19 November, 2013

Who Really Loves Poo? Guess Who

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Just happened to stumble upon this info, and it’s sort of funny: If you have studied the Jews, then you know that they have a thing about poop. They love it. But, according to Jewish folklorist Alan Dundes, it’s the Germans who love doo-doo! (Yeah, sure, it’s just a coincidence that the Germans were also the biggest foes of the Jews. How many “experts” on German culture are Jews? Probably a lot, given the large number of Jews at Western universities; Dundes was at the University of California, Berkeley) [1].

[Dundes quote].

[1] Wikipedia says this about one of Dundes’ public speeches: “His presentation, later published as a monograph titled “Life is Like a Chicken Coop Ladder”, uses folkspeech, customs, material culture, and so forth seeking to demonstrate an anal-erotic fixation of German national character.”

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    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      I know that Germans are into farting, with all that farting oom-pah-pah Octoberfest music, but didn’t Luther write his PRotestant revolution thesis while taking a crap? It is possible that the Jews and the Germans are too much alike.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Typical Jewish tactic…blame the enemy for what the Jew himself is guilty of, in this case an infatuation with ca-ca.

    3. fd Says:

      I recall Dr. Pierce writing about the obsession Jews have for s**t. He learned of it at Rice University, the Harvard of the South. Not that Harvard is so great. Rather than a school of honor, it’s a school of excessive praise.

    4. Arminius Says:

      As Einstein’s standing in physics is somewhat tarnished, achievements of Jews from astroLOGY to psychoLOGY are scientifically more disputed than endorsed, there can be no doubt that it was Jewish professor Dundes, who lifted our knowledge from ashamed neglect to respectability: His outstanding research in scatoLOGY will make him one of the Great Stars of a new science, a Jewish science, please note. He was one of the great gifts to mankind the Jewish tribe offers the ignorant world.

      Unfortunately Prof. Dundes limited his research efforts to the German nation only, which every decent (there is no indecent) Jew despises, and now he is dead. There is no doubt, much more work in this field is needed, especially for the benefit of every Jew.
      Thus it is hoped, Berkeley University finds soon a suitable successor for Prof. Dundes, for the presently vacant (empty) chair of scatology has to be occupied (filled), preferably by a son of a rabbi with personal experience.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      joo’s that I have known in past years especially at college informed me that you had to corn hole women right away or they would never respect you, and he said this with a straight face.

      Rode with a joo one time who lived next to me to a bar night club, and he put on recording of women he was counseling and said to me “Hey listen to this sick phuck, haaa,haaa.

      They are raised not to trust you, as they teach their children supremacy over all others.