21 July, 2013

Hitler vs. Bernanke

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Never mind the usual negative comments about Hitler here. What type of system do you want: 1) a Jewed, rigged, debt-money system which benefits bankers, lenders, speculators and investors, or 2) an honest, real-money system which benefits everyone? The Jews want, and have, the first type, but normal people want the second type [1].


[1] Jews “cycle” the economy like a washing machine cycles (boom cycle/bust cycle/boom cycle/bust cycle), with the cleverest Jews making the most money in each cycle. The last thing Jews want is a stable economy because they can’t exploit highs and lows

  • 2 Responses to “Hitler vs. Bernanke”

    1. fd Says:

      Hitler made it clear that he cared nothing of ‘Jewish Democratic Capitalism’ and what he called ‘worthless democratic paper money’. The New Reich designed a brandnew economic system operating outside the international banking community. And the German mark was not backed by gold which Hitler said they had none.

      A country that breaks away from the old shell game will soon be invaded.

    2. Wilfred Says:

      This article might as well have been called ‘Why World War II Happened’.