14 September, 2013

Video: David Irving Speech

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This speech contains some interesting information about Hitler. (How ironic that the very thing the Jews accused the Nazis of [genocide] is what the Jews are doing to Whites in the West, via non-White immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, etc.).


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    1. fd Says:

      testing 1…2

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      A very interesting and informative speech. My estimation of David Irving has improved as a result. I still don’t agree with all of his claims but he puts forward a well-reasoned and articulate defense of his arguments. “Hitler’s Second Book”, which Irving says is the “real” Mein Kampf, is available through amazon.com, both as a paperback and in the Kindle version.

    3. fd Says:

      Irving did a good job in presenting what he believes. No awkward pauses.

      Hitler warned everybody about the Big Lie. It was certainly used against him. The leader of the New Reich was a thousand times better than Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt.

    4. fd Says:

      To organize extreme hatred on a global level against one man raises a lot of questions. A diabolical plan fueled by a malignant rage that seems to be open ended.

      Why do these people continue to be afraid of Adolf Hitler in death? Are they afraid there will be another? Maybe so.

      A.H. “I know that some man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work (die Vorarbeit); only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other one still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.”

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Those perennial destroyers of high culture and race, namely jews and liberals, continue to vilify Hitler because they know he spoke the truth about them. They also fear his legacy because they know before the court of history they stand guilty of monstrous crimes and as surely as the darkness of night gives way to the dawn the day of retribution is coming.

    6. archer Says:

      The real monsters of the 20th century were Stalin and Mao, untold millions were killed by these commies and hardly a word is written or spoken about their atrocities. That alone should make anyone skeptical of the constant barrage of lies and distortions about Hitler.