14 July, 2014

Two White Cops Lose Jobs Over KKK Ties

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It’s not illegal to join the KKK, and White nationalism is perfectly legitimate as long as no crimes are committed. I wonder if they’d have been investigated if they were Black and belonged to a pro-Black organization?


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    1. fd Says:

      Commence with the lawsuits! In the 1960s and early ’70s, just about every cop in the South belonged to the Klan.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      These days the Klan is so heavily infiltrated by ZOG agents and snitches that it makes no sense to join. Besides, the present-day Klan is a Jerry Springer/Geraldo Rivera type joke, not at all the Klan of the 1920s and certainly not the Klan of the Reconstruction era.

    3. Zerstoerer Says:

      Trust a the Police Chief’s name to be Isaacs, I’m sure things are running normal with a jew in charge.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good point, Z. I’m sure Chief Isaacs does things like teaming up Negro male officers with White female partners and forcing everyone to attend “cultural sensitivity” classes each week. No doubt department morale is high, especially among straight White males.

    5. fd Says:

      Jews like to throw these stories out there for excitement. Will see if it fades away or expands into something significant. The ball is in Isaacs court.

    6. spikepine Says:

      You racist idiots will never learn. You hate yourselves and are dirty, low-class, pigs. A racist is the worst animal on earth. Your hate is cursing your children.

    7. -JC Says:

      Do you realize how many federal employees are members of the Masonic Lodge which has its own get-up?


    8. Socrates Says:

      spikepine Says: A racist is the worst animal on earth.

      Yes, I agree. The Jews, who invented racism-as-official-doctrine, are the worst of animals.

    9. fd Says:

      spikepine? Ugly name.

    10. fd Says:

      The circle of the Klan is several thousand years old. Ancient Celtic tribes included it as part of their rituals.


    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      I certainly hope Mr. (or Mizz?) Spikepine and his like-minded friends will comment here more often. Where’s the sport in everyone always agreeing with each other?

      You see, unlike the Jews, Blacks and liberals I do NOT try to shout down, ignore, insult or threaten my opponents…most of the time. Nor do I engage in excessive name-calling, except for the purposes of humor. Only insecure people who subscribe to discredited or dishonest points of view would resort to such tactics.

      I think just about everyone in the world harbors some degree of racial “prejudice” or animosity. It’s part of the evolutionary defense mechanism for individual and group survival. So embrace your hate! It’s part of what makes you human.

      There, you see? I, a racist idiot/dirty, low-class pig, have taken the moral high ground without once resorting to any threats, insults or name-calling. Nyah-nyah, I win.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Here is some of the latest atrocities committed by those ever luvin , luv the chillun, Jewhovahs one and only circumcised pests.
      The jews are just bloodthirsty low-down shits that even a pig has the higher moral ground. Shove that up your ass Spike Pine, twice as high as a Douglas Fir.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Being a Police officer, you almost always have to be beholden to the niggers and other non-whites, since they commit the majority of crime, its only good for business. Think of all the other spins off like lawyers, bail bondsmen, home security etc. etc. Nigger crime is the best thing since sliced bread

    14. fd Says:

      I remember when all the cops in Texas wore cowboy boots, white hat and white shirt with a yoke on the back. Folkish. Now they wear black suits, black boots, black belts, black gloves and black guns. Militant. The police stations are run like corporations. And the people I described above are referred to as revenue officers. How many tickets can I write today?

    15. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The local jew media sure knows that nigger crime provides the bulk of their Joornalistic tabloid news, its shortenin” bread , and deh sho luvs luvs dat. They always have these lil hussies covering all the latest on sex crimes and other perversions, most of them dressed like prostitutes

    16. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Spikepine, fuck off, you ignorant cunt.

    17. Mel Brooks Says:

      This spikepine critter be’s all obuh de’ place. Disqus ID?


      Apparently (I skimmed the posts) its sister proves the statistic that women initiate episodes of domestic violence 2:1 over men. Good to know that the “quality” iz keepin’ it rill heeyuh on de’ VNN, sho’ nuff!

      Useless bitch.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Oh, so “spikepine” (spic-pine) is a colored woman? Naturally, that means she has an “attitude” or a chip on her shoulder against Whitey. But will she leave this evil racist nation of ours and move to a colored paradise like Haiti, Somalia or Guatemala? No, she and her sistas would rather stay here and complain about us no good honkies. As stupid as she is, Spikepine realizes there ain’t no welfare, food stamps or Section 8 housing in a place like Mogadishu. ‘Cause they ain’t got no White racist crackas there to pay for it, right, beyotch?

    19. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I see the anti-KKK people are pretty opinionated in the comments section of the article. I’d like some of those smart ass experts to explain why it’s acceptable for nigger police officers to be members of the NAACP otherwise known as “the klan with a tan”, but white officers can’t be members of pro-white organizations.

      Teenage niggers have been victimizing whites with flash mobs and “polar bear hunting” and the nig nogs of the NAACP have not raised a word of protest, so if the KKK are terrorists than so is the NAACP.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      The NAACP has nothing to do with advancing the “rights” of the Negro, it’s merely a Jewish front organization whose sole purpose is to promote Jewish world domination.

      Wasn’t there a time not too long ago when millions of White men belonged to the KKK? Yes, there was and they included many judges, cops, politicians and businessmen. Is there now some law on the books that prohibits anyone from joining the Klan? If so I’d like to see it. Otherwise, as far as I know, there is still a Constitutional “right” to freedom of association, isn’t there? Or has the Constitution itself been outlawed?

      I guess it has, EXCEPT for the parts that 1) allow the government to take away your guns 2) allow non-Whites to invade our country at will 3) allow White women to abort their healthy but unwanted babies at taxpayers’ expense and 4) allow queers to marry each other. Those are the four most important parts of the Constitution. And they were all written by African-Americans, Native Americans, Holocaust Survivors and members of the LGBT community. The unimportant parts of the Constitution were written by evil, sexist, racist, homophobic White males. At least that’s what Mizz Spikepine told me.