22 January, 2013

White Music

Posted by Socrates in movies, music, Socrates, Western civilization, Western culture, White music at 12:50 am | Permanent Link

Theme from the 1971 movie “Jane Eyre,” composed by John Williams, who also composed the music for the sci-fi movie “Star Wars.”


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  7. 10 Responses to “White Music”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Since everyone else is being very lazy this week I will contribute my 2 kopecks to this thread. First of all, at what flea market did you find this album? Secondly, George C. Scott does not resemble Mr. Rochester. Thirdly, the book version does NOT feature the famous car chase around San Fransisco between the green Mustang and the black Charger.

      John Williams also composed the music for those Irwin Allen TV shows in the 60s, like Lost in Space. Additionally, he was conductor of the Boston Pops, but I don’t like the Boston Pops. They make the Lawrence Welk Show sound like Pink Floyd by comparison.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Bring back the voting buttons! Tim’s post is spot on. Whenever our ears are in need of great White music, of whatever genre, we are truly spoiled for choice.

    3. fd Says:

      This thread is dead. That’s a rhyme — give me a dime.

      I have witnessed rap singing in a White protestant church. The preacher said that multi-racial congregations are popular.

      As for me, I subscribe to the original European religion — White paganism. ASTRO THEOLOGY. The pagans monitored the sun on a round sundial. Pagan science and learning led to White men walking on the moon.

      After Christianity conquered Europe, everything went down.

      Had the NAZI rocket scientists been let alone, we’d be colonizing the moon rather than running a tax service back and forth.

    4. Socrates Says:

      I have a book recommendation for you, Tim: “The Portable Curmudgeon.” It would fit your reading requirements.


    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hey, put your blinkers on if you’re going to make a turn, Stupid! Why are those kids making so much noise? It’s 8pm, for Christ’s sake……You call that music? Even the Boston Pops sound better than that…..Damn commercials, always shouting at me…..Is this itching ever going to stop? Oh great, now it’s bleeding.

      I think that guy over there is a fag. Why don’t you come over here and say that? Can’t I eat in peace, without the damn phone ringing? I’ve seen this episode of Storage Wars a hundred times. I’m paying the cable company 50 bucks a month to watch reruns and infomericals ?????

      I’d really like it if that person would just die………lazy people, no time to post anything because they’re probably too busy looking at porn…….Why do these Moon Pies have to have three layers? Why can’t they be two layered, like Scooter Pies used to be? Is that really too much to ask?

      I’d like to scratch my crotch right now, but I can’t because that kid is looking at me. Why doesn’t his mother make him stop looking over here? No friggin’ discipline these days, it’s all “I want this, give me that, or I’ll sue you for parental neglect.” Damn social service case workers, clogging up the courts with that nonsense!

      Stop looking at me! Stop annoying me! Stop itching! No talking! Do you mind? I’m in the can right now! Someone answer the damn door! May I please have some friggin’ privacy? Do I bother YOU when you’re taking a dump? Why do they always leave a few drops of milk in the milk jug? Why not just finish off the damn thing? Now I have to empty it and then open the other one! Pain in the ass! God almighty, trying to open a simple container has become a big friggin’ deal! I guess I’ll have to stop eating, get up and find a screwdriver. Jerks!!!!!!!!!

    6. Tim McGreen Says:


      Can you believe I found this gem at the local flea market for only 11 cents? It’s Art Linkletter making bird noises. Top that, Katy Perry! http://fleamarket.benzplace.com/lps/LPbirds.JPG

    7. ViveCaucasia Says:

      Not exactly related to music, but worth seeing. Muslims in britain insulting and harassing a british sexual deviant (homosexual) in britain. Speaks volumes about the status of Whites and White nations today. To think that the race which essentially conquered the world has fallen so low…


    8. CW-2 Says:

      Tim, you are starting to sound like Archie Bunker’s younger brother. But that’s OK.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      John Williams to Art Linkletter: “I keel heem jos for fon.”

    10. Thom McQueen Says:

      An abo Archie Bunker?