19 December, 2014

Another Nazi-Themed Movie: “The Imitation Game”

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Another “those evil Nazis” movie has come out, like “Fury” a couple of months ago. Why are there so many Nazi-themed movies being made today, 70 years after the fall of Hitler’s Germany? Because Jewish Hollywood is getting worried that the gullible, flag-waving “greatest generation” of Americans is dying off (admittedly, it is) and therefore not enough Americans will be around to “appreciate” the “unique evilness of Nazism.” These movies are propaganda, dressed up as entertainment. (How about some movies about genuine evil? How about some films about the Jewish Bolsheviks murdering tens-of-millions of people in Russia and then spreading Bolshevism to Eastern Europe? That’s major evil that we never hear about).


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  7. 21 Responses to “Another Nazi-Themed Movie: “The Imitation Game””

    1. CW-2 Says:

      If it weren’t for NS Germany and the valor of the Wehrmakt the raping Red Army would have reached the Pyrenees and probably beyond. Which of course was Stalin and FDR’s intention.

    2. Varg Says:


    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The main reason Hebrewood is putting out so many “Nazi” films is because Hitler and the “Nazis” are guaranteed money-makers for the movie industry. Especially with Nazi-obsessed Jewish audiences. They can’t get enough of those scenes where a violin plays in the background while Jews are being herded into freight cars while the tea-kettle whistle of the choo-choo train goes off.

      This year is the centennial of the start of the Great War but apparently Hebrewood couldn’t care less, it just keeps on cranking out the same boring old WWII/Holoporn movies, where the “Nazis” are portrayed as thoroughly evil cartoon villains. And when they’re not doing that kind of crap they are releasing terrible re-makes old TV shows and movies, or doing endless sequels of some idiotic action movie or computer animated kiddie stuff. Hebrewood has no imagination whatsoever, they just stick to the same predictable formulas over and over.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Even though they bust a gut trying Kikewood can’t make a convincing ‘anti-Nazi’ flick. I mean, wasn’t clearing out the Lodz ghetto in ‘Schlinder’s List’ a good laugh. Also, who can’t admire Dr Mengle in ‘The Boys From Brazil’ when he says. ‘I’m not doing this for myself, but for YOU the Aryan people of the world’.

    5. Joe Says:

      Guys, guys, guys…
      Just don’t watch this filth. It will allay a lot of angst and keep your blood-pressure down. The last Jewywood movie I saw on WWII was Sheister’s List back in the early 90s. Oh… how I thought it was such a “deep” and “revealing” motion picture. Not long afterwards, I began my emergence from the drugged cocoon of lemmingdom to the light of truth about all things WWII and Third Reich Germany.
      And, although it’s not germane to this article…
      I have to point out how this upcoming January 27th is “Holocaust Remembrance Day”.
      The first thing that came to my mind is this –
      Yes. We must “remember”. We will soon use this well-placed date as a “remembrance” of how the Jews and their satanic minions attempted their destruction of our civilization and world through their system of usury and media-mind-control-manipulation. On this date, we will “never forget” how we almost succumbed to eternal enslavement.
      Spread the words of truth far and wide to all that can hear and perceive.
      Real change can only occur with enlightenment.

    6. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      I started watching World War Part 2 movies in the late 1950’s. Seen well over 100+ of them. It was always a thrill see Audie Murphy mow all those Jerries down from that burning tank or John Wayne frying a few Japs with a flame thrower.
      Since I now know the sinister motives behind the Good War, that has all changed. No need to waste time and money going to view this new genre. Let’s face it, Hollywood has run out of material. As a matter of fact they ran out of it over 40 years ago or so. Tim McGreen is right.
      In a way, it’s good that the Greatest Generation is dying off and will be extinct by the late 2030’s. The reason, unfortunately, is that they fought to make the JWO a reality. Virtually all of them were tricked into it under false pretenses. Analogous to making a man dig his own grave before killing him. As Joe says, real change can only occur with enlightenment.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think some defense of the so-called “Greatest Generation” might be in order. During WWII German POWs sent to the USA, especially the officers, were treated very well by their American captors. German officers and NCOs could even go to the American officers’ and NCO clubs on base, locations that were off-limits to American Negro military personnel. And the average American soldier back then had a sense of decency that is pretty much absent in today’s ZOGbot soldier.

      What’s more, most American soldiers, sailors and marines had to be drafted, because there weren’t nearly enough men volunteering to fight. And the US entered the war at a time when the Depression and widespread unemployment were still lingering problems, so you might think a lot of young men would be more than eager to leave the foreclosed farms and unemployment lines behind to get a job in the military. But no, it didn’t happen like that.

      however, I’m still mystified that many White WWII and Korean War vets, guys who fought under brutal conditions against ferocious enemies, were such scaredy-cats when it came to “White flight”, that postwar phenomenon where tens of millions of White families moved out of their neighborhoods when the coloreds started moving in, instead of standing their ground and fighting back. I mean, WTF?

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      My favorite WWII movies:

      From Here to Eternity (1953)

      The Caine Mutiny (1954)

      Is Paris Burning? (1966)

      Patton (1970)

      Catch 22 (1970)

      Slaughterhouse Five (1972)

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      And one more:

      Downfall (2003)

    10. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      Tim, about 3 million men between the ages of 18 and 36 were rejected for military service because of physical or mental deficiencies. Keep in mind the US population at that time was just 132 million according to the 1940 census.
      I also knew a man’ now deceased who served on a draft board during the war. He said most draftees had no desire to fight. Many wanted to be exempt for a variety of good and bad reasons. Also, about 30,000 men did time in a Federal pen for refusing to serve or perform war related service. Around half them belonged to that religious cult that knocks on your door to give you their publications free of charge even though they claimed the world ended in 1914.

    11. Mary O Says:

      Am I the only one who suffered intense WW2 anxiety in college (late 70s)?

      I had an intense feeling that something wasn’t right; that the stories being told could not possibly be true, but that no one was asking the right questions. I simply could not imagine the 1940s Germans as being so different culturally and morally from my own grandparents. German-Americans lived in my neighborhood, and their children attended the same local Catholic grade school that I had attended. And, even Jewish feminist propaganda like Bette Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique” spoke of the wholesome family values of the German people during the 1930s, although she twisted the concept of normal family life into a psychological torture chamber. Yet so many people mindlessly went along with Holocaust; and many of them still do.

      The situation generally resembles a Stephen King version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

    12. Big Man Says:

      “they just stick to the same predictable formulas over and over.

      You write funny

      “Slaughterhouse Five (1972)”

      More funny writing.

    13. Big Man Says:

      *Funny way to end a post with “formulas over and over.”

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, it looks as if I have a new friend following me around this site, trying to insult and intimidate me at every turn. But that’s OK. I LOVE the attention.

      Big Turd, are you accusing me of using a tautolgy? Come on fatty, yes or no?

    15. Big Man Says:

      “tautology?” LOL!

    16. nick r Says:

      ” two of the best war movies ever made wore britsh ones they are 1. the one that got away 2. ice cold in alex go check em out on the imdb and watch them if you can

    17. Mary O Says:

      Non-Jews never discuss the Holocaust in casual conversation. Non-Jewish parents never advise their children to read Anne Frank or Elie Wiesel. Informally, the average American may occasionally reference the Civil War, or the Great Depression; but never the Holocaust. In their hearts, no one really believes; but unfortunately we don’t see it as our fight.

      No matter what a non-Jew says regarding the Hoax, his words will be taken the wrong way. For example: “What a tragedy.” The Gentile who utters this phrase will be criticized severely for trivializing the most horrific super-duper stupendous tragedy that ever occurred ever in the entire history of the Universe. Could these attacks be part of hoax strategy? Shut up even the sympathetic patsies.

      Hoaxies are always such sentimental trash. Is that part of the hoax strategy, too? What intelligent young scholar would be inspired by the like of “Sophie’s Choice” or “Lili Marleen”? The Hoaxers color WW2 as a silly boring soap opera. After all, they don’t want curious young minds doing independent research, asking questions, and taking a true interest in the subject.

      Most of the “witnesses” are not so much senile, as they are deliberately lying for money. We are blocked from calling them “liars” because we would then be accused of disrespecting the elderly. Another aspect of Hoax strategy: prevent criticism by using people who are too old and pathetic to challenge publicly.

      So basically the Hoax is like judo; they are using our strengths against us. We Whites choose our battles, mind our own business, appreciate other cultures, respect the elderly …

      And in return, our foreign policy is hi-jacked, the WTC was bombed, we are being set up for war against Russia, NK, Iran, and Syria, our banking system has been subverted, our jobs are gone, our homes are in foreclosure, and violence is in our streets.

      At what point does our niceness and “sensitivity” become mere foolishness?

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Dirty Dozen (1967) is also a good WWII movie, but it gets a little too fratricidal for me at the end.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      The Bridge at Remargen (1968) is pretty good. Robert Vaughan hams it up as a wehrmakt staff officer.

    20. nick r Says:

      “the 1965 movie the battle of the bulge as they used real german soliders who took part in the battle good interviews with them in the dvd extras the battle of Britain is not a bad war movie ether it happened here is another one wich is about what would have happened if the germans had won and took England larry hagman is in this movie they used real britsh Nazis ie members of the britsh movement the buf abd the bnp when it was a ns party the jews hated this film and still do as they used the real Nazis as extras and expressed there views .

    21. Matthew Says:

      Its psychological imperialism by Israel through media and film. Im getting really sick of it myself. Through these films – Jews now have the overarching deciding factor over all gentiles on who is dichotomously good and/or evil.