15 August, 2014

The Ferguson, Missouri Shooting of Michael Brown by the Police

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Well, the truth finally comes out. Brown was apparently a criminal. When the shooting investigation is over, and the police officer is cleared of wrong-doing, I wonder if the Black community will apologize for the post-shooting riots? By the way, isn’t it funny how almost all of the conversations surrounding the Michael Brown shooting are about race? I thought race “didn’t exist”? I thought race “didn’t matter”? Apparently, it does exist and does matter. Finally, will any good come of the Michael Brown incident? I think so: I think that some White people will finally realize that Blacks and Whites should not live together [1].


[1] “Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.”Thomas Jefferson on Blacks and Whites living together

  • 14 Responses to “The Ferguson, Missouri Shooting of Michael Brown by the Police”

    1. fd Says:

      Negroes, cops, Fox News: I care nothing of the lot. Cops are whores to ZOG. Had the cop shot a White man under the same circumstances, it would have been local news only.

    2. Klasikality Says:

      My gosh, what happened to the “post racial society?” I was so happy to hear about it in 2008 after Obama got elected, I was so proud to have voted for him, made me as a privileged White person feel less racist, just a small gesture to make up for my and my ancestors horrible misdeeds over the years. If only the police and Whites and general could stop being so prejudice and judgemental and stop stereotyping wonderful blacks as violent and aggressive! Hopefully the utopian post racial society will happen soon, God willing.This sad incident makes my White guilt flare up like a roid. Okay, done my good deed for the day, back to looking forward to NFL season.
      Liberal White Dumbass, Esq.

    3. Luke Says:

      I wasn’t there and all I know about this incident is what I’ve read on various websites, most of which are politically incorrect websites because those are the only websites I bother to visit and read. But, irregardless of the fact that this guy would be what I would classify as a racial enemy – a savage negro beast – I refuse to endorse the idea that pro-White men or women should excuse any sort of jack-booted thuggery simply because the latest victim of that thuggery happens to be a negro.

      These psychopaths with badges are NOT our allies or our friends, White man. These sleazy sonsabitches are working for ZOG, which means they are mercenaries for the jews and if anyone thinks for a split second that these rats give two squirts of rat shit about our White Nationalist movement and wouldn’t immediately sprout a diamond cuttter hardon if they were given the kosher green light to start murdering White Nationalists, then it is time to eat a bullet because your brain has suffered a major meltdown.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      The police motto is “to protect and serve”……..the rich and powerful, that is. One never sees any millionaires doing time in prisons like San Quentin. An unarmed nigger steals $48 worth of cigars from a convenience mart and the kwaps shoot him dead. Some Wall Street Jew swindles billions from his investors and gets sent to a minimum security Club Fed, if that.

      There are no heroes in this Ferguson, MO incident. The kwaps brutalize White suspects all the time, but the Jewsmedia couldn’t care less about it. And once again the coons have shown that they cannot live under Whitey’s laws. If the weather was hotter the kwaps would’ve had a major chimp-out on their hands, probably in ghettos across the Empire.

    5. Sean Gruber Says:

      The cop did what Zog could not. He turned a bad nigger into a good nigger.

    6. Luke Says:

      Tim McGreen is right. In fact, for a few hours yesterday – CNN was running a headline story that asked the question: “Why are Whites running a town that has a majority black population?”

      So, these self-hating, self-loathing, nauseating white liberals (and the jews) on the left) are openly acknowledging that blacks prefer to be governed by their fellow blacks and policed by their fellow blacks and that there is something unnatural about a tiny minority of Whites ruling over a town that is majority black. But, on the other hand – Whites who express the very same kind of opposition to being ruled by a half-black Communist Marxist – they are supposed to be ‘evil’ racists?

      What precisely is the difference? All races prefer to be governed and policed by members of their own racial group.

      Frankly, it amazes me how liberals and these jews can be able to spew such hypocrisy without choking on their own bile.

    7. Justinian Says:

      Notice that these White hating savage negro beasts have never protested at Black on Black crimes or Black genocidal attacks on Whites ?!

      Remember the disgusting tortures of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom ?

      I don’t recall any massive riots or protests by these hateful racist Negro beasts…

    8. fd Says:

      Negroes can’t manage themselves. A lady courthouse worker told me several years back when Negroes call the police, they would often say–don’t send a Black cop; send a real cop.

      When Clinton carried out the holocaust against White inhabitants of the Branch Church, there was no insurrection across the country. White people prefer to stand down. Scardycats.

    9. Walter Says:

      Blacks and whites living together has not worked yet and never will. The cops aren’t much help for whites anyway. The maintain the status quo of USA Inc. if the police really want to protect us do us a favor and “STAY hOME” and let the avg citizen take care of the criminals ourselves along with blacks and Mexicans. In fact the police are in the way and are making things worse. The police are one of the biggest obstacles to us being free. A real civilized people don’t need a police force and were the only race capable of that except maybe The Japanese.

    10. fd Says:

      The unrest in Ferguson has collapsed into comedy. The shattered peace that existed in name only motivated the looters to go for a 2d round. The emasculated cops who are ‘snake-bit’ look on and do nothing.

      Art and deceit by Obama, the governor and state police failed to check the mobs and fanatics.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, weren’t there a lot of “sundown towns” in Midwestern states like Missouri, Michigan and Indiana at one time? Towns where the colored folks had to leave town by sundown or be arrested. Those were the days when we were a truly free nation. But as long as there are Blacks and Jews lurking in the background there eventually will be trouble.

    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      fd Says:
      16 August, 2014 at 7:47 am

      Negroes can’t manage themselves. A lady courthouse worker told me several years back when Negroes call the police, they would often say–don’t send a Black cop; send a real cop.

      When Clinton carried out the holocaust against White inhabitants of the Branch Church, there was no insurrection across the country. White people prefer to stand down. Scardycats.

      Exactly !

    13. fd Says:

      Tim, sundown towns covered the deep South and and several states in the Midwest–nigger don’ let the sun go down on you! My favorite one is–Laughing Barrel, Louisiana. If a Negro laughed in town, he had to stick his head in a barrel. It’s an old Southern joke that continues to be hilarious. If a Negro bought a White Owl cigar, he had to say Mr. White Owl. Too many racists expressions to list. In 2014, the South is still a mythical land.

      Thanks for the comment Howdy Doody.

    14. Howdy Doody Says:

      The regime has sent in NKVD agents to so call investigate shooting the 18 threatening thug Congoid.

      What does this say to the state police, local D.A. etc. It says Congoids are extremely incited, and protected race that is in fact at war with Whites by 90% in the least.

      If not at war then they are too un human in the majority to be free ranging among us.

      Look this one up “The Hi Fi Murders” Ogden Utah 1974. 100% White at that time.