9 September, 2014

Greece: New Anti-Racism Law

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This new law will “tie the hands” of the Golden Dawn party. How will nationalist parties survive in Europe with all these “anti-racism” laws being passed? They won’t survive. That’s the whole idea.


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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Greece is a very small country and is burdened by at least a million nigs and muds! Patriotic Greeks are resting their hopes on Golden Dawn, but they are mistaken because law-abiding ‘constitutional’ political parties can never win because the anti-White system won’t allow them to, and the system is still very powerful.
      By forming conventional political parties we are in effect playing by the enemy’s rules, and the game is rigged. We need to go underground form deep roots in our communities and start working according to our own rules.

    2. Kevin Says:

      CW-2 is correct. The constitutions and the laws were written by the jews and the jew shills. The jewusa has private jew law. The only way to accomplish progress is by operating outside the jew laws and governments. The 14th amendment is a perfect exapmple why not to participate in any government!

    3. Kevin Says:

      CW-2 is correct. The constitutions and the laws were written by the jews and the jew shills. The jewusa has private jew law. The only way to accomplish progress is by operating outside the jew laws and governments. The 14th amendment is a perfect exapmple why not to participate in any government!

    4. Joe Says:

      We need a “Boys From Brazil” scenario. Just find a few latent cells of Hitler’s, clone them, then scatter the seeds over every Western nation. Within a generation, each country will have fearless leaders to whom we can rally. Seriously… any leader will have to be fearless as well as exude an extraordinary temperance towards vice and corruption (like Hitler). This is what it will take to defeat the Marxist cancer overrunning our collective body.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sounds like those Greek bureaucrats are getting a little worried about holding on to their power. Maybe the end is drawing near for their EUSSR? Maybe they believe that by passing a new round of “anti Hate” laws against their own people they will curry favor with their masters in Brussels and Berlin? Traitors, cowards and cretins. And to Hell with Reuters, that supposedly respectable Jew propaganda organ. All those Jew-controlled “news” agencies cover the same stories in the same way, not one milligram’s worth of difference between ’em.

    6. fd Says:

      Governments that are reduced to draconian law is a sign of weakness. It may be possible for the real Greeks to setup a shadow government with it’s own paramilitary.

    7. Sean Gruber Says:

      Is there any case in history where people took power away from a hostile, tyrannical, genocidal government by cooperating with that government?

      Fd is right. Shadow government with paramilitary is the way to go in Greece.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Agreed, a de facto “shadow government” backed up by a paramilitary force of fearless nationalist patriots wearing black balaclavas would be an excellent way to unseat the Greek Tyrants without having to resort to a messy, protracted revolution or civil war, like the Ukraine is currently suffering. I understand there is unrest in Kiev itself as well as in the breakaway regions of the East. Hopefully the Ukrainians will get rise up and get rid of that fat arrogant Jew oligarch Poroshenko and his little rodent-faced minion Yatsenuk.


    9. fd Says:

      Yes, I hope the Scots tell the UK to F**k Off. The corporate media dare not call it peaceful secession.

    10. CW-2 Says:

      Most WN are in favor of Scottish idependence, but Scotland will still be under the EU thumb. It is more important for Scotland to leave the EU than to leave the jewK.

      Of course there is Norway, not a member of the EU but still fanatically following the genocidal goal of replacement level immigration.

      There will be NO mercy for race traitors!

    11. Mary O Says:

      The bill raises the prison term for instigating hate crimes to three years from two and allows prosecutors to investigate crimes even if the victims fail to report them to authorities.

      It also imposes fines of up to 30,000 euros for those instigating racism and up to 100,000 euros for groups involved in racially motivated crimes, in addition to banning them from receiving state funding for up to six months.

      A controversial article criminalizing the denial or trivialization of the Holocaust, Nazi war atrocities and genocide, was voted for by 54 of the 99 lawmakers present during the summer session.

      Euro right now is like $1.30; Golden Dawn would only be charged $130,000 for a proven instance of “instigating hate crimes.” Plus, these terms are not retroactive to the alleged killing of the rapper.

      Even the prison terms seem less than what they might have been; in the US, “hate” charges can add 10 years to a felony sentence, and our prisons are much worse.

      An investigation into Golden Dawn’s links to a string of violent attacks, including the killing of the rapper and a Pakistani immigrant, has entered its final stage. A trial of more than 70 suspects, including Golden Dawn’s 16 lawmakers, is expected to begin in November. The new laws cannot be applied to those on trial.

      Greek politicians are fearful of cracking down too hard on Golden Dawn, and therefore conventional politics has had some success.

      Even in the US, the rejection of those Central Americans who abandoned their children on the border was nearly universal. That they were only gaming the system was just too obvious. The Central American child-abusers got no sympathy even from the majority left. Obama backed down on his threat to hand out citizenship to millions by Labor Day.

      We should mistrust calls to give up on conventional politics, because logical arguments and the facts are effective in winning the support of the average citizen. Without the support of the public, we would have no authority.

      Clearly, the other Greek politicians were thinking about their electorate when they chose only a relatively mild increase in fines and prison sentences, and to not allow retro-activity of those terms.

      The Hoax only passed by a weak margin. Consider how much money law-makers could have charged for voting “yes” on that measure. For almost half of those lawmakers, their fear of the people outweighed even their greed.

      Key: we must stop globalist & Zionist political bribery in the form of “campaign donations.” The money is the problem.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      But Mary O, do you really believe the Jews will be satisfied with those new “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws in Greece for long? When was the last time a Jew was satisfied about anything for long? Isn’t it more likely they will soon start in with their whining all over again, complaining that those laws aren’t punitive enough? In a “democracy” Jew money talks, the will of the people walks.

      As for the necessity of a party or movement to win public support the public will, in the main, support whatever party or movement manages to seize control of the country. As long as you don’t take away their Internet porn, their ball games, their toaster ovens, raise their taxes too much or do anything else that will personally irritate them the inert, docile masses will go about their business as usual.

    13. Mary O Says:

      If the EU doesn’t stop African immigration, we could see a mass outbreak of ebola in Europe.

      “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston is an excellent read. He makes the point that Western “helpers” actually worsened every outbreak of this illness. Do-gooders are never too bright. Author includes interesting commentary on the politics of disease control as well.

      The sentimental notions about prejudice will hobble our government efforts at containment and prevention. Even now, needy for attention to the point of mental illness, Great White Saving Angels (GWSA) go over to Africa to get themselves infected, and then are flown back into the US, to be saved themselves at the cost of literally hundreds of millions of dollars. If they go there, let them stay there.

      African strategies are actually more effective at stopping the horrific plague. For example, they practice “reverse quarantine”: a healthy village walls itself off from outsiders until the threat had passed. A crew of GWSA in the form of “Doctors with [Brains]” recently forced their way into some of these villages. The natives were then ridiculed in the media for not having got the memo that doctors are God incarnate, and that the foreigners were there to help them (and not kill them and steal mineral rights to the land for George Soros).

      Another African practice is to isolate the patient in a grass hut; if he then dies, they burn the hut, which destroys the virus completely, more so than in an American hospital, where the staff speaks no English, and could easily make stupid mistakes. How do you bleach down an entire room anyway?

      The ancient medical principle states “First, do no harm.” We should just stay out, and leave people and their land with its minerals alone. Soros be damned.

    14. Mary O Says:

      But Mary O, do you really believe the Jews will be satisfied with those new “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws in Greece for long?

      Hitler warned of the danger of conducting war on two fronts. The Zionists are conducting war on how many fronts? Ukraine, Gaza, Syria, Iran, Libya (again), Iraq (again)… The list goes on and on. They didn’t get what they wanted in Greece. In the long run, they won’t get anything they wanted due to over-extension and public resentment.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      “They (the Yids) didn’t get what they wanted in Greece. In the long run, they won’t get anything they wanted due to over-extension and public resentment.”

      Yes, I believe you are right. The Jews always make pests of themselves and eventually even the most patient Gentile hosts become fed up with them and will either toss them out or throw them into bonfires. But when, O Lord, when will that happen?

      The Fuhrer was right about the danger of waging a war on two fronts, yet that’s exactly what he did. He should not have provoked the Russian bear in the East. Stalin was no threat to the Reich. As a result of Barbarossa Hitler, and by extension, the White Struggle against World Jewry, lost everything.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Actually, Hitler managed to get Germany bogged down into a three front war, if you include the invasion of Italy. And it was a four-front war if you include the devastating Allied air-raids over Germany. Is it any wonder Hitler’s superiors were reluctant to promote him above the rank of corporal in the First War? Elvis was in the Army for only two years compared to Hitler’s five, yet he made it up to a buck sergeant.

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The greatest blunder Adolf Hitler made, was by not following up the routing of the Anglo-French forces, by bagging the English Army at Dunkirk, and than a seaborne invasion across the La Manche to deal a death blow to England, like Napoleon his predecessor he fought the English in North Africa, when he should have pulled the noose on both ends at Gibraltar and the Suez, that would have been a piece of cake with the great U-boat commander he had, instead of the stupid idea of attacking the British inside Scapa flow. Above all he should have avoided Greece and Italy campaigns and even Spain as an ally. We all know why Napoleon failed wasn’t the Russian campaing but the disaster of the Penisular wars in Spain which Jews played a big role in destroying him.