10 November, 2012

Their Goal: Unpayable Debt (a Re-Post)

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“Arthur Kitson, the world’s greatest independent monetary economist, said in the British National Review of March, 1935: ‘The aim of the International Financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt.’ In correspondence with me, before he died recently, Mr. Kitson made it clear that the International Financiers were Jewish, urging me not to falter in this fight for self-preservation.” –– from a public declaration by American economist Robert Edward Edmondson, titled “Edmondson Call To Patriots,” March 16, 1938.

[Graph] and [Article].

  • 6 Responses to “Their Goal: Unpayable Debt (a Re-Post)”

    1. bjt Says:

      This socalled debt can easly gotten rid of just declare all debts
      paid in full and just start over but, we all know this isn’t verry
      kosher, you see, der juden always der juden.
      This would be a sin to a jew to let go of the money supply.

      Have a nice day White Humans.
      14 88

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Right Bjt. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or some 30’s economist of a defunct empire to figure that out, why just pay the kikes off physically. A kike swinging from a dog leash is an Aryans best friend. Will accept that from the kikes as payment in full.
      The thing we have to insure is that they don’t start over.

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The way the kike “works” is to get the White man wanting a precious metal or fabric, or some sort of shiny bauble, even plastic shit barfed out at McD’s draws in more kiddies than the soy burgers. The jew deals in illusions, thats why tv was such a success, who really appreciates real beauty anymore? Splash some paint on a canvas an they all ooh and hah, make copies of everything, bombard you on a daily basis with trinkets etc, fill up the landfills..
      Guess what even the chinks and all those investors aren’t lining up a Uncle Ben Bernakes discount window to buy anymore Jew Ass Oh Vey securities, than they would be buying used tampons.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      The interest on the national debt is about $400 billion a year. Think of all the good that money could have been used for…a 30 foot high reinforced concrete wall along the entire US Mexico border, complete with minefields and machine gun towers; a national heath care system for Whites only; a rebuilt transportation, power and water infrastructure. But no, instead that money will wind up in the pockets of Wailing Wall Street Jew bankers, Federal Jew Reserve cronies of Ben Bernanke and porcine hedge-fund managers.

      The Jews have been pulling this debt slavery stunt for centuries. They really aren’t that clever or ingenious, it’s just that their hardworking but naive goy hosts have no memory of anything that happened the day before yesterday.

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      People really discount the value of a wall, the Chinese figured that out 2 millenia ago. We could put alot of the White men to work , no fukkin middle age retards loafing on the couch watchin “re-runs’ of jew diahrrea, or niggerballgames. A whole host of catapults flinging mexishit torsos back into Messico, when we run out of ammo, piling on a whole lots of niggers. Messico can become one gigantic land fill, generating tons of natural gas instead of mexishits.

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Even the dead White man must serve the race, we’ll entomb their booby trapped corpses in the no-mans land.