22 November, 2014

Why Are They Banning Online Comments at News Websites?

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Why? Here’s a good guess: there are too many comments about Jews and Blacks.


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    1. Zerstorer Says:

      Just ask Luciana Berger lol………

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Semitically Correct libtards at CNN, Reuters, etc must be in a constant state of shock and disbelief over all the pro-White, anti-mud/fag/kike messages that people are leaving in the comments section. Just think, more than 50 years of anti-White race-mixing propaganda in the establishment Jewsmedia and none of it seems to be working. That’s because Jews, Blacks and fairies really are as bad as the “stereotypes” portray them. What I find especially funny is when the Blacks post good anti-Jew comments! The Jews thought they had the Blacks trained not to think like that.

      So how do libtards deal with any kind of reality they don’t like? By denying its existence, of course. By attempting to censor it, of course. But who still gets their news from CNN, Reuters or any of those other lamestream sources anyway? RT and Youtube always attract a lot of good comments, as does the legendary Vanguardnewsnetwork.

    3. fd Says:

      “. . . the legendary Vanguardnewsnetwork. . . .” -Tim McGreen

      No doubt, this website has class and largely incorrigible when it comes to race. On occasion it gets off center due to arguments, but corrects itself in a timely fashion (integrity). Our enemies are watching us like a hawk. They’re coming for us:


    4. Klassikality Says:

      It has been encouraging as hell seeing the massive amounts of comments on various mainstream news sites from “disgruntled” White folks who are done buying into to the jewsmedias constant bs, both the liberal and con-servative variety. Now, if they would just DITCH the ridiculous GOP who aint gonna help em, and seriously look for new political options. (Not the Kosher Tea Party!)

      I agree with Tim McGreen about our information elites being suprised and dsappointed that the White masses are NOT the raceless Zog-bots that keep swallowing the last several decades of anti-White genocidal propaganda. Many of the leftist elites seem to honestly be perplexed as to why their Upper West Side “values” arent shared by the White folks of flyover country.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Enemy ?

      Billions in cash is what the enemy of Western Nation’s to use against us, with thousand employed to read any snippet any where around the clock STASI scum, with fun meetings, media working hand and hand, along with regime protection.

      With all their power they are scouring the floor in to the corners to find anything to harass or use out of context or to embellish in the negative to make Whites look bad.

      Itz hard work for them avoiding the truth of what they are really doing to US.

    6. Luke Says:

      My advice to every White man and White woman: Arm up.

      Also, buy as much ammo as you can afford every payday – and DO NOT
      use plastic or a personal check. Use cash only and do not leave an electronic paper trail. Same rule applies to firearm accessories, such as cleaning equipment and supplies, etc. Think ahead, keep your brain engaged and do not leave bread crumbs that will lead these Communist bastards to your doorstep.

      Try to own as many firearms as you can that are obtained through private sales and which the two inch dicked little Bolshevik weasel Chuckie Schumer or his bull dyke sidekick, Diane Feinstein are not able to trace back to you.

      !776 The Sequel is on the horizon and this time around, demonRats are going to be the new Redcoats.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      History waits for no man, or can it be put on a shelf for a later dates.

      The movies of Hollywood, drugs, and the bastard street theater and riots/violence has come home to US in full today.

    8. Knoxie Says:

      The explanations given in the CNN story are misinformation. The real reason for the deemphasis of comments is that provocative ‘trolling’ comments were themselves a promotional device designed by the site marketers to increase ‘eyeballs’ and ‘clickthroughs,’ but they are counterproductive as the internet matures.

      Huffington Post actually had a big team of staffers and freelancers whose job it was to play pseudo-troll and keep flame-wars blazing. These were the people who would jump on any right-of-center comment and say something like, ‘GFY, teabagger!’ When AOL acquired HuffPo, first thing it did was focus on improving the advertising base by cleaning up the overall environment. That’s when they got rid of the paid trolls and restricted anonymous messages.