25 April, 2014

Soviet-Style “Easy Divorce”: Killer of White Men

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“We can’t work it out, we can’t work it ou-out!” (If the Beatles wrote that song today, that’s what they’d sing).

In the old days, it was hard to get a divorce. But today, a divorce is quick and easy. Too easy. Of course, a Jewish lawyer was a key player in the creation of quick, no-fault divorce, which rapidly spread from one state to the entire country. “Easy divorce” was pioneered by the Jewish-built Soviet Union.


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    1. michael Says:

      the title of the song by the Beatles is ‘We can work it out’ not ‘We can’t work it out’

    2. Topkea Says:

      When Der Tag comes, there will be no divorce, no ‘marital rape’, no ‘equal rights’. Women will open their mouths only to suck cock, lick ass, or respond to a direct order from a White man.

      “Yes sir”, “Thank you sir”, and that should be about it. Notice how many televitz programs have women jabbering on and on when only a century ago when this was still an Aryan country, they would have been smacked back down into their place? Think about it, White Man.

    3. Luke Says:

      I don’t know if I would agree with Topkea’s comment, and I suppose its possible that he is just being sarcastic in order to make some kind of bizarre point.

      But, I will say that I was thinking just the other day about how horribly women have screwed up our race, our society and our traditional White Western culture – once they were granted the freedom to do as they pretty much pleased, without the former societal imposed restraints that once helped guide and control their behavior.

      When watching how these ‘liberated’ White females have acted since the 1960s, I often think of how a young, immature teenage kid will tend to behave when his or her parents are far too permissive and give the teenager freedoms that they are not yet mature enough or wise enough to handle in a responsible manner.

      50 years ago, you never heard stories about White women abandoning their own children, or driving their cars into lakes with their kids strapped into the back seat. You also never saw White women pushing shopping carts around department stores with kinky haired, mulatto crumb crunchers sitting in the child’s seat. 50 years ago, White women did not go down to the voting precincts to cancel out the votes of their White husbands and to help elect anti-White racist minorities or anti-White White Commie liberals to office, so they could have the power to wage war on their White husbands and his ability to earn a living and take care of his family.

      No one with an ounce of common sense can reflect back on the societal and cultural decay that has just about destroyed White Western Civilization and the traditional White American family structure and not see the significant, and perhaps dominant, role that has been played by White females who let themselves be brainwashed with jewish feminism and then who decided to ‘let it all hang out’ and become promiscuous, irresponsible, ‘liberated’, bed-hopping, race mixing Party Girls who drive around town in cars that sport bumper stickers that celebrate their ‘freedom’ to abort their inconvenient fetuses.

      Perhaps the worst consequence of this liberation of White females has been the millions of ‘Beta’ White males – who are the best candidates for marriage, long term commitment, and fatherhood and who are the most stable and reliable providers for raising a family – were the White men who the jewish feminists taught White females to reject and avoid, and this has played a huge role in the jewish driven effort to lower the White birth rate. Instead, we see millions of White females all competing for the tiny percentage of White ‘Alpha’ males (or IQ of 80 black males) who are only interested in carving as many notches on their bedpost as possible and who seldom make good marriage material.

    4. Topkea Says:

      No, Luke, I’m dead serious. There is no need for senseless brutality, but women need White men to keep them in line. They are like eternal children. Now that they have been indulged too much, there needs to be a reversal in attitudes. In the past, most good White men saw no need for chastisement because women knew their place. We can get back to that point quickly enough – but quite a few women will need to get acquainted with White fists before that’s the case. Women need to be disciplined just like children, and that sometimes means not sparing the rod.

    5. fd Says:

      Divorce in America is big business. Oftentimes the divorce drags out for more than a year. The first mistake is buying a marriage license. That instant the marriage enters into a contract with the government.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Luke, just ignore Topkea, he’s only trying to inflame and provoke, stupid jerk that he is.

      So I guess we have a suicide letter here? They’re all the same………….long, rambling screeds where it’s everyone else’s fault, everyone else is to blame. They’re always written by Whites, because Negroes and Spics never kill themselves. Muds don’t have a problem killing others but value their own worthless lives too highly to ever do themselves in.

    7. Topkea Says:

      You’re still at this, McGreen? Your mom made it very clear to me that it is way past your bedtime, boy.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Hollywood/TV/Madison Ave, did more damage to White’s of Kwa, than a dozen Nagasaki hit’s on US would have made, by far, thanks kikes.

    9. susan Says:

      topkea you’re a moron. And dangerous and immature. And you sure as hell don’t speak for any good white people I respect. but go ahead by all means and “reacquaint” some white woman with your fist. I imagine she’ll reacquaint you with a bullet to your brain.

    10. Howdy Doody Says:

      susan Says:
      28 April, 2014 at 2:57 pm

      topkea you’re a moron.


      Wrong Susan, he is likely a pervert drooling likely paid troll.

    11. Topkea Says:

      Howdy Dooooooooooooooooody.

      Still looking for them balls, boy? Have you ever been inside?