27 March, 2014

Ukraine: Communism? Western Democrazy? Not Much Choice, Because Either Way, It’s Jewed

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Immediately after siding with the “West,” the Ukraine – which was formerly Jewed by the communist Lazar Kaganovich – signs a global deal with the EU that commits it to a wide variety of international Jew mandates, including “gender equality.” [1]. Also, note the $18 billion dollar IMF bailout package for the Ukraine, which was predicted by many people. That’s the fate of every White country today: a Jewed culture and massive debt. Yes, you can resist the Jewing and the debt, but be aware that you will pay dearly for it. Ask Hitler.

[1] partial text of EU/Ukraine “Association Agreement” in .PDF format

  • 9 Responses to “Ukraine: Communism? Western Democrazy? Not Much Choice, Because Either Way, It’s Jewed”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Now the that Crimea has been liberated by pro-Russian forces and re-incorporated into the Russian Motherland it is no longer an issue. The Crimea is now safely and permanently out of ZOG’s clutches. Excellent.

      The rest of the Ukraine should, ideally, be a neutral buffer state between the East and West, like Finland and Austria. But Washingcoon and Londinistan won’t hear of it. They want the Ukraine to be nothing more than a puppet state controlled by NATO, the EUSSR and the IMF. The Ukrainians are not stupid, so why can’t they see that they are being regarded as nothing more than pawns on the Jews’ chess board? Or maybe they can see that, but the Jew-controlled press won’t tell us what’s really going on in that country. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the Jewsmedia has lied to the goyim.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny thing…..the people of the Crimea used democracy to vote themselves back into Russia, so you’d think the West would shut up about it and accept the results. You know, since the West is always chirping about the joys of democracy. At the same time, the new regime in Kiev was un-democratically installed by a violent street mob, something that the West apparently DOES approve of. Am I the only one who sees some kind of Western hypocrisy/inconsistency here? But not to worry. I’m sure the New York Times, the Washington Post and FOX News will point out this curious fact soon enough.

    3. Arminius Says:

      Well, I predicted that in “Is Russia the bad guy in the Ukraine” (a little down here). With Jews at the helm quite illegally, the outcome couldn’t be different.

      But don’t worry too much. The huge IMF loan interest burden alone will do its job in the opposite direction the Jewish rulers in Kiev and their brethren in the West intended. The inevitable decline in living standard could provoke a separatist movement by the immensely strong Russian minorirty, which blasts Ukraine to pieces.
      These tendencies are already visible. All Putin has to do is keep the gas prices up and support his countrymen against Jewish suppression attemps.

    4. mrcrouton Says:

      Funny how this “revolution” worked out. The jews from the west, Soros, Nuland and others actually worked with far right nationalists, funded them and supported them. Why? They fight and they fight in the street.
      Isn’t it very odd that for the first time since WWII it’s OK to be a Nazi?
      Shows how jews will change the Nazi narrative for short term geostrategic gains!

      Afterwards the coup leaders (jew Julia Tymoshenko among them) appoint Arseniy Yatsenyuk in charge and immediately starts austerity, tells everyone that gas and energy process are going up, ships the gold out and is lining up reducing pensions. Let the looting of the gentiles begin!

      So they played the neo-Nazis for suckers and they proved to be that very thing by actually working with jews instead of beating them on the spot.
      Why these Neonazi’s hate Russians above jews is odd and runs against the applied biology of Nazism since they are their ethnic cousins.

      Either way we nationalists don’t want a world war starting among the last white nations when Israel deserves a nuke right in downtown Tel Aviv more than anyplace else on earth.

    5. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Well these are the freaks that are pushing for jewkraine to be in the EU:


      And this is a video of the “neo nazi” who was killed a few days ago in Kiev:


      And the degenerate in that video looks like an inbred illiterate. What self-respecting “Nazi” dresses in NFL gear? The Oakland Raiders, principally owned and managed by by Jewish million Al Davis from 1972 until his death in 2011, who is notable for his pioneering role in spreading civil rights and diversity to the NFL. You’d be hard pressed to find an “Aryan” face on the Raiders, or anywhere in Oakland for that matter. Ukrainian nationalists must be the stupidest group of people in the world, they are the equivalent of Black Panthers members who dress in KKK robes.

    6. Arminius Says:

      OK. OK. VC: Who paid the girls for the show and how much?
      Only a Jew can stage manage such a silly performance!

    7. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Arminus, I guess that’s where part of the “$5 billion” that kikess victoria nuland stated the US spent on “democracy” projects in jewkraine went. While millions of bottom and middle class Whites in the US are losing their homes and struggling to pay for food and medicine.

      Also, I believe those whores may have been catholic-origin fanatics, and possibly of mixed kike origin as well. They see Orthodox Christian Russians as their archenemies. That they are so shortsighted as to actually think delivering Ukraine to the diversity-imposing, Zionist-owned, debt-slavery machine like the EU would help their cause only speaks to their total worthlessness as human beings.

      Luckily, for everyone that stands opposed to further anglo-american-zionist expansion, Russia has outplayed the west at literally at move. Putin, Lavrov and the other leaders in Moscow have had a very nice string of victories against the west, starting from Georgia in 2008 to Syria and Iran in 2013 to Crimea and Eastern Ukraine in 2014. They also halted the EU’s attempts at signing an “association agreement” with Russia’s strategic ally Armenia in the South Caucasus region, and have essentially kicked NATO out of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Big jew is quite adept at manipulating ‘petty nationalism’, that’s how they start wars and get White cousins to regard each other as enemies. They are playing the same worn-out old card trick in Ukraine. Also, I suspect Poland’s leaders are deluded into thinking that if they stirr the pot they will get Lvov back into the ‘motherland’. Big jew must be pissing themselves laughing.

    9. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      Very well stated CW-2. The Ukrainians in the west may feel closer to Poland or Romania than to Russia and Belarus, but there is no love emanating from Warsaw or Bucharest. Romania also harbors some territorial ambitions against the Ukraine, but it has its hands full with Moldova, Transdniestria as well as the poverty, social and economic decay, third world and islamic immigration, equalization programs for Gypsys, and gay rights that EU membership was blessed them with.

      Big kike may be laughing at the lesser Slavs doing their dirty work for them, but they are worried as the west continues to decline and they continue to lose their once iron-fisted grip on sources of information for the western masses. The long-term outlook for the jews is hopeless, whether concerning their control or ability to further exploit the dying west, or their ability to maintain a demographic and even military edge in the land they stole from the Arabs – and like the cockroaches that they are they can sense the impending doom.

      BTW I’ve noticed that every “touchy” video on youtube dealing with PC topics now is flooded with comments about “diversity is code for White Genocide”. I saw a very good one a few days ago that said “America is 62% Racist and 38% Diverse, Europe is 82% Racist and 18% Diverse, Australia is…” If I was a jew, I’d be extremely worried. History tends to repeat itself, and dying hosts have a tendency to unleash hell on the disease-carrying parasites which has made them sick.