6 September, 2014

The Endless Jewing of Germany

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How many times has Germany been Jewed? Let’s see: 1) the founding of socialism by Eduard Bernstein circa 1900; 2) the Versailles Treaty; 3) the Weimar era; 4) WWII; 5) post-WWII de-Nazification; 6) 1960s-era Cultural Marxism; so, at least six times. Oy veh, that’s a lotta Jewing! And to think, Germany is still paying money to the Jews over the “Holocaust.” Shouldn’t the Jews pay the Germans at least once?


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    1. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Following the writings of the Christian Fathers would have prevented Germany from falling into this pit.

    2. fd Says:

      Let’s cut to the chase. Who is responsible for the perpetual occupation of Germany? My answer is Federal power from the 1940s forward. International Jewry has the most to gain by the lock-down of Germany. The military occupation is a cash cow that has produced 100s of corporations at the sufferance American taxpayers. The number of U.S. military bases in Germany are near 50.

      Why do Germans in America, especially the Midwest, tolerate the occupation of Germany? Why did Germans in America invade their kinfolks in the big war? When Lincoln ask Southern governors to invade their sister states, it didn’t pass the laugh test.

      A Harvard encyclopedia published in the 1970s states very clearly that Jews literally followed Germans to the Midwest in the 19th century. I have a great mind to call my cousins of the Zorn clan (wrath…anger) and ask them what in the cornbread hell is going on with Jews and Germans. Their heads look like NAZI helmets.

    3. fd Says:

      re: Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus

      Genocidal evangelism carried out by Charlemagne’s Christian soldiers killed off 10s of thousands of Saxon pagans. 4,500 were beheaded in one sitting….in the name of the Jew god.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews have been inextricably intertwined with German society for a long time…For example, there were lots of Jews in German government, finance, education and entertainment when Bismarck was Reich-chancellor. I think the Jewish genie was first let out of the bottle, or ghetto, sometime during the reign of Frederick I of Prussia.

      But Germany, along with the rest of western Europe, seems to have a naturally decadent streak about it. The Jews are simply exploiting that streak for all it’s worth. A stronger, healthier volk would have never fallen victim to the Jews’ siren-song in the first place. The pre-Christian Greeks and Romans had lots of Jews in their midst but never let those bastards push them around. The Jews back then knew if they didn’t behave themselves the Romans would literally crucify them. That’s a damn good incentive to control one’s behavior.

    5. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      How much longer will Germany be forced to suck JEWISH and American COCK..? 10 years?….20 years?….100 years ?
      …How many white women where raped or pimped out this past weekend..? How many white women in America where raped or pimped out.
      ..how many white children where abused by sexual perverts ?.
      ..this shit goes on day and night 24/7 ..365 days a year….and there is still no response from white men.
      Let me tell you whitey… if your not willing to kill the people who are killing you ..you are fucked… !!
      Real power comes to you when you are feared
      .. do you understand that White man ?

      ” You want it back white man?…then your going to have to kill for it”

    6. fd Says:

      Georgia boys hanged one Jew to death, and the Jews are still screaming. “The devil went down to Georgia looking for a Jew to kill…”

      Hey Vern….what Bobby Joe? Did you use my confederate rope to hang that Jew boy….Yes. You better get to town and buy me a new rope….OK. Hey Vern….what? Is there any peach cobbler left…?

    7. fd Says:

      Georgia boys hanged one Jew to death, and the Jews are still screaming. “The devil went down to Georgia looking for a Jew to kill…”

      Hey Vern….what Bobby Joe? Did you use my confederate rope to hang that Jew boy….Yes. You better get to town and buy me a new rope….OK. Hey Vern….what? Is there any peach cobbler left…?

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Germany since 1945 has received ‘the jew suss’ treatment. That film made in 1940 is a masterpiece of educative cinema. A while back it was available on youtube!

      PS, Honkey Tonk Man is spot-on, the tide will turn only when brothers, fathers, and husbands act like men. No force can stand against an army of avenging White men.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Remember y’all, it’s Tim McGreen, not Tim McGraw. I’m not married to Faith Hill, although I wouldn’t mind one bit finding a girl like that.

      fd, the South is just not Jew-wise enough, even though they did lynch that Kike Leo Frank 100 years ago. I’m still not 100% certain he was guilty of Mary Phagan’s murder, but his “co-religionists” didn’t help matters by pulling strings behind the scenes to get his death sentence commuted to life. That made it look as if he was guilty but got special treatment because he was a well-connected Jew.

      Anyway, them Southern boys need to stop fixatin’ on the coloreds so much and focus their attention instead on 1) Organized Jewry and 2) on THEMSELVES for willingly fighting the Jews’ never-ending wars and for being Christian, which, as we all know, is the export version of Judaism.

    10. Sean Gruber Says:

      The South is jew-whipped. There is no fight in that section of the country.

      I’m born and raised, and know what I’m talking about.

    11. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen, I’d say 75% of Jews in America live outside the South. If the inert North is Jew wise, there is no evidence. Because the population from California to New York is so immense, I’m sure the military population has more soldiers coming out of Federaland than Dixie Land. But I agree that too many Southern down-homers join the service.

      Negroes in the North have a long history of rioting and demonstrating, whereas Negroes in the South don’t. Negroes in the South are concerned about strong retaliation from White citizens; Negroes in the North don’t fear White citizens.

      The North and South are equally overwhelmed by Christianity.

    12. fd Says:

      Sean Gruber, the North is covered with Jews. Count the synagogues from New York to California and all in between. When is the last time the Northern Section did anything about Jews, besides save them? People in the South don’t know what Northern racism. We’re not seeing it.

      Gruber, you’re the poster boy for the universal Yankee nation: A parade of strangers that is all talk.

      Having said that, there is a lot of really good people up North.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      As degenerate as post WWII Germany is their former ally Austria is even worse. Now the EUSSR is getting ready to impose yet another round of “sanctions” against Russia, only because Washington and the Jew ruling elite have ordered them to. There are three countries that deserve to be blockaded and shunned by the rest of the world and they are 1) the Jewnited Snakes 2) Zionist Occupied Palestine and 3) the Jewnited-Kikedom.

    14. Sean Gruber Says:

      To knock the South is not necessarily to boost the North. Both are down for the count. The absurd and sad pretension that the South is relatively healthy viz. the jewish question is my target.

      Get over the Civil War, fd. It’s the last battle, not the next. It ended 149 years ago. Maybe you should start looking ahead (or looking around, at the “New” South).

      I’m a White Southerner born and bred but I don’t bury my head in fantasies.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      The niggers in the cities of the New/Jew South are especially vicious sub-human savages. For example, we all know what happened to Channon and Christopher in Knoxville a few years ago. There’s plenty of Black on White crime in the North too but not at the levels or intensity we see in the South. Have White southerners become that pacified by the enemy, Herr Gruber?

    16. fd Says:

      I never said anything about the Civil War, Sean Gruber. You’re what we call a home-made Yankee.

      Whites in the North have not illustrated racism in so many decades that I can’t remember. Racism in the North is reduced to criticizing White Southerners which is not racism. So why do Yankees pretend to be a coalesced people when everybody knows the North is destitute of blood and soil kinfolk states.

      Tim McGreen, trying to transfer the Jew problem from the North to the South is hopeless.

      The North is the international stronghold for all Jews every where. New York City, Chicago, L.A., Cincinnati, San Francisco, Philadelphia, etc., have so many Jews the numbers lose their meaning.

      I don’t agree with your position on Negroes either. New York City, Chicago and L.A, have the highest Negro population of all cities in America. What is their murder rate…? The Negro infested Yankee capital on the Potomac. What is the murder rate of that place…?

      The dirty little secret is still out there: So called Northern racists are waiting on the South to make the first move. If insurrection is the future of the Southern country, the International North will roll over on us like a big root hog. The North will say NO !

      The South has contended only for self-determination and White separation.

      Sean Gruber and Tim McGreen are doing the brother-in-law attack on me.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sir, I do not partake in ganging-up on other people. I am merely pointing out that your colored folks south of the Mason-Dixon Line seem to be a lot more dangerous than ours. As for the Jew he is the same regardless of where he happens to reside, be it in Biloxi, Boston or Buenos Aires. And for the most part, Whitey is as racially aware or unaware in Minnesota and Massachusetts as he is/isn’t in Mississippi and Missouri.

      I have always supported the South’s right to secede from the Union. The Far West ought to do likewise. Maybe some kind of North American Confederation of Revolutionary White Republics would be the solution, but the current situation, where the entire USA is ruled by two or three cities on the northeastern seaboard, is unfair, undemocratic and downright elitist.

    18. fd Says:

      Sir, I have stayed on subject, not mentioning the ‘4 years war’ although I was wrongly accused of it. Whites in the The North and South are compromised by Jews and Negroes. Arguing about who gets the worst of it on a daily basis is immature and embarrassing. I’m good. And I agree that we are down to White confederations.

      What you said about the ruling cities in the northeast is called by some, the New Englandization of America.

    19. Sean Gruber Says:

      “The South has contended only for self-determination and White separation.”

      This is the problem I have. I look around and I don’t see it. It appears to be wishful thinking.

      Of course, my sample period is approximately 1970 to 2014, which is a limited period. It is, however, the most recent period, which ought to count for something.

      “Have White southerners become that pacified by the enemy, Herr Gruber?”

      Tim, I wouldn’t claim to know all White southerners, but I do agree with this thought of yours: “Whitey is as racially aware or unaware in Minnesota and Massachusetts as he is/isn’t in Mississippi and Missouri.”

      It is true that I sometimes hear tell of White southerners who still decry niggers in private, using that word, and even “discriminate” against the nogs as well. It may be that I am not good enough to be invited into the confidence of these super-secret societies. But it is also true that everyone who has told me of these invisible racists has been a race-mixer, liberal, or jew.

      I have been in South America and have made jew jokes and jew-crit with acquaintances, who respond positively “like it ain’t no thang,” as the niggers would say. In the South, I would be labeled a bad, bad man for even one jew joke. I suppose this is little different from the situation obtaining in your frozen climes, Tim.

    20. Klassikality Says:

      No German culture anymore. Has been replaced by the Culture of The Holocaust. Germany trips over its own feet in a rush to cater to jews, German taxpayers play/pay a big part in keeping Israel afloat. Other nations citizens obviously do as well, but Germany has NO leverage in reasoning with chosen ones no matter how outrageous jewish demands get. How many Holohoax stories in the news just in the past month? The Shoah beat goes on. (and on and on and on.)

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Krauts know the Holohoax is nothing but an extortion racket, but they figure it’s cheaper to pay off the Jews than to raise a fuss about it. The cost to Germany of keeping the Jews quiet is considered to be just another cost of doing business, no different from paying some extra tariff, fine, fee or duty-tax.

    22. fd Says:

      To crawl in silence for bread and games is contrary to the laws of nature. The Germans have no choice but to turn their train around. The Jews and Federals must be ousted from the entire continent.

      The conquered province over here shocked the victors with great energy and ingenuity. The Germans can do the same thing.

      Louis Beam wrote: With negro crime and Federal tyranny holding the South in a stranglehold, it was not long until guerilla warfare and pitched battles raged between the black-Republican faction and the ex-Confederates. In addition to the Klan, there existed the “Knights of the White Camellia”(Louisiana), the “White Line of Mississippi,” the Rifle clubs and the “Red Shirts” of the Carolinas, Cullen Baker’s Guerillas in East Texas, as well as the “Pale Faces,” “White League,”and the Bull Dozers” in various other areas of the South. The Ku Klux Klan, however, was the only organization that rode throughout the old Confederacy.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, according to my understanding of Reconstruction the original Klan was outlawed and broken up in 1869-70 by the Union occupation authority but resurfaced 45 years later after the Mary Phagan murder and D.W. Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation”. The reconstituted Klan remained a major force throughout the South (and parts of the North as well…there were Klan chapters in Indiana, California and Connecticut) until the 1970s and 80s when the Feds once again broke the Klan up, this time using their bullshit RICO laws. Is that the story in a nutshell?

    24. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen, you’re basically correct. The Klan is still all over the place.

      The killing of Mary Phagan ushered in the 2d era Klan. It was sanctioned on Stone Mountain: The knights of Mary Phagan.

      So far as I know, there is a Klavern in Maine. The Canadians must have irritated them :)

    25. fd Says:

      D.W Griffith’s, Birth of a Nation is based entirely on the “Clansmen” by Thomas Dixon.

      Mr. Dixon saw the theatrical play Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Infuriated by the misrepresentation of the South, he went home and wrote the Clansmen which is the highest grossing film in silent film history. He also wrote The Traitor and the Leopard Spots (a trilogy of 3 works).

      2 rough Hombres below:

      “Were I the master of every language on Earth, past master of all the dead tongues of the ages, a genius in the use of every epithet the rage of man ever spoke, still the words would have no power to express my contempt for one who would betray his own Race!” — From The Traitor, by Thomas Dixon, Jr

      “Let the epitaph of ‘race traitor’ become the most shunned title one can acquire. May it be as dreaded by our people as the bite of a rattlesnake. Let it be shouted in our enemies’ faces, painted on their buildings, inscribed on their tombstones; and to those who earn this title, may it become more deadly than the bites of three rattlesnakes!” — Louis Beam