30 December, 2014

OMG! White Congressman Accused of Speaking to White People

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“White supremacists”? That’s an odd term. If Whites aren’t supreme, who is? Who gave the world almost everything it has? Who invented the light bulb? Who invented democracy, allowing negroes and Mexicans to vote? (Bad idea, that was). Who invented hamburgers and french fries? Who gave the world to mankind? Whites did. And how do Blacks and Browns respond to that? Do they thank us? Nope, they murder, rape and rob us. In fact, Blacks, Browns and Jews should approach White people daily and say, “thank you for inventing ‘X'” (the car, the telephone, the computer, etc.). After all, how could LaDericus make drug deals without a phone? How could Jose Gonzales Rodriguez Hernandez ride low without a lowrider? How could Ira Rosenbergwitz transfer millions of dollars from New York to Israel every day without telephone lines or a computer? When will the “thank yous” begin? Tomorrow? Next week?


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  7. 6 Responses to “OMG! White Congressman Accused of Speaking to White People”

    1. Non Ame Says:

      Predictably, the political whore immediately backpedals and denies even knowing who he was speaking with. WN groups expect far too much from those in the establishment who may be sympathetic to the cause.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      Nothing is going to change until a Congressman gets up as says something like: ‘Hell no, I ain’t a supremacist! I don’t want to rule over muds. I want you muds out of my country and back to the shitholes you crawled out of. If you want to call me a racist or a nazi that’s fine with me!’

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The anti-White lefties want to crucify this congressman for attending a conference in 2002????? Did he commit some kind of crime? Is it against the law to attend meetings? But it’s perfectly OK for Barry Soetero to have attended a Blacks-only church for years, where the preacher routinely condemned White people. And it’s OK for “Hispanic” pols to attend meetings of Spic-supremacist organizations like La Raza. Of course I don’t feel the least bit sorry for that cowardly jerk Rep. Scalise. He’s just another right-winger who runs away like a scalded cat at the first sign of trouble.

    4. Sgt. Skull Says:

      This just proves my point that whites are fourth class citizens at best. Every other race, be they nigs, spics or kikes can hobnob with their radicals and it’s much ado about nothing, but let a white politician exchange pleasantries with a white nationalist or a white person who doesn’t hate their own race and it’s a major scandal.

      That’s why the kike owned and operated kwa must come to end sooner than later.

    5. Mary O Says:

      A White supremacist society would be a multicultural society with Whites at the top.

      The EURO organization in question does not want that type of society.

      No one wants that situation.

      Classic false dichotomy: either Whites are derided and discriminated against constantly OR White supremacy.

      What most Whites want is a separate community, and visions of what that may mean vary.

      The Congressman Scalise who addressed EURO is actually reacting to fear of other Whites. He is afraid of those smug, rich politically-powerful liberal Whites who love to prove their own “moral superiority” to the struggling middle-class Whites whose interests Scalise represents.

      The rich White liberal women esp. love to flaunt their social and political advantages over middle-class White women. They define “right-wing” as blue-collar only, and therefore, in their eyes, ignorant, rude and “insensitive.”

      But note that we no longer have many blue-collar jobs. In some sense, all Whites are now “white-collar.” Their money, not their means of earning a living, is the sole basis of their arrogance.

      Like vampires, the Liberal women suck their life from the System. They are pampered, protected from criticism and naive to the point of seeming mental deficiency, and often hold well-paying government jobs for which they aren’t qualified.

      These rich White Liberal women see themselves as Jane Austen heroines; that is, as experts on simply how to be. Their “positions” are held more like royal titles: “attorney,” “manager” or “supervisor” of a department. No matter what the industry, they rarely take any interest in the work itself, for they see work as degrading.

      Hyper-sensitive, and quick to discern even the vaguest racial subtext in any political expression, they will instantly and hysterically denounce any White who questions diversity or immigration as haters.

      They are like teacher’s pets in a grade school, who jump in their seat and wave their hand in the air. They know the answer the System will deem right, and for which they will be well-rewarded; but they don’t know enough of the world to make their own judgments.

      The rich White Liberal women are not thinkers in any sense. They simply seek rewards. Advocate for more immigration; win a closet full of expensive shoes. The game is that simple to them.

      Of course, they will also freeze with obvious terror at the friendly approach of even the most harmless Black woman.

      The problem with this “leadership” class of ours is that they actually despise nonwhites AND they also hate us just as much. In that sense, we have racial equality.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Good points Mary O. For me, WN has always meant White separatism and the goal of White Ethnostate(s).