21 September, 2013

North Dakota: Demonic White People Invade a Small Town

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OMG! There’s evil afoot! Will the evildoers slay the children and the elderly? Maybe the mayor can call an exorcist to exercise the evil away with some chicken-twirling and tongue-speaking. But that idea could backfire. The exorcist could like the town and decide to stay, thereby putting all the little boys there in danger of being “priested” – or is it “bishoped”? You know, if Jewish supremacists (a funny term, since all Jews are supremacists) “took over a town,” no one in the media would care.


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    1. will Says:


    2. will Says:

      hello people,

      this is fd. linder has me on the block list. anything beyond innocuous fluff disappears into cyber space. down the road…….

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Not much of a story here, really. A shabby old ghost town in the middle of nowhere, a shabby old fool dreaming of creating a Fourth Reich, some local hayseeds who ain’t never saw no movin’ picture shows…..I think they’ll be repainting the yellow strip down the middle of Main Street tomorrow. Something to look forward to.

    4. S.U.N. Says:

      I’m amazed that jewhoo hasn’t banned the lot of “racist” “fascist” “supremacist scum” comments. It seems however Joe Sixpack (who drinks beer adorned with kosher symbols) and Jane Sitcomwatcher are waking up to Whiteness. Now I can’t tell if these illegals will show up in Leith……..


    5. John Q. Republic Says:

      This video wouldn’t play for me. Don’t know why as I have all the latest updates dealing with that.

      So, what’s the story with you, fd? Why do you think Brother Linder would have you on his s-it list?

      Strength and Honor to All!


    6. fd Says:

      if i write to the subject, the software says ‘duplicate detected’ but my words are never posted. these words are posted because i am not writing to the subject. i am probably the most bland writer of all. maybe it’s my computer.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Hi fd, why didn’t ya give yourself a nom de plume with more finesse, like: Willie Who, or Fluffy Dee?
      Yeah North PoleKota is about as frigid as the Arctic, You’d think those folks would welcome some diversiity, besides the nigger ball players with STD’s, or the lil she/he boons picked up at the Haiti immigration society, oh yeah the mexishit packing house workers, but they’ll be headed so for the winter, leaving behind all those knocked up anglo girls. Well winter will soon be setting in up there. I’d think they should change the name of the Capitol city from the German leader Bismark to reflect the states debt to the Injuns

    8. Sean Gruber Says:

      Kikes can have their Israel and their New Square…but let some Whites buy some houses in a little town and the jewsmedia stomps on ’em with both hairy stinking jew feet.

      No jews, just right.

    9. Sean Gruber Says:

      Behind the browns, antis, fags, and other assorted mystery meat cannon fodder, behind the nigs and spics, the fat whores, the weirdos and the dirtbags, behind the scum, lies the source of the scum. The jews directing it all. Were it not for jews, not even one of those cartoon antis would be protesting in Leith…they would not be there at all…they would probably not even be antis, just standard-issue defectives. It’s jEWS who field the brown brigade. jEWS who run the media that creates hysteria in Leith. jEWS who took over White lands. jEWS ARE THE ENEMY.