30 May, 2014

Western Man Was Meant to Explore. Anti-NASA Equals Anti-White Male

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Of course a lot of people (i.e., Jews, Blacks, women) want to defund and mothball NASA. They call NASA archaic and useless. Of course they do. The exploration of outer space, which was one of the most important feats in human history, was a White, male thing. Naturally, the non-Whites and women want to downplay the history of space exploration because they didn’t participate in it. Hundreds of new things were invented during the exploration of space. There’s no reason why NASA can’t continue to explore the galaxy. Mars and other planets should be explored. The moon could be colonized using giant, oxygen-filled domes. NASA has just begun, as long as we don’t abandon it. Maybe if we didn’t fight unnecessary foreign wars, or give Blacks and Mexicans 4 different types of welfare payments, we could afford to fund NASA into the future?


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  7. 4 Responses to “Western Man Was Meant to Explore. Anti-NASA Equals Anti-White Male”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      NASA is one of many, many federal agencies we can do without. The Departments of Energy, Education and Agriculture, HUD, the EPA, “Homeland Security”, OSHA, BATF….we don’t need ANY of them. Any real conservative would understand that.

      For those of you old enough to remember, by the time of Apollo 17 the public was thoroughly bored with astronauts going to the moon. The moon has to be the most boring place in the galaxy and those Apollo astronauts weren’t any more interesting than the lunar surface.

      With the possible exceptions of Skylab and the Hubble space telescope just about everything NASA has done since Apollo (or attempted to do) has been a waste of taxpayers’ money, a lot of busy-work invented to justify preventing Congress from eliminating NASA’s budget altogether.

      What I really find laughable are all of those “planets” that NASA claims it’s found outside the solar system, which are nothing but extremely small and faint shadows passing in front of some star at more or less regular intervals. Big deal. And that phony story about the martian meteorite with the nano-bacteria fossils inside of it? Total rubbish. The Space Shuttle program was the worst idea of them all, an abject failure from start to finish.

      In a last desperate attempt to remain relevant NASA’s top bureaucrat (I don’t even know the jerk’s name or what he looks like) is trying to get on the global warming bandwagon. But the global warming hoax has already been discredited, the media hype surrounding it has long since cooled off.

      Unless NASA can invent some kind of space ship that can travel at warp speed and find other Earth-like planets to explore I don’t see any further need for that anachronistic government agency to exist.

    2. fd Says:

      NASA is compromised by PC scientists of every swirl. I think all future advancement in space will be attributed to private scientists–White scientists. Had Germany gone unmolested, it is quite possible that colonization would be a reality.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Was NASA responsible for the Voyager exploration of the outer planets? The pictures sent back and the new information gathered really were quite amazing and a fitting tribute to the genius of White scientists and engineers.

      During the early 1960’s a nuclear powered rocket ship was seriously being considered by leading American scientists. It was called Project Orion and a small prototype using conventional fuel was demonstrated to President Kennedy and shown to be entirely feasible. Thereafter the project was canceled and all details given secret classification, and have remained secret. Why?

    4. Sean Gruber Says:

      “The Old Negro Space Program”