25 March, 2014

The Jewish Intermarriage Crisis: Like the Holocaust, it’s an Ethnic Hoax

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Jews are race-mixing at a rate of 58% or more? Baloney. It’s more like 10% or 15%, and that figure doesn’t worry the Jewish leaders because they know that such intermarriage is actually good for them, i.e., it “weeds out” the weak and non-committed Jews, making the main tribe stronger. Jewish leaders are always working an angle to solidify their people. Meanwhile, if Whites try to solidify their tribe, the Jews yell “Nazism!”


  • 4 Responses to “The Jewish Intermarriage Crisis: Like the Holocaust, it’s an Ethnic Hoax”

    1. fd Says:

      White female race mixers have been reproducing with Jews for decades. As long as the forces of disintegration are in service, Jews will continue to defeat all enemies.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      As you mates probably have figured out, my gal Carrie Fisher is half-Jew.
      She is alright, and I love her.
      But in my tender years, I dated a girl who was full-Jew. She was beautiful, with blue eys and dark hair.
      I was too tame for her. One night, on a date, she asked me to just take her home, so I did.
      Later, I found out that the son of the Minister at my church was fucking her.
      I did not fuck because I felt that sex is sacred, and that a person has to be committed to have sex.

      But all the Jews that I have known have married Gentiles.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Despite the objections of a few Orthodox types bringing shiksas into the Tribe helps to strengthen the Jews with fresh infusions of Aryan blood and DNA. Without those shiksas, the Tribe would soon die off from in-breeding and hereditary disease. But no matter how much non-Jew blood circulates in their veins the Jews always, always, always maintain their tribal identity.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      I’m convinced that one drop of jew blood is sufficient to make a nation-wrecking White-hating son of the desert ‘patriarchs’. There are so many of them in politics, churches, lodges etc. that it’s almost difficult to find the most egregious examples. But one asshole stands out; British PM David Cameron. Don’t be fooled by his fine Scots name, this guy is a self-confessed jew. Recently he went to yidsrael and postrated himself before assembled kikedom in the Knesset and apologized that he wasn’t jewish enough, apparently only his great, great grandfather was a jew, and a jew bankster at that.
      However, ‘Cameron’ is being very modest, all his friends and apparachiks are jews, and many suspect both his mother’s family and his wife’s family of being well disguised cryptos. Of course the proof of heredity is manifest in his actions, and true to form he is pushing for more sodomy and more turd world immigration. Even jew-tool Blair has been out-flanked.