13 June, 2014

Oh, No! White Racism Might Prevent Brown People From Conquering Europe

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Navi Pillay is a UN “human rights” official (that means she’s way smarter and way more important than you are). What are human rights? It’s hard to say. Human rights are shadowy, slippery things. For example, having sex with a donkey may be a human right, but then again, maybe not, or, maybe it’s a human right in Mexico but not in Canada, where there are fewer donkeys. But only Brown people have human rights, not White people.


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    1. mrcrouton Says:

      What a disgusting “human” Navi Pillay is (not just her face). She has no shame.

      She emigrates to a strangers land, and then after “assimilating” she works to make laws that will restrict the freedom of the people who allowed her into their country, so they are not allowed to talk badly about her people, or discuss repatriating her and her people. She works to take rights away, primarily the free speech of indigenous whites to discuss the minorities they tire of on their lands. To her, whites are supposed to like being overrun by brown third worlders, and wants prison sentences for whites!

      Imagine the audacity!

      Now will she file a complaint with the police and demand international hate speech codes for what I just wrote? I’m sure she’s working on it.

      Lastly; note the cattiness? This hideous wicked witch of the west looking cunt, going after the lovely and feminine Marie Le Pen?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      I see a problem with the European “nationalism” that’s currently taking place. As soon as some Jew or globalist makes the boring but inevitable comparison with Hitler the members of those “nationalist” parties run away like frightened cats. To Hell with all of them. The only hope the White race has will either come out of Russia or maybe from some part of the Confederacy, like Texas.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      That witch is actually doing White sheeple a favor. Her intemperate remarks and those of her fellow muds on the jewN payrole no longer have the desired effect. Her words don’t intimidate, they irrate and anger. I hope that mud with the megaphone mouth doesn’t shut-up.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, CW. Mizzzz Pilay is a pain in the ass, but she should not be feared or taken seriously. Just another globalist bureaucrat who lives in a protective little bubble separated from reality.

      Apropos of your name, CW-2…..Does it refer to a second US-style Union/Confederate Civil War or a second Cromwell/Charles I/New Model Army style Civil War ? Or is it a reference to something else entirely?

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Thanks for your compliment, Tim. My posting name refers to the coming 2nd English civil war. Charles I and his cronies got what was coming to them, let’s hope we don’t run out of rope when it comes time to deal with the latest crop of race traitors.

    6. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen, good observation. There are portions of Texas that have the ability to explode at any given time.