4 October, 2014

More U.S. Troops Being Sent to Africa to Battle Ebola. Why?

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Why are White people being sent half-way around the world to fight an African disease? Because Blacks are basically adult children [1]. They are unable to care for themselves, so White people have to help them. (Yet, here in America, Blacks are now police officers and judges and congressmen).


[1] the famous doctor, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, said that Blacks are “like children”

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    1. fd Says:

      The world must be astonished to witness the hateful city on the Potomac prosecuting its wars by covering with its armies and navies 3/4 of the earth.

      What principle motivates the Federals to assault the world ?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Very good question, fd. I think this American Empire insanity all began with Presidents Bill McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt. Up until their time we pretty much minded our own business, except for the Mexican War, which is the last US conflict for which any kind of justification could be made. With McKinley-Roosevelt the USA became a global colonial power, no different from Germany, Britain or France. Bad idea. Bad medicine, White Man.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Why did it happen? Because after the War Between the States we saw the rise of the Corporations and the Trusts. The Robber Barons of the Industrial Revolution (with their Rothschild money) took America away from its traditional owners, the White American farmer and small businessman.

      Then we started to compete with Imperial Germany, France, Britain, Japan and Russia for access to and control of the Far East. Hence the construction of the Panama Canal, which required huge amounts of international capital, as well as getting the Columbian province of Panama to break away and become an obedient stooge of Washington. And then came the war against Imperial Spain (or what was left of it by 1898) to grab Cuba and The Philippines……And so on and so forth, until the USA became the biggest imperial power of them all.

      Now there’s nowhere for the Kwa to go but downhill. And that is exactly where we are going and have been since, when, the end of the Vietnam War, perhaps?

    4. Mary O Says:

      This thinking is naive. We are the ones being children.

      Believe it or not, Africans can take care of Africa. They have their own means of disease control. For example, healthy villages will practice “reverse quarantine,” refusing to let anyone enter their village until the outbreak has ceased.

      In contrast, we Westerners are forcing huge convoys of dumb do-gooders like “Doctors without [Brains]” through their small towns, smug in the Western notion that our “cleanliness is next to Godliness” attitude will protect us from the dirty germs.

      Obviously the villagers are right: the virus is spread through human interactions; therefore, the best policy is to shut down interactions to the maximal point possible, just temporarily, until the danger passes.

      Another African practice to construct a grass hut for the diseased individual. If the person then dies, the villagers burn the hut. This form of complete and total viral decontamination by fire protects the rest of the people from the virus.

      What are we “smart” Whites going to do? Tell a Mexicana to sponge Clorox over every square inch of a hospital room?

    5. Mary O Says:

      Myth: Wildlife stays put.

      Fruit bats live in any area with lots of trees. They are very difficult to catch, and when they are not flying they are difficult to find, because they are small. Could a fruit bat somehow be inducted into the cargo hull of an airplane, or any part of a plane, and thereby be transported anywhere in the USA? The African variety are the same species as the fruit bats that live practically everywhere in the US.

      Maybe bats are to planes, what rats used to be to boats; the vector of contagion, and the cause of epidemics. The cargo hull would be ice-cold, but maybe a small bat could survive esp. shorter distances like into Europe, and from there, here, everywhere on the globe.

    6. fd Says:

      1865 to present: With an unchecked Federal government, greed and murderous aggression became front and center world wide.

      Houston, the oil capital of the world, began sending the boys in the Gulf to build the offshore oilfields in the Persian Gulf, Far East, Africa, South America and the North Sea. Washington will bomb anyone who interferes with the flow of oil belonging to so – called American interest.

      The oil companies were so powerful in the Gulf of Mexico, there was no attempt to force affirmative action on White Southerners. All the jobs in the Gulf were 100% White when I was out there in the 1970s and ’80s. Not a chance it’s like that today.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I suspect US troops are being sent to Africa not to “combat” a disease that’s killed 2 or 3,000 people -hardly a global pandemic- but rather as an excuse to begin the direct US occupation/colonialization/exploitation of Africa. By contrast the Cubans send doctors, nurses and engineers to troubled parts of the third world, not military forces.

    8. Mary O Says:

      The ilk of Soros wants the mineral rights to the land. For the same reason, Central Americans are being “cleared” from their land with bogus promises of a life of relative ease on the US public assistance programs.

      These events are similar to the Land Clearances in Scotland and other areas of northern Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Certain interests found they could make more money from using the land for livestock rather than renting to small farmers.

      Doctors without Brains and similar groups are just pawns being used by the Soros interests to actually spread the disease farther and worsen conditions there.

      The US military is taking in huge numbers of Central Americans, and promising them and their families citizenship and other privileges. When they go on break from their tour of West Africa, might the new recruits go home? And, spread it throughout their homelands, where with similar wildlife, primates and fruit bats, it will rage out of control?

      The illness attacks the brain, as well as every other vital organ. The blood clots, and the person experiences a series of strokes which impair their judgment. Blaming the sick person for “selfishness” in getting on a plane and possibly infecting other people is not reasonable. Even the few survivors, like the doctor in the Atlanta hospital, probably suffered significant brain damage.

    9. fd Says:

      Nature will save the planet by killing off more than half the human population. Natural selection decides who stays and who goes. There is no colder heart than mother nature when her guests have over-stayed their welcome.

    10. Mary O Says:

      The media has at times made this virus sound as difficult to contract as AIDS. Actually, people can be infected by riding in a taxi after someone with an infection. “Body fluids” can include trace perspiration, or minute saliva droplets from a sneeze.

      According to a WHO staff member who has been in Liberia for the past several weeks, motorbike-taxis and regular taxis are a hot source of potential Ebola virus transmission, as these vehicles are not disinfected at all, much less before new passengers are taken on board.


      AIDS is an entirely different type of virus, which dies immediately on being exposed to air. That’s why it doesn’t spread so easily. Exposed, on a surface, AIDS dies instantly; but Ebola can live for a few hours facilitating infection.

      The media gives few details, and perhaps few facts are actually known; but how long can Ebola live in say a small drop of blood? Probably it could live a few hours after the blood has completely dried. Depending on the size of the drop of blood, and the ambient temperature; perhaps 22 hours would be a safe guess.

      Taking money from someone with Ebola could cause an infection if the person accepting the money has even a small cut, even a pinprick, on their hand.

      The authorities are advising people to wash hands with soap very frequently, but could that just increase the number of hand abrasions? Esp. in cold weather, exposure to water to an excessive degree, can make skin crack.

      Hand sanitizer can make skin crack too. We are being warned to be sure that it is at least 65% alcohol to kill Ebola.

      Public rest rooms could possibly spread the virus, too.

    11. fd Says:

      Mary O Says: “Believe it or not, Africans can take care of Africa.”

      I agree. Your statement reminds me of WW1 winding down with Germany the victor. The exhausted European countries were prepared to go back to the way things were before the war which they had done for centuries. The Germans had no ambitions to control other countries. But the Federals didn’t like the victor so they upstarted the war and perverted all of Europe.

      Europe can manages its own affairs. When the Federals get involved, everything is ruined in their hands.

    12. Mary O Says:

      This Frieden needs to be fired. Believe it or not, the world can do very nicely without us; just as we could do very nicely without him and his type. People who may have ebola do not have the right to enter the US seeking free “Emergency Medicaid” or for any other reason. Their expenses could easily hit $500K per person for “clean room” cost [that is, all the equipment and training to keep a special room controlled against virus], and the victims would die at the same rate as they would over in Africa.

      And, talk about hypocrisy: A Jew arguing in favor of a so-called “right of return.”

      How sad if the US were to close its doors for say 6 months.

      Millions of nerdy backpackers would be forced to hit the Appalachian Trail instead of outer Burma, or Mali, or places like that.

      The lull in the wars might produce a minor economic recovery, giving Americans headaches over which creditor to pay off first.

      Instead of being terrorized by gangsters throwing wild drug parties all night around the block, Americans might use the peace and quiet to read books like “Self-Reliance” by Thoreau.

      Walking to save money on imported gas might cure the obesity epidemic (hear that, Michelle); while increased carpooling might improve political organization (people talk when they get together).

      Frieden believes the best way to control the outbreak of the deadly virus is to fight it from the source in West Africa, not stop people who may or may not be infected from coming into the country.
      ‘Though we might wish we can seal ourselves off from the world, there are Americans who have the right of return and many other people that have the right to enter this country,’ he said.
      As the number of potential Ebola patients continues to rage in the United States, Frieden stressed there remains only one confirmed case – Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas.
      ‘We have definitely seen an increase in the number since this patient was diagnosed – that is as it should be,’ Frieden said.


    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Americans might use the peace and quiet to read books like “Self Reliance” by Thoreau.”

      Excellent suggestion, Mary O, most excellent. I would also recommend using that quiet time for reading his essay “Civil Disobedience”. If you live in the Boston area this would be a fine time of the year to visit Walden Pond and the nearby cemetery where Thoreau, his friend Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Louisa May Alcott, among other great White Americans of the past, are buried.

    14. Mary O Says:

      The fed-guv is definitely to blame. Maybe localities could close down the ebola influx by refusing to fund proper facilities. Say an individual city were to ban the implementation of any type of hospital “clean room” for ebola. No money, no facility, no immigrant influx, no Medicaid for services which are not available. Each locality could perhaps ban ebola treatment centers in their jurisdiction; thereby protecting their own people from a flood of contagious victims.

      Keep in mind that there is nothing realistically to be done for the victims; the disease acts so quickly that even keeping them “comfortable” is beyond our capability.

    15. Mary O Says:

      The fed-guv’s major technique in destroying the Mideast for Israel’s maximal convenience is to offer its people a supposedly comfy life on US public assistance. Once the prospective immigrants learn that their new Section 8 neighbors might be ebola victims, how many will come flooding over from Syria and other target nations?

      They just might decide to stand their ground.

      Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

    16. Mary O Says:

      Off-topic, but nonetheless, here is a suggestion: maybe we could claim “Aryan” as a religion.

      For beliefs, we could incorporate any ideas like family values, and honesty or love of nature that we like. We could leave it up to the individual as Unitarians do.

      Then, we could play the “religion card” against the race card as Jews do. The religious Aryan could demand certain forms of social separatism that the racial Aryan could not. For example, the religious Aryan could not be pilloried for not wanting to date non-Aryans, or disapproving of such relationships. Religious Aryans might have freedom of assembly.

      Jews could not infiltrate, and drive Aryanism to the left, the way they do Protestant churches; because they hate the very sound of the word “Aryan.”

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Matt Hale tried to get the Federal Empire to recognize his World Church of the Creator as a religious organization, but since it’s pro-White that didn’t happen.

      I also like Mary O’s idea of those nerdy back-packers hitting the Appalachian Trail instead of going off to some godforsaken place like Burma or Turkey to hike. What a bunch of fruity, liberal dopes those nerdy back-packers are. Despite its many, many faults Amerika is still a great country that is worth visiting from coast to coast. It’s just the damn Jew-capitalist-corporate-welfare-warfare System that’s horrible. Plus all the spooks and spics, they’re horrible as well. But once you get away from the cities and the military bases the rest of the country is still basically White and free.

    18. Mary O Says:

      Matt Hale tried to obtain tax-exempt status, though. The government therefore had a money stake in causing trouble.

    19. fd Says:

      Matt Hale should have never gone to the courthouse. His 6th sense wasn’t working or he didn’t understand the situation. I’d rather Hale be an outlaw living on the run than captured. His speech in the Semitic courtroom meant nothing to the knee benders. I hope he breaks out like Billy the Kid. It happens.

    20. Mary O Says:

      In the book, “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston, an 1989 Army ebola decontamination operation is described. In the chapter entitled “91-Tangos,” a code name for a specialized military unit, the use of bleach is mentioned.

      Following prescribed procedures, when the soldiers spill blood on their protective suits, they wash it off with a sponge of bleach. Similarly, they wash their gloves of blood, since the blood might make it difficult to detect a rip or tear in the glove material.

      And ….

      Every time blood went down the drain, they would pour bleach after it — they didn’t want ebola getting into the Reston sewage system

      Reston is a suburb near Washington DC.

      So when an ebola victim vomits in a public toilet, is there a chance that the virus survives in the flushed water, and might contaminate the sewer system?

      We know it survives exposed on a dry surface for only a few hours, but what exactly does the virus do in water?

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      So, ZOG has several thousand troops it can send to Africa in order to help fight some ooga-booga disease, but there are no Federal troops available to put on the extremely dangerous US-Mexico border?

      Good ol’ Barry “Boot-Lip” Soetero. You can count on him to do EVERYTHING that is AGAINST White America’s best interests.

    22. CW-2 Says:

      Is the real intention to bring Ebola and other tropical diseases back to the warmer regions of the US?

    23. Mary O Says:

      Virus D-68 which recently killed a child in NJ likely came from Central America.

    24. Mary O Says:

      Actually the religion comments may belong here; since Christianity is to blame for this stupid high-risk do-gooder behavior.

      We need better words, too. “Aryan” may make certain White groups feel excluded.

      Jewish attitude: 1000 Gentile lives aren’t worth one Jewish fingernail.

      Christian attitude: 1000 White lives aren’t worth one nonwhite fingernail.

      2000 crazy Germans volunteer to go to Ebolaland:

      Maybe we need to go back to the ancient Greeks and their love of truth and reason.

      We do not have the capability to cure ebola victims. And, we just don’t have enough information about this virus.

      Therefore, going over there is sheer lunacy.

      The CDC is using non sequiturs to conclude that ebola is not highly contagious in public transportation settings.

      (The WHO, as I mentioned above, disagrees).

      The CDC is basically saying that almost everyone who actually tested positive for the disease reported an obviously dangerous contact, such as handling the dead body of an ebola victim. However, the riskiest contact is not necessarily the actual point of infection.

      Say the infected person reports that within the past week, he handled a dead body, rode in 10 taxis, took the bus twice, shared one bottle of coke with a friend and shook hands with 3 people whom he did not know. Could he have been infected when riding the bus?

      We don’t know.

      Since handling a dead body or visiting a sick individual may be common behavior among the subjects of any related study; the danger level of other less obvious factors is possibly masked.

    25. Mary O Says:


      [Ashoka Mukpo] received IV fluids on the plane, his father said, adding that he was thankful that his son’s condition had not deteriorated before he returned to the U.S.
      However Dr Levy added that it was likely his son would go into the next, more serious, stage of Ebola at the Nebraska hospital.
      The 33-year-old, returned to Liberia on September 4 after returning to the U.S. in May following two years of work with a non-governmental organization.
      He believes that he may have contracted the virus after getting splashed while spray-washing a car that had carried someone who later died of Ebola.

      This opinion contradicts the CDC statements that one does not get ebola from casual contact as sitting next to someone on a bus. Mr. Mukpo wasn’t even inside the vehicle. Nor did he necessarily even physically touch the vehicle.

    26. Mary O Says:

      We should change his name: President Barack Ebola. Doesn’t it sound right?

    27. CW-2 Says:

      Yep, ‘President Barak Ebola’, aka Barry Soetero, has a good ring to it.

    28. Mary O Says:

      Inspiring to see: a mob of ANGRY WHITES!


    29. Mary O Says:

      Resolution 2177 (2014) was adopted unanimously during a meeting that heard a statement from United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and briefings by the Senior United Nations System Coordinator for Ebola, David Nabarro, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan, and a Médecins Sans Frontières health worker, Jackson K.P. Niamah, via video-teleconference from Liberia.

      Through the resolution, the Council requested the Secretary-General to ensure that all relevant United Nations sections accelerated their response to the outbreak, encouraging the World Health Organization (WHO) to strengthen its technical leadership and operational support to Governments and other partners in that effort.

      The Council encouraged the Governments of the heavily affected countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to speed up the establishment of national mechanisms to deal with the crisis — providing for rapid diagnosis, quarantine, treatment and public education — and to coordinate efficient utilization of international assistance, including health workers and relief supplies.

      It called on countries to lift border restrictions on the affected countries that led to their isolation, saying that such measures could undermine their efforts to respond to the crisis, calling also on transport companies to maintain links.


      The facilities that the US troops are building look just like concentration camps. Probably they are going to “isolate” and “quarantine” sick Africans in these barb-wired camps; that is, arrest them, and sentence them to die there.

      The media will deluge us with images of screaming Africans trying to climb the fences to escape, and US troops shooting at them. We will then be blamed for an atrocity and crimes against humanity.

      How about we just leave it alone?

      Some US soldier is going to make a slight mistake, not removing the contaminated garments correctly or a similar easy-to-make error, and four or five of our troops will get ebola and die.

      Meanwhile in TX, lawsuits are commencing. Not only was the $2 million (at the very least) cost to the taxpayer through “Emergency Medicaid,” quarantine costs and haz-mat contracts, but now we are being sued for being racist because we didn’t give the patient the experimental drug which was already used up, and we also didn’t give him the blood of White survivors’ which didn’t match his own, and might only have killed him quicker.

      They literally want our blood.

      Will the do-gooders please note that the one word we haven’t heard is “thanks”?

    30. Howdy Doody Says:



      Game changer or flash in the pan ?

    31. Howdy Doody Says:


      I viewed a utube a year ago or so, and the regime dungeon where the violin player/church leader is a closet like cell, well film showed fat eviljellycultists dominating the prison and running it. Nave’s with a good paying job, and blissfully ignorant.

      I got the feeling these prison guards and admin’s believe with out question every thing TV and etc. tells them with out a second thought.

      If you ever see it, it will make you sad for sure.

    32. Howdy Doody Says:

      Mary O Says:
      5 October, 2014 at 12:47 pm

      The fed-guv’s major technique in destroying the Mideast for Israel’s maximal convenience is to offer its people a supposedly comfy life on US public assistance. Once the prospective immigrants learn that their new Section 8 neighbors might be ebola victims, how many will come flooding over from Syria and other target nations?

      They just might decide to stand their ground.

      Every dark cloud has a silver lining.


      Majority of White’s don’t know a single thing about this, or the refugee scam that going big time Vietnames, Mhong criminals, pal’s chased out, Russian Kikes were given special $$ treatment in 1989, with some wind fall bill that was passed, can’t remember the details. There is billions paid to refugee’s. Beside the joo’s on this gravy train how about the Sasmellies from Africa who have wreck MN. and Maine.

      Plus refugee’s have been sent to very rural areas that Whites would love to live if they could, trailers, house’s and condo’s.

      Maybe this a is way to prop up the rental and filthy motel Business’s run by YT hating Hindu’s who love bring in relatives.