9 February, 2014

TV Series: “The Walking Dead”

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Its theme (the apocalypse via a zombie invasion) is “heavy” enough to get right-wing survivalist types to watch it, yet, at the same time, it’s multicultural enough to convince many of those viewers that race really doesn’t matter. Clever!


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  7. 6 Responses to “TV Series: “The Walking Dead””

    1. Luke Says:

      This is a show that my brother talked me into watching – and for the first 3 seasons, it was a show that didn’t seem to have very many blacks in it. There was one black guy in the early episodes, but his character faded out of the story after season one got into full gear. There is the race mixing agenda – the Asian guy and the ‘White’ daughter of the old guy Hershel. The actress who plays this race mixing female has a jewish name (Lohan), but if she is a jewess, she is a product of some White gene hijacking.

      When season 4 started, the show began to explode with negroids – almost as if the jews had spent the first 3 seasons, luring White audiences into getting hooked on the show and liking it as an escape valve from the massive numbers of blacks that the jews forced feed them in every other show on television – but, once the jews had set the hook in the jaws of millions of White viewers – then they flood the show with dozens and dozens of blacks. And, for anyone who hasn’t seen the show – take my word for it. They didn’t just toss in a negro character here or there – season 4 looks like the producers for the show opened the floodgates from Africa and engineered a negro stampede.

      A couple of not so subtle anti-White themes that the jews stuck into the most recent episode. The sword wielding, scowling, sullen, butt ugly negress character was conked out in an abandoned car, and had a dream sequence that took her back to pre-Zombie apocalypse – and there is a scene where she has these two really black dudes in her house – one of them being her mate, and with whom she has had a little kid – who also appears in the scene. This butt ugly negress is blacker than the ace of spades, and so was the black dude who was supposed to be her mate and the father of the little kid. Two coal black negroes – but, this little kid that supposedly was produced by these two coal black negroes – looks like a pale, light skinned, cream-colored mulatto. This was a subtle hint that was probably aimed at White females who watch the show – and the idea being floated was that, see here? The seed of a coal black spear chucker can produce a nearly White looking baby, so spread those White female legs and help genocide your race.

      The second not so subtle anti-White message – was when this sword wielding negress decides to whack the arms off of two zombies and then attach ropes to their necks and then use them for decoys that will help fool the other zombies into not attacking her. The two armless zombies were, you guessed it, two White male zombies. So, here we have the insulting image of a skinny, butt ugly, scowling negress leading two White males with ropes around their necks, delivering the not so subliminal message that White men are subservient slaves to a negress.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      In a REAL post-apocalyptic environment I doubt you’d see any muti-cultural, equal opportunity groups of survivors banding together to fight zombies. Most likely the White survivors would be fighting off hoardes of marauding Negroid savages, not zombies. Any White survivor dumb enough to let his “White guilt” take over and start helping the Negroids by giving them food and medicine would either be shot dead by his fellow Whites or devoured by the Negroids.

      Perhaps an alliance between the Whites and the zombies could help rid the Earth of the Negroid menace once and for all. That should be the premise for AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. And the title of the series should be changed to “Night of the Living Jigaboo”.

    3. fd Says:

      When survival of the fittest kicks in, all the dreamy headed idealists and proponents of equality should be the first to die. The White cowards will quickly switch hats and pretend they were racists all along. Hopefully they will be exposed and executed.

      A zombie alliance sounds good to me.

    4. Josef Says:

      I stopped watching after the 2nd season because I couldn’t stand the contrived interracial romance… even if it was between a pale waifish Asian male and a Caucasian female. Her father accepted him with “This country was built by immigrants. Don’t you forget that.” Of course, Korean-Americans don’t need his “blessing,” as they have absolutely nothing to do with any other race anyway… although he seemed to think so. Non-white immigrants have done nothing but ruin this country, either through outright destruction.. or through their tribe-first colonialism.. so I found that statement offensive. The producers of these programs get brownie-points for adding certain themes.. chiefly an interracial-angle.

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Echoing comrade McGreen, TWD is stretching things quite a bit with their portrayal of whites coalescing with blacks for security and to fight the zombies. Notice how the really evil people in TWD, like the governor, are white while non-whites are merely hangers on and followers of the evil white character, but not inherently bad or evil like certain whites. Then there are jigs who are really great folks who just love helping whitey as in the first season. Gimme a break.

      Lucifer’s Hammer, written in the 1970’s but still available today, is a more accurate depiction of the racial situation in a post apocalyptic world. In it, blacks are depicted as hate filled, murderous barbarians who resort to cannibalism of their hapless victims.

    6. Sean Gruber Says:

      “in a post apocalyptic world, blacks are depicted as hate filled, murderous barbarians who resort to cannibalism of their hapless victims”

      Hell, they are that way right now.