24 December, 2013

The Far-Right is Growing in Europe

Posted by Socrates in Brown Man, dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, Europe, Socrates, UNESCO, War On White Males, War On White People, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline, white nationalism, White Nationalists at 6:03 pm | Permanent Link

Thank God! What do they expect, anyway? When you try to wreck an entire culture, (some) people in that culture will fight back [1].


[1] the goal of the Jews and leftists is to de-Whiten Europe and make it a multicultural cesspool, like Brazil. In other words, they want to make UNESCO’s Brown Man a reality

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  7. 5 Responses to “The Far-Right is Growing in Europe”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      The article describes the French National Front as being ‘far right’. That’s a laugh, although at this stage the NF is better for us than having no voice at all. What is urgently needed and what many Whites will positively respond to is a REAL full-stength WN political party, not the weak milk and water variety currently trying to accommodate themselves to the Euro-Parl talking shop.
      We can use elections and other jew permitted exercises in futility to raise White awareness and consciousness, but ultimately we will have to break free and leave the narrowly confined boundaries of poltically acceptable discourse and address White people directly with the truth. And that truth is pretty obvious now for anyone with half a brain. Liberals, leftists and jews are hellbent on destroying the White race as they push their evil goal of the New World Order. Of course they would be relatively powerless if it weren’t for their cheerleaders and enablers in big business, academia and the churches.
      We may not yet be able to unmask those at the very highest levels of the establishment, but the middle ranking race traitors are within easy reach. The weakest and most exposed to our fire are in big business and the churches. Armour piercing rounds won’t be necessary, scorn and derision will be very effective.

    2. fd Says:

      I will never waste my life in the plastic world of politics. The dangers of nationalism and republics have proven to be fatal in America. Nationalists parties promote hardcase centralized authority. And they are the least creative. Consolidated despotism destroyed Europe and America.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, you make a good point about the need to avoid any kind of centralized authority in a future White republic. We should have given the Articles of Confederation a chance to work back in the 1780s. But the Masons and millionaires who ruled America back then had nothing to gain from maintaining such a free and open form of government.

      As a compromise between North and South the new Federal capital of Washington City was built on the Mason-Dixon Line. But it is still part of the Northeastern Establishment. And it was built according to Masonic principles. So a new national capital will need to constructed after the Revolution, somewhere in the Midwest or Great Plains, away from the traditional center of power and finance. No grand monuments, temples or civic architecture, just a low-key, modest affair of a capital that will not wield too much power over the rest of the nation.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Any type of pro-White freedom party cannot exist under the present system of Jew and money controlled “democracy”. Such a party would have to go underground and become an outlaw resistance movement. At least for a while.

    5. fd Says:

      You nailed it with one sentence, Tim McGreen: “But the Masons and millionaires who ruled America back then had nothing to gain from maintaining such a free and open form of government.”

      Independent states guarded by home-grown militias is anathema to the Masons and millionaires. That pesky Articles of Confederation had to go.