27 November, 2014

Online Book

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“Onward Christian Soldiers” (Newport Beach, California; The Noontide Press, 1981) by former Chicago Tribune journalist Donald Day. [a .PDF file]. Day’s career in Russia/Eastern Europe was ended at the request of a Jew (i.e., the Soviet ambassador Maxim Litvinov, real name Wallach-Finkelstein).

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    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      Is this PDF the unedited version ?

      Jimmy Carters 2006 book on the kike mess over in itzalie got him in screaming hot water for one ONE short paragraph! Mikey kike Savage went nuts screaming that his was a SOB bastard aunti Semite ! in late July 06.

      Carter a year after the book came out promised all future editions would have the hateful paragraph removed.

      He went to Brandeis University and profusely apologized with TEARS streaming in a pack kike auditorium, OY VEY !

      He likely did this as others have stated to protect his grand children etc.

      Since 2001 they are a bunch of snarling lovely’s, oh we are so lucky for these light of the World people.