28 July, 2013

Greece: “Controversy” As Golden Dawn Hands Out Free Food to Hungry Greeks

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(Above: the Golden Dawn insignia)

What’s wrong with Greeks handing out free food to other Greeks?? This incident shows how morally bankrupt Western leaders like Mayor Kaminis are. In fact, you could say that people like Kaminis are the reason why Golden Dawn exists in the first place.


A Golden Dawn website: [Here].

  • 4 Responses to “Greece: “Controversy” As Golden Dawn Hands Out Free Food to Hungry Greeks”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      It is good and instructive to see White people actually DOING something practical to physically help their racial brothers and sisters. Actions such as distributing food are 1000 times more effective than any written article.

    2. Dave Says:

      Golden Dawn is the most inspiring thing I have seen in a long time. Take the time to watch some videos. Even videos by their detractors are inspirational. The enemies can’t hide the positive effects of Golden Dawn through any slander or media trickery. Show your friends too!

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Imagine passing out food to needy fellow citizens being labeled as a criminal offense. Greece is truly under enemy occupation, probably worse than what they had to put up with under the Ottomans. “Promoting racism and xenophobia”? Seems more like promoting Greek pride and brotherhood to me. Those would hardly be considered bad things in saner times.

    4. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Support Golden Dawn in any way you can. Learn from Golden Dawn and begin emulation and improvement upon the concept to fit our current political situation here in Amurikwa.

      Notice that Golden Dawn doesn’t give two flying fucks about anything other than serving the True Greek People. And they won’t cower at using violence to protect their way or their people. THAT is what stops us here in the Kwa. The unwillingness to fight for our cause. We can sit here and write pretty essays and blather on about the finer points of ‘racism’,but when it comes down to it we are all just a bunch of blathering sissies afraid to lift a finger because we might get hurt.

      Call me an instigator. Cover your asses by selling me out for your own 30 pieces of silver. But know that until things get ugly merely by doing for our own people and being persecuted for it, causing us to escalate our program, we are achieving nothing.

      History proves that real change comes out of the barrels of guns fired by men of conviction. We have enough words of encouragement to fill billions of gigabytes of hard drives. All of that means shit if we do nothing but pontificate the same tired axioms without action. It has to happen, sooner than later, or we’re fucked and we know this in our hearts or we wouldn’t even bother this far.