16 December, 2012

Jews: Always Waiting for an Opportunity to Abolish Your Constitutional Rights

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I was wondering how long it would take Jewish politicians to call for more gun control laws after the incident in Newtown, Connecticut. As you can see by this article, the answer was: not long! Jews have led the gun-control movement in America and they will never give up their crusade to take away our freedoms.


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  7. 28 Responses to “Jews: Always Waiting for an Opportunity to Abolish Your Constitutional Rights”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      Just TRY to come get my guns, you fucking jew – just TRY……

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Those demonic Jews and their goy liberal stooges probably peed their panties with glee when they heard about this massacre. Just what they needed to get their Federal Gun Confiscation Act of 2013 passed.

      In fact I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if ZOG programmed that creepy loser to flip out and go on a rampage, thus giving ZOG the excuse to impose more tyranny on us.

      Now, if ZOG had programmed some crazy nigger to go on a shooting rampage at an all Black school in the ghetto nobody would have cared. But when White children are murdered ZOG knows the public will get hysterical (especially the females) and will eagerly submit to more Jew-orchestrated control.

      Why don’t Senators Diane “The Ugly Jewess” Feinstein, Joe “The camel-faced Kike” Lieberman and Charles “That dirty Jew” Schumer set the example that they want the rest of us to follow by getting rid of all their armed goons? If we can’t have any more guns then why should they?

      And it never seems to enter the “mind” of a mushy-headed Liberal that criminals don’t give a shit how many gun-control laws there are on the books, criminals will always find a way to get any guns they want and use them any way they want….That’s why they’re called criminals, you damn Liberal idiots! But then again, even the most immature liberal must realize that gun control only makes law-abiding Whites suffer, not criminals.

      Liberals also have a peculiar inability to blame the perpetrator of the crime. No, it’s always “society’s” fault, or the fault of the gun lobby or of Republican tax cuts or racism or violence on TV….But it’s NEVER the fault of the guy who actually pulls the trigger or commits the crime!

      But after all is said and done it must be pointed out that the loss of even a single healthy, normal White child is an irreplaceable loss.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      By the bye, I was at an elementary school the day before the CT shooting and as many of you with small kids doubtless know it’s very difficult to enter such facilities without getting buzzed in or presenting a school ID or being recognized and trusted. So exactly how did that piece of shit Ryan Lanza gain access to what was presumably a very secure building??????? Maybe someone should ask that Indonesian-born, Communist homosexual mulatto when he goes to Connecticut tomorrow to hog the spotlight? Something tells me he knows all about what REALLY happened.

    4. Mel Brooks Says:

      DAMN you, McGreen! The man CRIED, FFS..have you no soul??!!

      Ha ha ha.. Has the term “crocodile tears” EVER been so fitting?

      I happened to tune in to “The View”, today. Normally I’d hit the clicker PDQ to dispense with that cookie dough eaters mess of a show, but I saw a penised person on it and figured the broody hens must be discussing Newtown. The poor bastard was actually trying put across that maybe the discussion shouldn’t be about banning guns, and perhaps it’s time to deal with some of the things that fall through the cracks in this society of ours? Fancy that..must be some of that White Man objectivity and logic. Of course Joy Behardtotake went nuts..off went the glass synagogue.

      I’m sensing, not just here on the Interwebs, but elsewhere when I hear folks talking about it-people are getting suspicious of these incidents. Some quite ordinary people, in fact. And once again, ever arrogant and oblivious, the house jews Schmutzmer & Fineswine are thumping the tub for yet another gun control bill. Just in case anyone hasn’t heard the story-years ago, Feinstein was outed for packing heat on the Streets of San Francisco.

      Like the song from the Howard Stern show goes, “Ain’t that a Jew? Ain’t that a Jew”.

    5. Maynard Says:

      The purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. What do we have now with 2 Patriot Acts, Military Commision Act, NADAA and other where they can pick you up for any reason or no reason, and take you to a local FEMA Gulag and torture you etc. I lost friends in Vietnam who thought they were fighting for our “freedoms”. Please don’t let these guys die in vain! Resistance is not futile!

    6. Maynard Says:

      The purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. What do we have now with 2 Patriot Acts, Military Commission Act, NADAA and other where they can pick you up for any reason or no reason, and take you to a local FEMA Gulag and torture you etc. I lost friends in Vietnam who thought they were fighting for our “freedoms”. Please don’t let these guys die in vain! Resistance is not futile!

    7. Maynard Says:

      These government types whant you to think that they love the children with their faux tears. Our government murders thousands of kids daily with their smart bombs, drones, sanctions and depleted uranium shells! No one is shedding any tears for them. Also, how many young kids have been murdered in Israel by the most murderous race on earth! They’re our buddies, you know!

    8. Maynard Says:

      These government types want you to think that they love the children with their faux tears. Our government murders thousands of kids daily with their smart bombs, drones, sanctions and depleted uranium shells! No one is shedding any tears for them. Also, how many young kids have been murdered in Israel by the most murderous race on earth! They’re our buddies, you know!

    9. Maynard Says:

      Sorry for the double posts!

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      No apology needed Maynard, these things need repeating.. How about the ATF Butch Renos’ thugs, selling, no giving away 30k ak-47s to Mexican drug cartels… Yeah, I know it’s for the children.

    11. Sgt. Skull Says:

      The usual sheenie busybodies of Bloomberg, Shumer, Feinstein, Nadler, et.al, are busily trying to ban high powered rifles because those are the most effective firearms for resisting government tyranny and/or mounting an insurgency. Nothing gives a jew fits of apoplexy like knowing there are millions of well armed white gentile men who one day may start growing balls of brass and confronting them and their genocidal anti-white agenda.

      That they seek to undermine the cherished second amendment at the expense of angel faced, mostly young white victims is utterly shameless, but that’s what jews do. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume the shooter’s head shrinker was a member of the tribe. I would have lots of questions for him/her such as how a person afflicted with autism could plan and execute such a heinous crime. Call me paranoid, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that a mysterious third party may have played a vital role by possibly giving this Lanza murderous ideas and suggestions.

    12. R CROSS Says:

      This sounds all too similar to the dunblane affair which successfully dis-armed the English people,and were the circumstances in any way chance,why would a hundred year secrecy order be imposed upon the entire case?What is so damning that the people are denied the complete story?Now the jew is trying to pull the same stunt in America,DO NOT FALL FOR IT,look at all of the weapons that the administration already uses upon its citizens,poison our food,water,air,jail for using the wrong words,death for objecting to the white house niggers form of marxism,stun guns,water cannon,microwave brain fryers,complete surveilance ,twenty-four seven,no-one can declare that all of this is for the benefit of the citizen,in fact it is in direct opposition to his interests,and i am surprised that in a country with 90% gun ownership,no-one has put a cap in the niggers arse and relieved the country of the marxist muslim filth.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      R CROSS, the Mulatto Messiah is constantly surrounded by scores of heavily armed goons (most of whom are White…shame on them!), so trying to eliminate him through conventional means would be all but impossible. His simian family is also heavily guarded. I guess our Commander In Chimp really hates and fears the American people, who, by the way, he was elected to serve, since he wants to be as isolated from them as possible.

      I’m still waiting for someone to explain how that creep Adam what-his-name managed to enter that school and open fire. I heard one report that he broke a window open. But wouldn’t he have been all cut up and bloody trying to enter through the jagged glass? And could he have managed to make a large enough opening in the window to get through? Couldn’t somebody have stopped him as he was struggling to enter through the smashed opening? And aren’t a lot of first floor school windows several feet off the ground for security purposes?

      Besides, the guy was a spazz and a retard. How such a scrawny, physically uncoordinated half-wit suddenly became an expert at breaking into locked buildings and picking off 2 dozen people in a few minutes is beyond me.

      The more I think about this terrible event the more I suspect ZOG was somehow involved. Like the guy above says there was a similar massacre at a school in Scotland a few years ago, a massacre that was used to justify nationwide gun confiscation in the UK. So what if a few dozen children have to die so that ZOG can have its Federal gun confiscation law? A small price to pay, right, you Indonesian-born nigger communist?

    14. Arminius Says:

      Again a pattern of WELL TIMED ACTION as in many instances before by a known psychopath becomes visible. Remember, right after 9/11 everybody was confused, couldn’t make out what was going on, and the Jewish media did all it could to obfuscate the issues. It has since been proved, that it was an inside job.
      It will take a little time and some dedicated investigative work, until the hidden facts in this mass murder are assembled.
      I believe, for ZOG there are some uncomfortable discoveries to expect. Some of the writers above have pointed the finger in this direction already.

    15. Ghost of Andrei Says:

      Newtown Ct has a yearly family income of about $101,000 & several of the dead children happen to be Jews since i heard some of their surnames on NPR Radio. Also Newtown is not very racially diverse when it comes to niggers & mestizoes. On the talMUDvision Wolf Blitzer interviwed a Christian minister & a rabbi concerning Newtown.

    16. archer Says:

      Maybe it’s me, but does anyone really pay attention when those clowns Feinstein and Lieberman say anything.
      If they really cared about people’s lives they would be taking on the drug comapanies that peddle these psychotopic drugs to children and adults.
      The suicide rate in this country is now higher than the death toll from auto accidents. I’m willing to bet this high rate is induced by prescription drugs that destroy the brain or arrest it’s development, many have warnings of increased ant-social behavior and even suicide.
      As an aside just read that Lanza and the other kid in Colorado had one thing in common, their fathers are going to testify at a high profile banking interest rate fixing scheme, I don’t thing they had anything to do with it at that level, but their jobs may have put them in contact with the offending banks.

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Yeah the chosen are usually on the scene for photo-ops, just like they always appear wailing when some Pal sends a pop bottle rocket over the security fence in Shitreal.. The local rag carried a story of a jew head shrink, one Gene Rosen, with a picture of a look alike Sigmoid Fraud, wailing and whining. The story was about how the kike took in 6 of the children who had run away from the shooting. Rosen took the children into his home and over next two hours, gave them toys, listened to their stories, and called their frantic parents. Does this all remind you of that big fraud called The Diahrrea of Anne Frank.

    18. Nom de Guerre Says:

      If you were a little suspicious of how Rosen could obtain the childrens parents phone numbers, it was clarified in the story:

      Rosen called the childrens parents
      using phone numbers obtained
      from the school bus company.

      Now my question, is why did seem important for the kike to tell that to the reporter?

    19. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Maybe some parents should sue the bus company for divulging classified information.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Archer, the health care industry mafia kills hundreds of thousands of patients every year in this country. Incompetent doctors, dirty hospital rooms, prescription medication, poison (ask your doctor if this shit is right for you), cold-blooded bean counters at the insurance companies… So, using the logic of our gun-grabbing friends, maybe we should impose a federal ban on doctors, insurance companies, hospitals and prescription drugs, since they kill far, far more people every year than retards with guns do.

    21. archer Says:

      Tim, you’re absolutely right, the number is well over 200,000 a year, that’s a year. Sound incredible, also what about these control freak criminals we call politicians that have to insinuate themselves in every facet of our lives. Who in their right mind would post a sign on their front door that states “GUN FREE ZONE” and yet that’s what they have done to our schools and many other places where people tend to gather in numbers.

    22. Susan Says:

      The jew media is in overdrive, for sure, in their anti White male/anti-gun agenda. It’s nauseating and frustrating and it’s making me not just a little nuts.

      I can see how if they try to ban something here and something there, Whites may not react as they should, than if they just banned all guns outright period.

      A total grab for all guns would result in a nationwide revolution by White men (and women), but I fear that this piecemeal approach will just slide by with no action from Whites.

      I read all the papers daily and the jews have really gone all out in their hatred for all things White and gun related in the last week. It has been mind numbing to read what is in the newspapers right now.

      From the readers’ comments to the editorials, there’s very little that comes close to rational thought process about first and second amendment rights.

      It’s getting very scary…

      I just sent an email to the guy here in Georgia who runs a relatively new pro gun group. He doesn’t seem aware of the jew connection to all of this, so I sent him a fairly straightforward email setting him straight. I told him if I was wrong about him, to please let me know.

      I told him I could not actively participate in his group because of his ignorance of the jew connection to the destruction of White America, but I would remain on his email list anyway.

      It will be interesting to see if I get a response. In one of his emails, maybe it was on his website, there is a pic of some female gook wearing one of his shirts or hats or something and that really sent up a red flag for me.

      Too many White guys think they’re pro White and/or pro White America, or good White men, and they have non White wives or girlfriends and don’t seem to make the connection at all.

      I know it’s hard to find a good pro White, decent White female these days, but that’s no excuse to get involved or marry some freaking gook or other non White female.

      If you can’t find someone, just stay single and alone. There are worse fates than this and we may be about to find out just what that is.

    23. jayhackworth Says:

      Hard to remain calm while reading an op-ed by a dual citizen jew , hypocritical to the point of mental derangement and with primary loyalty to Israel( where automatic weapons are permissible to wear slung over shoulders in public), smugly condemning her host nation
      ‘s citizens for still wanting their second amendment rights.

    24. ViveCaucasia Says:


    25. Howdy Doody Says:

      Dr. Goldstein !

      Has a statue built for his honor in Itzabadlie.

      52 murdered on their knees and another 20 wounded for a grand total of 72.

      Oy the hate !

    26. Dave Says:

      How about the dangers of ferell niggers roaming the streets. They kill far more White people than retards with guns.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Gun confiscation, making homos a protected class, advocating unlimited Turd World invasion, global warming legislation, outsourcing American jobs to sweatshops in the Orient, forced vaccinations, hate speech laws, forcing everyone to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas…..

      Those god damn Cultural Communists never sleep. They’re forever inventing new ways to enslave us. That’s why I got rid of my TV and radio and only visit vanguardnewsnetwork.com…..and McQueenies’ naked lady yoga site.

    28. Skeeter Says:

      Speaking of YKW in full anti-white, anti-gun mode, I damn near flipped when I read this today (have your barf bag ready): http://www.salon.com/2012/12/17/would_the_u_s_government_profile_white_men/

      Someone just jumped close to the top of the blacklist. Whaddaya wanna bet David Sirota’s a tribesman? And is there a link to the op-ed jayhackworth mentioned above? Or about heebs being able to carry machine guns in Isntreal?