4 July, 2014

Argentina: the Dirty War Hasn’t Ended Yet Because Leftists Won’t Let It End

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(Above: Jorge Videla, the military leader who tried to save Argentina from left-wing terrorism. He died in prison in 2013)

Like Jews, leftists never forget. They always want revenge, even after decades have passed. Leftists started Argentina’s Dirty War. They were setting off bombs all over the country in 1975. Now, the leftists are getting revenge on the people who tried to stop Argentina from being ruined.


  • 3 Responses to “Argentina: the Dirty War Hasn’t Ended Yet Because Leftists Won’t Let It End”

    1. Kevin Says:

      It’s time for a Hep Hep in Argentina.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      .308, you’re an imbecile. Or a troll. Don’t know which. At any rate, you totally suck.

      The Jews and liberals are real cruel sons-of-bitches. They wait until the victim is in his 80s then decide to torment and persecute him. They’re doing the same thing in Allied occupied Germany too, going into nursing homes looking for any old guys in a bathrobe and slippers who once wore an SS uniform and then subjecting them to all kinds of harassment and threats of imprisonment. We’re dealing with a real bad bunch of people who cannot be defeated by anything less than a bullet between their eyes or a rope around their necks.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:


      He had the power and did not use as the enemy of civilization uses it.

      Argentina’s highest value now is ?