25 March, 2014

Holy Fishnet Stockings: Russia Might Invade Transvestism

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International Jew #1: “Doesn’t Russia know that only America, Israel and NATO can invade other countries? You’ve got to get Jew approval to invade other countries!”

International Jew #2: “Yeah! Who does Putin think he is, George W. Bush?”

International Jew #3: “See, we’ve got a list, Mr. Putin. Crimea and Transvestism ain’t on it. Now, if it was Iran, or maybe Syria, then you’re talking about totally different bagels.”

International Jew #1: “Yeah, totally different bagels!”


  • One Response to “Holy Fishnet Stockings: Russia Might Invade Transvestism”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like how Washingcoon is powerless to stop Putin or boss Russia around. ZOG’s usual tricks, like imposing economic “sanctions”, organizing street protests in the enemy’s capital and planting fake atrocity stories in the press, don’t seem to be having any effect this time.