Trouble is, men don’t.”
      The reasons have been discussed here many times over and over.
      Writing books without investigating the real causes of the problem- or more correct, WHO causes our problems, is an exercise in futility.
      This girl should become a subscriber to VNN, it would open her eyes.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Some Guy” speaks for me when it comes to that kinky-haired, fish-faced, gentile-hating Jewess Hanna Rosin:


    3. Antagonistes Says:

      From Wikipedia:

      Hanna Rosin–

      In 2009 she was nominated for a National Magazine Award for “Boy’s Life,” a story about a young transgendered boy. In 2010 she won the award for her contribution to a package of stories in New York magazine about circumcision. Her stories have also been included in anthologies of Best American Magazine Writing 2009 and Best American Crime Reporting 2009.

      On February 27, 2012, following the death of children’s author Jan Berenstain, Rosin wrote an article critical of the Berenstain Bears series of books and said “good riddance” to the beloved children’s author.[10] After negative public reaction to her use of the phrase “good riddance,” Rosin issued an “apology”.[11]

      This vicious bitch writes about things she knows nothing about.

      Reminds me of the Apostle Paul.

    4. k9base Says:

      I for this enlighting the other day-give a look

    5. k9base Says:


    6. k9base Says:


    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good stuff there, k9base…..But what would Phil Donahue or Alan Colmes say?

      Speaking of that ugly Jew Colmes…Jesus Christ! Have you seen his SHIKSA trophy wife??????? http://images.mentalfloss.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/stern.jpg

    8. Thom McQueen Says:

      Here is true frminine grace and beauty–


      Carrie Fischer, my love, is on the low-crab diet. She says she will look like this when I airbrush her. She will be proud , and so will I. I will be proub to show her off at the Fairy Convention.

    9. fd Says:

      The feminist movement unsexed women. Generally speaking, women fall apart from want of a good man. I suppose the feminist movement back-fired on women because it wages war on nature.

      Cohabitation is a natural healthy event and women instinctively know that.

    10. Thom McQueen Says:

      Not chohabitation, fd, marriage is what women want.


    11. fd Says:

      Cohabitation, which is a natural event in the natural world, is marriage without the license and the preacher.

      When you buy a marriage license at the courthouse, the government enters into a contract with the marriage. That is a perversion.

    12. Thom McQueen Says:

      Mayvbe, fd. But the women like the ceremony, the promises, the flowers, dresses, tuxes, witnesses, the solemtity.

    13. Thom McQueen Says:

      ps. fd. homosexuality is also a natural event in the natural world.

    14. Thom McQueen Says:

      so is palygomy/

    15. Antagonistes Says:

      Some pretty good philosophical reasoning, Thom.

      I recently went to my neice’s wedding. The minister quoted the book of Revelations, in which it says that the groom is like Christ, and the woman is like the Church, and Christ loves the Church and vice-versa.

      I was touched.

      What other religion places so high a value on marriage, comparing the man to God Himself (as they thought)?

      And it is not only women who like ceremony, not by a long-shot. I like it. England and France like it. Germany likes it. Who does not? To not like it, is to be a mihilist, IMO.

      Regards, and keep on airbrushing,


      PS–show some pics of your work, on this website, if it is possible.

    16. Antagonistes Says:

      PS back to ya, Thom—such elegance, such grace, such artistry of those naked women doing yoga. Who could see anything obscene about that? Only those of a deranged and prurient mind. It is the highest beauty!

      That is also, if I may say so, what I am trying to do with my airbrushing of naked women. You also, I hope.

      And, the Bee Gees song about marriage was also top-rate. I appreciate it.

      RIP—Maurice Gibb.

      RIP–Robin Gibb.

      Long live Barry Gibb.

      I grew up with those dudes. Mystical!

    17. S.U.N. Says:

      This war on men has increased the appeal for lesbianism. Just look at the happy and proud faces in the photo. Very romantic honeymoon for sure.


    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      How embarrassing….My peenie got big when I saw the naked ladies hugging each other in McQueen’s video. Then I saw the ugly old ladies getting married at West Point and my peenie got small again.

    19. Thom McQueen Says:

      A pox on your peenie, McGreenie!

    20. Antagonistes Says:

      Perhaps Sri Sreggin Das will give a discourse on the human penis as a barometer of beauty.

      This might not be as bizarre as you might think, evolutionarily.

    21. S.U.N. Says:

      Darn Tim, whenever the little man refuses to take a stand is a normal sign of displeasure. I never get a rise out of chimp-diva Nicki Minaj either lol.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      S.U.N., I like how the Jewish controlled press keeps telling us how the asexual anorexic Negress Halle Berry is the most beautiful woman in the world. Maybe in their sick minds she is.

      I didn’t realize what a sewer West Point had become. When this hateful, rotten empire finally collapses there will have to be a lot of killing done. Unfortunately it was cowardly White male politicians and military officers who allowed such outrages to take place.

    23. S.U.N. Says:

      Her stunning beauty aside, Halle Berry’s “Monster’s Ball” is a prime example of how Jewllywood won’t stop at destroying everything White. Media, sports, arts, economy, education, you name it. So by the same token Tim, those two at West Point are nothing to be shocked about.

    24. CW-2 Says:

      Gawd, multi culti West Point complete with Segway zimmer frames! So these sweepings of the street are the future officer corp? Our job is starting to look a lot easier.

    25. S.U.N. Says:

      Let’s forget the lousy conditions around us. This season show your virility to the White race by wishing a happy YULETIDE aloud! Kids will want to know why not the jewed “merry Xmas”, the ladies will admire your class and the men will be glad to invite a few non-kosher drinks.

    26. Antagonistes Says:

      NO, I will say, “Merry Christmas.”

      It is part of our heritage, and I honor it.

    27. S.U.N. Says:

      Wise observation Antagonistes. While Merry Xmas is the traditional greeting, Yuletide is closer to our cultural heritage. Strangely, its usage began to wane during the 1960s. Would I wish you a happy kwanzaa? No way! And then the Amish are mocked for the “gibberish” they speak :(

    28. Antagonistes Says:

      Yes. I , myself, follow the Celtic calendar–lughnasad, samhain, imbolc, beltane.

      It makes much more sense.