11 June, 2014

Seattle’s Fat Tuesday Riot

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The Seattle police were terrified that they would arrest more Blacks than Whites in a mostly White crowd and then would be charged with “racial profiling,” the current liberal bugaboo, and so they stood by and watched the Blacks go on their murderous rampage without interfering. I’m pleased that at least some of the White folks in Seattle noticed that and weren’t afraid to comment publicly on it. Mandatory “sensitivity” conditioning for cops is just the sort of trendy thing that Seattle’s yuppies and soccer moms would be in favor of. I’m sure that what happened on Fat Tuesday hasn’t changed any of their minds, but it may have caused a few of the more perceptive and open-minded residents to begin thinking about the dangerous consequences of psychologically castrating the police with “sensitivity” training.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to “Seattle’s Fat Tuesday Riot.”

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