6 May, 2014

When Your Foreign Policy is Constantly Jewed, White Men Constantly Die

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Walt Rostow (a Jewish advisor to presidents Kennedy and Johnson) and the Vietnam War. [Article].

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  7. 6 Responses to “When Your Foreign Policy is Constantly Jewed, White Men Constantly Die”

    1. Topkea Says:

      Walt Rostow is living it large in Eilat.


      He was given life extension treatment by isntreal and draws a six figure pension paid for by rabbinical taxes.

      How does Shmuely go to Harvard fresh off the boat? HUH? How does he fuck? Rabbinical taxes. Synagogues act as collection points for rabbinical taxes. They can pay a full ride, provide that the chosenite knows which way his bread is buttered.

      Rabbinical taxes were introduced in the jewSA in the 1890s. Two dozen white families paying hidden, federal, rabbinical taxes pay for a full ride for jew to an Ivy League college. In larger communities, rabbinical taxes can pay for six figure pensions for spies and defectors to isntreal.

      THINK OF IT WHITE MAN. Every time you buy a loaf of bread, 5% of that goes straight to your neighboring jew, paying for his kid’s college fund, his professional license, his mortgage, his new car. WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE YOU, WHITE MAN?

    2. fd Says:

      Rostow is another phony Jew. He feared the spread of communism if South Vietnam was defeated. That never happened. And so what if it did.

      The bodybags were coming home 100 a week from Vietnam.

      Louis Beam told Bush in an open letter that the weapons of mass deception could be found in Vietnam, not Iraq. The Federals left billions of dolallrs of war appliance in that country after suffering an ignoble defeat.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Big jew is pissing himself laughing at us. He uses our blood and treasure to make a country more communist than it would have been without our intervention, he then starts shipping our jobs there with ‘aid’ packages paid for by our taxes.
      In the jewK go into a Clarks shoe shop. Where are the shoes made?…’Nam. Go to M&S for a shirt….made in Cambodia. Buy a cheap pair of work jeans, made where….Laos of course.

    4. fd Says:

      Chuck Hagel warns America of the dangers of isolationism. WTF? The Federals have assaulted the world non-stop from the 1860s fwd and he fears isolationism. That phony MF needs a Confederate rope around his neck ! !


    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      If Rostow was a German who advised Hitler on how to fight WWII he would have been hanged at Nuremburg as a war criminal. But over here Rostow was allowed to peacefully continue his career in Academe after being largely responsible for a war that killed 2 million gooks and 60 thousand US troops in Southeast Asia. Oh well, no harm done. After all, who are we lowly gentiles to judge a Jew?

    6. fd Says:

      Putin recently Jew’d Russia by signing into law making it illegal to deny Nazi crimes against Russia. He plays both ends against the middle like all politicians.