19 February, 2013

Essay About Race

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(Above: Franz Boas, the godfather of race denial, and also a rather ugly Jew)

Yeah, you’ve heard it before, but, just like learning math, it’s gotta be repeated in order to “stick.” If it doesn’t stick, you might go back to dating mulattos – you don’t want that to happen, do you? The anti-racism movement is, of course, a Jewish construct.


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    1. fd Says:

      Franz Boas was a status quo Jew in the sense that he denied race had anything to do with higher development. Boas argued that it was all about environment, not genetic makeup.

      So why was Haiti the richest island in the Caribbean when it was controlled by the French? Why is it now the poorest island in the Caribbean? Another is example is the stone age savages of North America.

      Racist anthropologist Carleton S. Coon based his knowledge on race. Coon wanted anthropologists of his persuasion to focus on White subgroups in Europe rather than study aborigines in far away places. And that is why he has been removed from World Book Encyclopedia, et al.

      Jewish anthropogists have set back the study of races and human populations 200 years.

      Had NAZI rocket scientists been let alone, the moon would already be colonized.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      A remarkable essay written by a sincere old-style Christian, and for that reason deserves to be read by every modern Christian who like their liberal one-world brothers are at war with reality.

    3. Shane Says:

      funny I read plenty about this clown but I never saw his picture

      what an ugly kike!!

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      If we deny the meaningfulness of lineal descent and race, Christ could not then be royalty of the race of Shem, Abraham, and David; nor then would He be the holy Seed promised to come through them as Saviour to all the tribes of men. Such a view is the immediate denial of the Gospel itself. A Christian can have none of it.

      A Christian might not be able to have any of it, but I don’t give a damn what they will or won’t have. To hell with them.

      Their own Bible plainly contradicts their claim that the Baybuh Jayzus was descended from Jewish royalty. The “Virgin Mary” ‘s loser of a husband, Joseph, may have, according to Xian mythology, been such a descendant. But Joseph was not Jesus’ dad.

      See how crazy religions are??? Yet a lot of seemingly normal, rational White people are absolutely riveted to Christianity, the craziest religion of them all.

      I love that photo of the beautiful White mother and her little Aryan daughters. The Jews and race-mixing degenerate scum probably have shit-fits whenever they see such beautiful White families untainted by Negroid filth.

    5. K9 Says:

      God in heaven triple LOCHEM to look at that -That wtf is that -It anit Human a walking Hemorrhoid?

    6. S.U.N. Says:

      Oh my, Boasjude thought of himself as Volkdeutsch! Talk about denial!

    7. Stan Sikorski Says:

      That IS one ugly kike. Damn!

    8. confederate Says:

      how come pseudo-intellectual jews never comb their hair? are combs anti-cementic? boas, einstein, ben-gurion et. al………….

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      See how crazy religions are??? Yet a lot of seemingly normal, rational White people are absolutely riveted to Christianity, the craziest religion of them all.

      Amen to that Bros. Tim.. With the growing dispossesion of the White Race, along with the economic implosion, you’d think Whitey would wise up, the thing the wackhos are doing now is tossing out the ancient pagan rituals that made xianity palatable to Europeans, such as the Xmas tree, the Easter pageants, now we’re getting “Brros Jimmy Swaggart gyrating to nigger “rapsody”, and how jeboo was really a nice lil jew boy like Franz Boaz.

    10. fd Says:

      The greatest blow to ever strike the White race is Christianity. A thousand plus years of pagan science and learning tossed in the mud. That backward semitic religion considers anything absent from the bible as devil authorship.

      White pagans monitored the sun with a round sundial. That knowledge led to White men walking on the moon.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Bible does not encourage any kind of scientific inquiry or intellectual development. It’s all about “faith” (intellectual laziness) and magic. That’s why so many dangerous kooks are attracted to that religion.

      I mean, really….You have to force yourself to believe there’s some big invisible Jew in the sky who, even though you’re just a lowly gentile, loves you so much that he’s going to throw you in Hell forever if you can’t convince yourself that he exists.

      Then, to prove just how much he loves the world, this god sends his “son” down here at some unspecified date and under extremely obscure circumstances, so that this son can insult his mother (who was divinely raped) and the temple priests, talk in riddles to crowds of idiots about mustard seeds and fig trees and perform second-rate magic tricks. But he mostly spends his time either alone or with a few of his boyfriends hiding out in the desert.

      And his whole ministry to save the world—a world that he never bothers to visit, by the way, he just hangs out in Judea all the time—-lasts a mere 3 years……one year less than it takes to finish high school. You see, the longer this character sticks around the harder it is for the guys who made up the story about him to explain why no one ever saw him or heard about him. So the story-makers needed to get him in and out of the picture fast.

      And so, with absolutely no proof that the “son” ever existed, without any eyewitness accounts, without any reliable or consistent information about him or what his ministry intended to accomplish, the promoters of the Jesus story set out to bullshit the goyim into accepting the whole thing hook line and sinker. And there are just enough flaky, gullible and confused goyim out there to keep the story going generation after generation.

    12. fd Says:

      It’s true. There is no contemporary evidence that the character Jesus Christ ever existed. The entire religion is a long train of fables. I wonder if the ‘magic bush’ would send a little cash my way…?

      Has anyone noticed that Israel continues to report magnificent discoveries on the soil they stole. The goal is to convince the sleep-walkers that civilization began with the Jew tribe.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Civilization began with the Jew tribes….ha! The Zionists would try to pull off a joke like that with their phony, politically-motivated archaeological excavations. I’m sure that before long Israeli archaeologists will find the remains of an ancient Israelite spaceport or nuclear power station.

      I believe there are accounts of what ancient Israel was really like from Egyptians and others passing through the region. They reported that the Hebrews (“Jew” is probably a corruption of the word Hebrew) lived in squalid huts under primitive conditions….conditions that were primitive even by 10th century BC standards. The Hebrews didn’t even own any pots or utensils. They were an absolutely wretched and pathetic group of scavengers and cut-throats living on worthless land. If it wasn’t for the Aryan empires that gobbled up Canaan the Jews would still be living like starving raccoons today.

    14. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Tim, as usual ,you combine history and humour splendidly. Yes, this thing called Christinsanity, is enough to drive anyone crackers. Trying to make sense out of this bunch of bollocks, has been a waste of time.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      You are too kind as usual, Mr. Cardillo, but as usual I will gladly accept your compliments!

      The bottom line is that the Jews definitely believe in the idea of race. Whether religious or not they consider themselves to be the “master race” and all other races to be inferior. But they actively discourage the gentiles from believing in any racial theories….except that White men can’t jump.

      Those kind of Jew double standards are what first made me Jew-wise.

    16. Virgil Says:

      Here is the picture of Canada’s ugliest kike; he was instrumental in legalizing abortion. http://www.couchichinginstitute.ca/assets/images/awards/Morgentaler.jpeg He actually received the Order of Canada!

    17. CW-2 Says:

      Wow, that is a scary picture. A real hate-filled kike

    18. Virgil Says: