1 January, 2014

Why Conservatives Can’t Win

Posted by Socrates in Socrates, William Pierce, William Pierce Wednesday at 8:26 pm | Permanent Link

by Dr. William Pierce.


“Consider race, for example. Over half a century ago men like Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard were spokesmen for the conservative position on race. They argued eloquently, albeit defensively, for the preservation of the West’s racial identity by maintaining strict barriers against miscegenation, adopting sound immigration controls, and applying eugenic standards to the problem of population quality. Today no “responsible” conservative would be caught with the books of either of these men in his living-room bookcase, for by present conservative standards they are both “racists” – hence, “radicals,” rather than safely respectable conservatives.”


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  7. 43 Responses to “Why Conservatives Can’t Win”

    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      Where is the DOS attack being sent from on the forum ?

    2. Racial Patriot Says:

      Israel prob!

    3. CW-2 Says:

      As usual the good Doctor is spot on. Actually, I’d go further and say liberals and conservatives are really a two horse team. Liberals push through the destructive marxist legislation when the conservatives appear to be off guard. Conservatives then react in a lethargic manner to public protest and nibble at the edges, but never over throw the marxist social changes installed by liberals.

      DOS attacks mean we are hitting the target.

    4. fd Says:

      So called liberals and conservatives drink from the same bottle of champagne, break bread together, share limousine service. One can’t survive without the other. Symbiosis.

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Conservatives represent business as jewsual, silly claptrap about morals when it comes to promoting abortion for muds, and wholesale slaughter against the foes of the jews.

    6. Topkea Says:

      Why should kahnservatives win. They are all slack jawed credulous republicunts, gibbering, bawling, a-prayin to Jeebus, getting fucked by fags for crack, and nigra-lovers (see congoleeza rice). Fuck ’em. Who the fuck needs fucking cuntservatives?

      We are beyond cuntservative and dhimmikrat. We just ARE. And I can’t wait till we can kerb-stomp some fat, braying, kuntservative merkuns.

    7. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Let me say two of the most important things I have ever said:

      1) Liberalism is just Christianity. I am amazed when I consider the parallels.

      — Liberalism is against the will of the people, and enforced by government. So was Christianity; when Constantine “converted” it became enforced by government.

      — Both liberalism and Christianity are egalitarian and race-blind (for the “little people”, that is; both have a hierarchy that would NEVER send their kids to school with blacks.)

      –Both liberalism and Christianity try to scare people with coming catastrophes, whether it be global warming or the second coming. Shameless shakedowns for more money.

      — Both think that they are the ONLY smart and righteous ones.

      These are just a few parallels, that come readily to mind.

      2) Conservatism shoots itself in the foot by exluding the creative souls in its midst. Conservatives are frightened by creativity. They do not understand the artistic mind, and the fact that someone is motivated by beauty, principle and creative vision, instead of money.

      The way that my sons Thom McQueen and Antagonistes have been treated on this forum by a certain sad, un-named individual, who calls them “queers,” is proof of this. But I have seen it from many others, in real-time. Behind it all is a fear of creativity and artistic (or religious) vision, which is actually a fear of the God- Force (or Life- Force), Itself. Creativity can rock the boat and be unsettling; hence, creatives are labeled as homosexuals by the uncomprehending and the fearful.

      Our Western culture does not help in understanding creativity–art is seen as “feminine”; therefore, only feminine men would engage in it. This is unfortunate, and leads to the conservative put-downs.

      This slandering of creatives also probably makes them feel better about the guilt they feel for using and mistreating women in their youth. “After all,” they reason, “I was a man, and that is what men do—use women! Only homos treat them as people. Disgusting homos!”

      Wrong. Creatives are empathetic, not homosexual. That is why we did not engage in conquests in our youth.

      My sons, hold your heads high! Of you, I am proud!

    8. fd Says:

      Christianity, Democracy, Communism: it’s all the same s**t

    9. Thom McQueen Says:

      Holy ONe, I praise you. I am glad that I make you proud. You have defended my soul, my atman.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yes, it’s true. I, Tim McGreen, am the “sad, un-named individual” of whom Yogi Bear of the Mystic Pizza Kowabunga refers in the above post. And yes, I have described Fagonistes and McQueer as being homos. Not that I have any real animosity towards homosexuals per se. After all, Michelangelo, Gore Vidal and Tchaikovsky were all “gay”. Only those who act in a shamefully effeminate and obnoxious manner irritate me. And does that not describe Fagonistes and McQueer? Well, does it not?

      This Forum provides a rare opportunity for racially conscious White people to speak their minds. It is a resource that I hate to see being trivialized, taken for granted or squandered. And that is exactly what’s happening by allowing a certain sad, un-named individual to post his nonsense on this site under several identities. He is not the least bit funny or clever and adds nothing at all to the conversation.

      Now, as to why conservatives can’t win. They’re cowards, for one thing. They will never admit they are “racists” and “sexists” because they are afraid of being called names. They are at least dimly aware of the Jewish Problem but allow themselves to be easily fooled by “conservative” Jews like Mark Levin and Charles Krauthammer. But a small number of them will defect from the Blight Wing and finally become honest with how they really feel.

      White liberals tend to be a little more intelligent than White conservatives BUT they can never defect from their ideology, no matter how discredited they finally realize it is. So that’s why the White Struggle attracts mostly former right-wingers and not liberals.

      OK, enough for now. I have to eat dinner and watch The Simpsons.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      Oh, yes…I would also like to point out that the Magical Mystery Tour Maharishi is yet another manifestation of McQueer/Fagonistes. Talk about someone with no life whatsoever.

    12. Topkea Says:

      Yo, McGreen, muh nigga, your mom says not to wait up again. A muh dikking she wants, a muh dikking she gets.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      That’s right, “Topkea” is yet one more online moniker that the troll uses. But what difference does it make at this point? Hardly anyone visits this site anymore. So flame away, douchebag, flame away.

    14. Topkea Says:

      You’re right, McGreen, traffic has gone down on VNN, but that’s a good sign. We get rid of the waverers, the crypto-jews, the crypto-feminists (notice how they’re no uppity cunts left).

      When “der Tag” comes, only the last of the true will remain and each who has been faithful can expect great power and fame in the New World we will build. Those who were with the Movement from the beginning could probably expect to govern a small city and have many trucks, wives, and farms.

    15. Antagonistes Says:

      Sri Das, the consuming desire of my heart is that I do nothing, NOTHING, to ever disappoint you.

      Thankyou for your kind words.

      What I have done to receive, or how I have been blessed with, your presence, is one of the most humbling experiences that I have even undergone . . . and by far the most joyful.

      I have drunk of the Divine—it is enough! I can die in peace, now. BUT YOU KEEP GIVING ME DEEPER AND DEEPER DRAUGHTS!!!!!

      How can I continue living on the earth plane in such a glorious, divine intoxication?


    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim McGreen Says:

      2 January, 2014 at 7:38 pm

      That’s right, “Topkea” is yet one more online moniker that the troll uses. But what difference does it make at this point? Hardly anyone visits this site anymore. So flame away, douchebag, flame away.


      Haaa, haaa.

    17. Arminius Says:

      Obviously, this forum got completely out of control. What a waste of energy and time, when there much more important issues at stake.

      ALEX, if you want to save this forum- your website- from wanton destruction, please step in and eliminate all those who proved to be unable (and unwilling) to participate in serious, fact-finding debate.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Very well said, Arminius. This site is worth saving from the trolls, the losers, the loners and the troublemakers. Even if that means eliminating yours truly.

    19. Thom McQueen Says:

      THAT DOES IT! I will not post on this forum until Samhain. I will NOT stand to see the Holy One insulted by the likes of dog-man McGreen. and I don’t want to push McGreen too far; he might be off his meds.
      Ant, see you at the next body-painting festival. Are you going to Fairie-Fest East?
      McGreen—pffffft tttt ttttttt ttttttt, plinkle, plinkle
      Here is a young lass wearing the McGreen tartar:


    20. fd Says:

      Is this website turning into a soap opera ? Emasculating and embarrasing. yuck

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      I agree, fd. This whole back and forth with that obnoxious little fairy is pathetic, isn’t it? But it’s not the first time I’ve gotten dragged into this kind of online confrontation. The old Hal Turner site was a lot worse.

    22. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, adios amigo! I understand. See you at Faerie-Fest East. The magnificent Woodland is performing.


      Take some time off. Brush up on your French. French up on your airbrush. Build up your impressive muscles even more. Be with Carrie. Give that little imp, McGreen, a little more time to grow up. I am beginning to believe that he is worth no time of ours whatsoever.

      And be sure to read my next installment about the stadium-sweeper McGreen!

    23. Antagonistes Says:

      Woodland here:

    24. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant, I appreciate your kind words, Mate and you can be double-dog dingo-damn sure that I will read you stories about that weasel. I hope that French musclewoman knocks him out with one of her iron boobs.


      It would be really neat, Ant. if she could cut his face with her nipple while she knowcks him out and give him a scar like those German guys have from fencing. Eww-la-la!

    25. Topkea Says:

      Thanks, Thom. I currently have the photo on full screen and am sitting on a scatseat getting a nice, long rimjob from my wife. I figured Mrs McGreen has go to take a break.

      Anyway, who says I’m a misogynist. My wife’s a good, obedient Aryan woman. Plus she licks good ass.

    26. Thom McQueen Says:

      But does she have muscles, Mate? Muscles on a sheila are the biggest turn on of all! And watch out for her nipples, could put ;your eye out or cut your arse.

    27. Thom McQueen Says:

      Top, can you imagine what will happen when McGreen goes to the emergency room. THe doctor will ask him what cut his cheek from ear to chin and McGreen will have to explain that it was a French strongwoman’s erect nipple, which happened when one of her twnety-pound iron boobs knocked him out. while Mrs. McGreen is standing right there. Ha, ha.

    28. CW-2 Says:

      What should have been a serious discussion has been completely ruined! The trolls inhabiting an office in seedy downtown Tel Aviv must be pissing themselves with laughter.
      As Arminius said, Alex and Socrates need to get the forum back into order and eliminate stupid, frivolous, and time wasting posts. They did so 4 years ago and it worked well. The ‘pruning’ made room for new growth and for WN women to post, such as ‘Ein’, ‘Annie’, and the lady from Georgia.

    29. Topkea Says:

      CW-2: crypto-feminist, definitely; crypto-jew, possibly.

    30. John Q. Republic Says:


      With the exception of a very, very few, this thread has degenerated into an embarassing, unnessessary diatribe of witless thought cloaking itself as “serious” discourse.(?) This is not the comedy club here. Are we not supposed to be setting the example for others to follow? Do we tolerate this sort of thing or do we put a stop to it now? Are we WHITE MEN or are we lesser beings?
      I believe in free speech as much as the next man, but this non-sensical back and forth oneupmanship between individuals is just the sort of thing the enemy loves to see, while at the same time causes those lurkers who may be receptive to our message to be repulsed by it.
      I does not matter who “started” it. It needs to stop….now. Are we in agreement?


    31. John Q. Republic Says:

      Sorry for the typo: It.

    32. Thom McQueen Says:

      There ya go; no question about it.

    33. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant thought that tim McGreen is whats her name, that wife of Kevin STrom—-Elisha. I think that anyone who can cause this kind of strife on this website is someone who is much smarter than Elisha STrom. I think that Tim McGreen is Roy Masters.

    34. Thom McQueen Says:

      Yes thats right—good old Uncle Roy, the NEw Dimensions con-man is Tim McGreen.

    35. fd Says:

      I see that a mysterious letter has been identified that is connected to Lincoln. I’m not going to rag on Lincoln, but it is a remarkable fact that he is managed similar to Ann Frank. There is an endless supply of new discoveries on the sectional president. I would tell the Lincoln cartel that excessive praise is not customary or proper in southern culture. We would never embarass the legacy of our southern heroes with non-stop promiscuous worship and display. And we certainly wouldn’t force them on the world.

    36. Topkea Says:

      IF McGreen/CW-2 are really women (and therefore unreliable as far as the Movement is concerned), that would explain a lot.

    37. Thom McQueen Says:

      T I M M C G R E E N =
      R O Y M A S T E R S

      The same letters in each name is a dead giveway. That Kabbala thing.

    38. Tim McGreen Says:

      Unfortunately, it’s not conservatives who can’t win, it’s us pro-White nationalists and pan-Aryanists who can’t win. Thanks to homosexual troublemakers like Thom McQueen, who also posts here under the names of Topkea, Sri Sreggin Das and Antagonistes. His job is to distract, disrupt and divide. Why that little dog turd isn’t banned from this site is beyond me. It’s probably because Commandante Linder focuses most of his attention on the VNN Forum, not here.

    39. Tim McGreen Says:

      It may be worth going to one of those Fairie-con festivals to look for a certain Australian airbrush artist who paints butterflies and flowers on the sagging tits of flabby middle-aged women. Once located, we give him the Goodfellas treatment.


    40. Topkea Says:

      McGreen, your mom is disappointed, so, so disappointed. I think I’ll have to cheer her up to tonight.

      Giddy up, Mrs McGreen.

    41. Howdy Doody Says:

      Delete the pervert posters, lets clean house, even if it means asking me not to post.

      Flush these bastards that post for nothing.


      50 year old woman at the time this was filmed, I think.

      BCL’s by this age look like the walking dead.

    42. Thom McQueen Says:

      Bring it, Mr. McGreen-weenie Masters! I will be like the Conan movie, when the James Earl Jones sorcerer guy hypnotizes Conan, but Conan chops off his head anyway. You call yourself a hypnotizer, Roy, so bring it on. Watch your noggin.

    43. Howdy Doody Says:


      Douglas MacArthur

      Really do not think that monitors of VNN could understand what this true patriot was saying, nor care of course, but the sincerity is something they can never fathom.